What to Do If My Bulldog Is Pooping in The House After Our New Baby?

Having a new baby in the house is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging.

If you have a bulldog, you may find that your puppy is having trouble adjusting to the latest addition and is now pooping in the house.

It’s important to act quickly and take action before the situation gets worse.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to do if your bulldog is pooping in the house after the arrival of your new baby.

We’ll start by looking into why this behaviour is happening in the first place.

Then, we’ll provide advice on how to handle it.

Additionally, we’ll share some tips for preventing future messes from occurring.

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And lastly, we’ll give you some tips for getting additional assistance if needed.

No matter how frustrating or embarrassing this situation may be, there are ways to handle it effectively so everyone in your household can feel safe again.

With patience and knowledge, you can get back on track with your dog’s potty training habits.

Causes of Bulldog Pooping in The House After New Baby

The arrival of a new baby in the home can be an exciting event, but it can also be a trying time for your bulldog.

Bulldogs are particularly sensitive to changes in their environment, and they may start pooping in the house as a way to cope with the stress.

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Your bulldog may begin pooping in the house if they feel threatened by the new baby.

Bulldogs are known for being very territorial, and they may act out if they feel like their territory is being challenged.

Additionally, your bulldog might be pooping inside because they don’t seem to be getting enough attention from you after the baby arrives.

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Make sure to spend time with them and give them extra love and care so that they don’t feel neglected or lonely.

Separation anxiety is another possible cause of this behavior.

If your bulldog is left alone too much after a new baby arrives, they may start pooping in the household out of fear and anxiety.

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When you have time, make sure your bulldog gets plenty of affection so that they don’t feel anxious or scared.

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Finally, sudden changes to your bulldog’s routine could also lead them to start pooping inside after a new baby comes into the home.

If outside activities such as exercise or walks become less frequent due to the new addition, your bulldog could become disorganized and bloated which can result in them pooping inside as well.

To help your bulldogs adjust to having a new baby around, try to stick as closely as possible to their regular routine.

Solutions to Prevent Bulldog Pooping in The House After New Baby

Having a new baby in the house can be an exciting and overwhelming experience for the entire family, including your beloved bulldog.

Unfortunately, it can also lead to some unhealthy habits such as pooping inside.

To prevent any more accidents, it is essential to address this issue as soon as possible.

Creating a comfortable and distraction-free environment is key when it comes to discouraging your bulldog from pooping in the house.

Establishing a routine will also help them understand when it’s time to go outside and do their business.

In addition, proper training and discipline are essential if you want your bulldog to learn not to poop inside.

Positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or verbal praise are more beneficial than punishment, so make sure you reward your dog when they do something right.

Overall, taking the necessary steps to stop your bulldog from pooping in the house after having a new baby will ensure that everyone in the family has peace of mind.

Train Your Bulldog with Positive Reinforcement

Training your bulldog not to poop in the house can be a daunting task, but positive reinforcement is here to help. This method of training involves rewarding your dog with treats, verbal praise, or their favorite toy when they do something right and ignoring them or redirecting their attention when they do something wrong.

By reinforcing good behaviors, you can effectively teach your bulldog what is expected of them in their new home environment with a baby around.

When using positive reinforcement, consistency and timing are key.

If rewards come too late or too often, it may confuse your dog about what behavior is being rewarded.

Additionally, make sure you use rewards that are meaningful for your bulldog – if treats aren’t motivating them, try verbal praise or a favorite toy instead.

Lastly, pay attention to body language and keep training sessions short so as not to over-stimulate them.

Positive reinforcement is an investment in your bulldog’s future.

Use Repellents or Deterrents

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Detail how using repellents or deterrents can help stop your bulldog from pooping in the house

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Are you at your wit’s end trying to keep your bulldog from pooping in the house? Repellents and deterrents may be the answer you’re looking for.

These products are designed to make an area unpleasant for your pup, discouraging them from using it as a toilet.

You can buy natural scents like citronella, peppermint oil, or vinegar, or opt for non-toxic sprays that are specifically designed to discourage dogs from relieving themselves in certain areas.

However, don’t expect a miracle overnight. You’ll need to use these items consistently over time before you’ll start seeing results.

It’s important to remember that repellents and deterrents are only meant to supplement proper training – not replace it.

They are like guardrails on the side of the road – they can help keep your pup safe, but you also need to teach them how to stay on the right track.

With patience and perseverance, you can discourage your bulldog from pooping in the house.

Monitor Your Bulldog’s Eating Habits

Are you playing detective when it comes to your bulldog’s eating habits? If not, you should be. Paying close attention to when and how much your bulldog is eating, what type of food they are eating, and how often they are eliminating can all lead to pooping inside.

To reduce the urge for your bulldog to poop inside, make sure you feed them at regular intervals throughout the day.

This will help regulate their digestive system and ensure that their stomach remains on a regular schedule.

Additionally, ensure that your bulldog is getting enough exercise.

A lack of physical activity can lead to the temptation for them to go inside the house.

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It is also vital to monitor their elimination habits.

Keep an eye on when and where your children are going to the toilet as this will help you find any changes in their elimination habits that could be contributing to their pooping inside.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately

Cleaning up accidents immediately is essential for preventing future incidents with your bulldog.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and can quickly detect messes that are otherwise unseen to human eyes.

If they find the mess, they may think that this area is a designated bathroom and continually go back to it, creating a difficult habit to break.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep this from happening.

First, make sure you clean up any accidents as soon as possible by using an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for pet messes. This will help remove all traces of the odor and discourage your pup from returning to that spot again.

Secondly, use positive reinforcement when sanitizing after your pup’s accidents. Praise them for not going back to that area once more and reward them with treats or toys when they do their business outside instead of inside. This will help reinforce good behavior and encourage them not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

Cleaning up after your bulldog’s accidents is like planting a seed – if you give it positive reinforcement, you’ll be able to reap the benefits in no time.


If your pup is having trouble adjusting to the changes and is pooping inside, it’s vital to take action quickly.

This blog post has offered tips on how to cope with this situation so that everyone in your home can feel safe again.

We looked at why this behavior might be occurring and provided tips for avoiding future messes.

When it comes to teaching your bulldog not to soil indoors, positive reinforcement methods such as treats or verbal praise are essential.

Additionally, using repellents or deterrents, tracking their eating habits, and cleaning up accidents promptly are all key steps you should take if you want to prevent your dog from pooping inside after having a new baby.