What to Do If Your French Bulldog Is Rubbing Bum On Floor ?

It’s a funny and perplexing sight to see your French Bulldog scoot their bum across the floor.

But, it could be a sign of something serious. So, what should you do if your French Bulldog is rubbing their bum on the ground?

First, understand why they’re doing it. In most cases, French Bulldogs will rub their bums due to an underlying medical condition such as parasites or allergies.

If this is the case, take them for a checkup and proper diagnosis. Anal gland disorders or skin irritation from fleas or other parasites are two other potential causes.

Once you know what’s causing it, there are steps you can take to help them feel better. Dietary changes, medications, or even surgery may be necessary to resolve the underlying disorder.

Additionally, regular grooming sessions with a licensed groomer will help keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and free of irritants that can cause scooting behavior. Finally, give your dog lots of love and reassurance during this time – extra cuddles and playtime with stimulating toys will help put them at ease.

With patience and love, your French Bulldog will soon stop scratching its bum on the ground.

Anal Gland Problems

Anal gland problems can be an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous issue for French bulldogs.

If your pup is exhibiting excessive scooting, licking, or biting of their anal area, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Other symptoms include discomfort or pain during defecation, and foul-smelling discharge.

It’s important to get your dog to the vet as soon as possible if you suspect they have anal gland issues. The vet may need to express the impacted anal glands manually, which involves applying pressure to the glands to expel the fluid.

In severe cases, antibiotics may be needed to clear up the infection or dietary changes recommended to prevent future blockages. To avoid anal gland problems altogether, it’s essential to keep your French bulldog’s anal area clean by giving them regular baths and trimming their hair around the anus.

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Allergies and Food Reactions

If so, it could be a sign of discomfort or an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed.

Allergies and food reactions are two of the most common causes of this behavior, so as a responsible pet owner, it’s important to take action promptly to ensure your pup’s wellbeing. To determine the exact allergen causing the allergy, consult with a veterinarian and get a food allergy test done.

Once identified, switch to a safe and hypoallergenic diet for your French Bulldog that is free from grains and artificial additives. Additionally, adding dietary supplements such as probiotics and digestive enzymes can help strengthen their immune system and improve their overall gut health, which can reduce the likelihood of allergies.

Parasites and Worms

If so, it could be a sign of insecurity or an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed.

Although this behavior is annoying, it is important to figure out what’s causing it. Parasites and worms are two of the most common culprits for dogs rubbing their bums on the floor, especially for French Bulldogs.

Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms can cause itchiness and irritation around the anal area, leading to the dog rubbing their bum on the ground in an attempt to reduce their discomfort. To prevent these infestations from occurring, regular deworming and flea control are essential.

Fleas and ticks can also cause anal irritation, so routine use of flea and tick preventatives is necessary. Allergies can also be a cause of anal itchiness in French Bulldogs which leads to scooting behavior.

A food allergy or an allergy to flea bites can cause skin irritation and itching, prompting your dog to rub their bum on the ground as a way to relieve their discomfort. A change in diet or allergy medication prescribed by a veterinarian can help alleviate these symptoms.

Examining Your Dog’s Anal Region

If so, it’s important to take a closer look at their anal region for clues.

Gently lifting their tail can reveal signs of swelling, redness, discharge, or irritation that may be causing them discomfort. Common causes of these symptoms include anal gland problems, allergies, hemorrhoids, or parasites like worms.

Anal gland disorders can range from blockage to infection and may require veterinary intervention. Allergies may need to be addressed through diet change or medication prescribed by your vet.

Hemorrhoids can be treated with warm compresses or approved drugs. Regular deworming is also recommended to prevent any potential parasite issues.

Examining your French Bulldog’s anal region is an essential step in understanding their scooting behaviour and providing them with relief from any health issues.

Switching to a Hypoallergenic Diet

If your French Bulldog is showing signs of discomfort, such as excessive rubbing of their bum on the ground, allergies might be to blame.

Switching to a hypoallergenic diet can help alleviate these symptoms and keep your pup healthy and happy. When it comes to selecting the right diet for your furry friend, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian first.

They may recommend a specific hypoallergenic diet or allergy testing to determine which proteins your Frenchie is allergic to. To prevent any digestive upsets, it’s also important to transition to the new diet gradually over the course of a week.

Once you’ve found the perfect hypoallergenic diet for your pup, make sure you avoid giving them table scraps or treats that may contain allergens. Stick to approved treats and avoid any ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.

Limiting Exposure to Allergens

Allergies can be incredibly uncomfortable for your pup, leading to itching and pain in their anal area.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize allergen exposure and keep your pooch happy. Identifying the specific allergen is the first step.

Common allergens for dogs include pollen, dust mites, mold, and various food ingredients. To limit environmental allergens, regular house cleaning is essential.

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Vacuuming with a HEPA filter and washing bedding and toys can help reduce your dog’s exposure. If the allergen is seasonal, such as pollen, it may be best to avoid outdoor activities during peak allergy season or limit the time spent outside.

Additionally, wiping your dog down with a damp towel after being outdoors will help remove any pollen or other allergens that may have gathered on their fur. For food allergies, work with your veterinarian to eliminate potential allergens from your dog’s diet.

A limited-ingredient diet may be recommended to determine which ingredients are causing the reaction. Supplements or medications may also be beneficial in managing allergies – omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce skin inflammation while antihistamines may provide relief for dogs with seasonal allergies.

For severe allergies, allergen-specific immunotherapy (allergy shots) may be recommended by your vet.

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Deworming Medication

This could be a sign of discomfort or health issues.

Fortunately, deworming medication can help eliminate any parasites in your Frenchie’s intestines and stop them from rubbing their bum on the ground. When it comes to deworming therapy, it’s essential to follow your veterinarian’s advice.

As a preventive measure, vets usually recommend giving French Bulldogs deworming drugs every three to six months. However, if your Frenchie is already showing signs of scooting or diarrhea, more frequent treatment may be necessary.

Deworming medications are available in many forms, including tablets, oral suspensions, and injections. The type of medication and dosage will depend on the age, weight, and health condition of your Frenchie.

Never attempt to administer any medication without consulting with a veterinarian first. It’s also important to understand that deworming medication may cause side effects in some French Bulldogs such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy; however these side effects are typically mild and go away within a few days.

If your Frenchie experiences any severe side effects after taking the medication please contact your vet right away. In conclusion, deworming medication can be an effective solution for French Bulldogs that are rubbing their bums on the ground due to intestinal parasites.

However it’s crucial to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations and never attempt to administer any drugs without consulting with them first.


In conclusion, it can be both perplexing and amusing to witness your French Bulldog rubbing their bum on the floor.

However, this behavior could be a sign of an underlying issue and requires prompt attention from pet owners. To determine the cause, it’s important to take your pup for a checkup and proper diagnosis.

Potential causes include anal gland disorders, allergies, food allergies, parasites, worms or skin irritation due to fleas or other pests. Once you know what’s causing the behavior, there are steps you can take to improve your pup’s wellbeing.

Consider diet changes, medications or surgery if necessary, as well as regular grooming sessions with a licensed groomer. Plus, don’t forget to give your Frenchie lots of extra love and reassurance during this period – along with cuddles and playtime – so they can relax while recovering.

And keep an eye out for signs of swelling or redness in your puppy’s anal region – that way you can identify any potential problems before they become serious health issues.