Why Does Your Bulldog Pee on its Bed?

Do you have a bulldog that pees on its bed? Many bulldog owners struggle to understand this behavior and it can be both confusing and frustrating.

In order to find the right solution, it’s important to know why your bulldog is doing this. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the potential causes of your bulldog peeing on its bed, what you can do to prevent it from happening again, and how to keep it from happening in the future.

Let’s start with the most common cause: marking territory. Bulldog puppies are naturally curious about their environment and they may mark their beds as a way of claiming them as their own or signaling other animals that it’s their territory.

Another possible reason for your bulldog peeing on its bed could be related to an underlying medical condition such as a urinary tract infection or bladder stones. If your dog is having difficulty controlling its bladder, then it may look for a convenient place to go – like its own bed.

Finally, if your bulldog has been trained to pee on its bed or if there is something about the bed itself that encourages them to do so (such as a soft surface), then this could also be the reason. No matter what the cause is, understanding why your bulldog pees on its bed is essential for finding a solution.

So, if you want to know more about why your bulldog pees on its bed, keep reading.

Medical Reasons for Bulldog Peeing on Bed

If your bulldog has been peeing on its bed, it could be more than a hygiene issue.

Urination and accidents in the house can sometimes be related to medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, bladder stones or crystals, and diabetes. If your bulldog is having trouble controlling its bladder or urinating more than usual, it’s time to visit the vet.

It’s like a game of detectives – the vet will perform tests to determine if there is an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed. The good news is that with proper care, many medical disorders can be treated, allowing your bulldog to return to a life without accidents.

Anxiety, fear, or excitement can all contribute to inappropriate elimination in dogs.

Behavioral Reasons for Bulldog Peeing on Bed

It could be due to a variety of psychological reasons. Bulldogs are loyal and loving pets, but they sometimes display unusual behaviors, such as peeing on their bed or blankets.

This can be caused by anxiety, fear, or a lack of proper potty training. Anxiety is one of the most common causes – if your bulldog is feeling anxious due to separation from you, unfamiliar surroundings, or a recent traumatic incident, they may resort to peeing on the bed as a coping mechanism.

To reduce anxiety in such cases, try and provide them with plenty of exercises and activities to help soothe them. A lack of potty training could also be the reason for bulldogs peeing on the bed.

Lastly, intact males may also exhibit territorial marking behaviour by peeing on the bed – spaying or neutering could reduce this behavior and obedience training may be able to assist as well.

Training Tips to Stop Bulldog from Peeing on Bed

Many bulldog owners face this same problem. But don’t worry; with patience and consistency, you can teach your bulldog to break this habit. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Establish a Routine

Dogs thrive on routine, so it’s important to have a consistent feeding schedule, potty breaks, and exercise regimen for your bulldog. This way, they know what is expected of them and are less likely to have accidents.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an essential part of any training program. When your bulldog does the right thing and goes potty outside, make sure they get lots of praise and a treat. This will help reinforce their good behavior and encourage them to keep going outside.

Use Restraining Devices

To limit your bulldog’s movements, use a crate or leash when you can’t be around to keep an eye on them. This will help prevent them from getting into trouble by jumping on the bed or couch.

Use Deterrents

To discourage your bulldog from jumping on the bed or other furniture that they shouldn’t be on, use deterrents such as scat mats or products that emit loud noises.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately

Whenever your bulldog pees on the bed, make sure you clean up the mess right away with an enzymatic cleaner that will remove any odors that might lure them back there in the future.

Cleaning Tips to Remove Urine from a Dog’s Bed

Accidents can happen, and when your beloved bulldog pees on the bed, it can be a frustrating situation. But don’t worry, there are several cleaning tips that pet owners can use to remove urine from their dog’s bed and keep it fresh and odor-free.

  • First, get rid of any loose debris like hair or pet dander by using a lint roller or vacuum cleaner.
  • Then, spray the affected area with a commercial pet urine cleaner or a solution of white vinegar and water.
  • Let it sit for five to ten minutes before blotting out the excess solution with paper towels or a cloth.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the area and allow it to stand for at least 30 minutes before vacuuming off the powder.
  • Finally, if possible, wash the bed covers with a pet-safe detergent in hot water to get rid of any bacteria or odor.

How to Make a Dog Feel Safe in its Sleeping Area

Creating a safe and comfortable sleeping area for your Bulldog is essential for its safety, health, and happiness. Follow these simple steps to make sure your dog feels secure and content in its sleeping area:


Dogs prefer a clean and fresh-smelling environment. Make sure to regularly clean your dog’s bed or sleeping area and wash its bedding often.

Comfortable bedding

Provide your Bulldog with breathable bedding that is the right size for its breed and size. Soft, snuggly bedding will make them feel more secure.

Den-like area

Place their bed or crate in a corner or against a wall to create a den-like space that will make them feel protected and secure.

Soft lighting

Dim lighting can help create a sense of stability in the room that will help your dog relax while they sleep.

Familiar scents

Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell, so adding blankets or bedding with your dog’s scent or a favorite toy can help them feel at ease.

Quiet environment

Avoid placing the dog’s bed or crate in crowded areas of the house, or use white noise to drown out any loud noises if necessary.

Signs of Anxiety in Bulldogs That May Lead to Peeing on Bed

If your Bulldog is peeing on the bed, it may be a sign of underlying anxiety.

Why Does Your Bulldog Pee on its Bed-2

Bulldogs are prone to fear and often display signs such as excessive drooling, trembling, panting, and pacing. To effectively address this behavior, it’s important to identify the root cause of the anxiety.

For instance, if your Bulldog has separation anxiety, training them to stay at home alone gradually can help reduce their stress. If loud noises are causing distress, providing a safe space like a crate or room where they feel secure can help alleviate their anxiety.

In addition to these techniques, medications can also be helpful in reducing symptoms of anxiety in Bulldogs. Before using any medication for your Bulldog, however, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate dosage.

Behavioral modification can also be used to manage anxiety in Bulldogs. Teaching calming behaviors such as sit and stay can help reduce stress levels while still providing plenty of exercise and playtime will help relieve tension.

Ultimately, addressing the underlying cause of your Bulldog’s anxiety is essential for stopping this behavior and preventing peeing on the bed.

Diet and Exercise Changes to Help Prevent Bulldog From Peeing On Bed

Controlling your bulldog’s diet and exercise can be key to preventing bed-wetting.

Bulldogs require a high-quality diet that provides balanced nutrition, as well as moderate daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight and prevent boredom. Feeding your pet consistent meals and engaging in interactive play can help establish regular elimination habits and reduce the urge to urinate on the bed.

It’s also important to consider any potential underlying medical conditions that may contribute to bed-wetting. Bladder infections, kidney disease, and other health issues can cause frequent urination in dogs.

Consulting with your veterinarian can help rule out any underlying medical conditions that could be causing this behavior.

Alternatives To Crate Training That Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If your bulldog is having issues with bed-wetting, you may be tempted to try crate training as a solution.

However, it’s important to note that this type of confinement can actually increase stress and anxiety in dogs, leading to further behavioral issues. Thankfully, there are alternatives that can help reduce stress and anxiety in bulldogs while minimizing the likelihood of them peeing on their bed or elsewhere.

One such alternative is to create a designated area for your bulldog in your home using a baby gate or exercise pen. This way, your dog will still have their own space and sense of security without feeling confined to a small crate.

Additionally, pheromone diffusers can generate a calming environment for bulldogs, helping them feel relaxed and reducing the potential for peeing on their bed or elsewhere. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are also key when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety in bulldogs.

Providing toys and puzzles engages their minds, preventing boredom – both of which can greatly reduce stress levels.


Accidents may happen, but don’t worry – with patience and perseverance, you can help your bulldog break this habit.

Create a routine of regular meals, potty breaks, and exercise. Reward your pup when they do the right thing by offering them lots of praise and a treat.

If you’re not around to keep an eye on them, consider using restraining devices such as crates or leashes to limit their movement. Deterrents like scat mats or items that make loud noises can also discourage them from jumping on furniture they shouldn’t be on.

Clean up accidents quickly with an enzymatic cleaner to avoid luring them back in the future. To ensure your Bulldog’s safety, health, and happiness, create a comfortable sleeping area for them.

Wash their bedding frequently and provide breathable bedding that is appropriate for their breed and size – soft snuggly bedding will make them feel more secure. Place their bed or crate in a corner or against a wall to help them relax; add blankets or items with their scent or favorite toy to further assist in relaxation.

Avoid placing the dog’s bed in crowded areas of the house; alternatively use white noise if necessary. If your Bulldog is peeing on the bed, it may be due to underlying anxiety – so it’s important to determine the root cause of this behavior.

Consistent meals and interactive play can help reduce anxiety in Bulldogs too.