Do French Bulldogs Swim?

The French Bulldog is such an interesting and tiny dog. And they can run around in circularity that is exceptionally playful and look completely hilarious in those little life jackets! Meanwhile, this summer, I have seen quite a number of the french bulldogs on boats with life jackets. So I have got to think about a question – could French Bulldogs swim? I need to do some research.

Do French Bulldogs Swim?

Because of their brachycephalic skulls and short and heavy bodies, French bulldogs cannot swim. While some Frenchie users say that their dogs understand to swim, we have to admit there are exceptions to this rule. Put simply, and younger Frenchies are able to swim for some time. Nevertheless, they will not have the ability to endure swimming for over a couple of minutes.

As it is crucial to maintain your dog protected near water, our recommendation is usually to supply them with quality living swimming jackets. The life jackets of French bulldogs are made of sturdy neoprene garments which are cushioned with floating sections. They will not make your dog warm since they’re made of specialized diving materials and have a deal with them on the back for added safety. Consequently, you are able to easier maneuver with the dog in warm water and save her/him from possible risks at any moment.

What do French Bulldogs do when they are in the water?

Many users who have had such a bad experience say that after the dog starts to sink, it is going to go all the way. If the little friend of yours gets right into a pool of water, which gets fifteen seconds of slurping normal water, it can encounter health problems. The dog might not show signs right away, but after several days, it can experience dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Why Don’t French Bulldogs swim?

The specialist explains that the distinctive body shape of French Bulldogs will be the primary reason they can’t swim.

They’re small and very heavy for the size. French Bulldogs like eating, so they quickly obtain weight so that they’ve got a roundish body.

And the smushed face associated with a French Bulldog is the reason it is able to get drowned easily. It does not have a snout to assist it in breathing while it floats. One more reason is the neck structure.

Frenchie does not have a neck while they are in the water, and their physique gets submerged quite easily along with the face. Presto – they can’t breathe anymore, and also they get drown.

Unluckily, a Frenchie has legs that are short, and so they do not make sufficient force to bring their entire body over the water to float. And of course, I pointed out they’re heavy for their size correctly!

So how can you save your Frenchie secure from waters? Either you stay away from bringing them into a swimming pool or even drive them to the pool party but wear the life vest and give it the constant attention once the french Bulldog hits the pool.

Benefits of the French Bulldog Swimming

So you understand that French Bulldogs cannot safely swim without being backed by you or even a life jacket, but which does not imply that they cannot find out to swim entirely.

Many dogs can enjoy going swimming, even in case they are not good at it. Providing they do not sink or perhaps struggle to keep themselves floating, they will have fun in the water, particularly in case you are playing with them.

You can find loads of excellent health benefits related to swimming, so it is a wise idea too, at a minimum attempt to obtain your Frenchie to swim.

  • It is Great for Blood Circulation

Because the little legs will be going so quickly under the water, it truly becomes their blood pumping. It is a fantastic form of physical exercise and keeps the overall health of theirs in check.

  • It could Release Pressure In The Joints.

Running and walking each day will put pressure on the joints, but placing them in the water may be enjoyable for releasing some pent up stress. But in the water, it doesn’t have any pressure on the bones, so it is perfect for your dog with joint pain.

Training A French Bulldog To Swim

Although your French Bulldog can’t ever have the ability to swim, you will find many methods to instruct them swimming in drinking water.

  • Life Leash and Vest

Start by wearing your Frenchie’s life vest and connecting the leash.

Accompany the french Bulldog, walking around forth and back. Do not care very much about actual swimming yet. The concept is usually to have your dog utilized to being along with you in the water.

  • Kiddie Pools

The safest and best method to teach your French Bulldog and ensure that it stays fresh during the summers would be to use a kiddie pool. Then, fill the kiddie pool with water and monitor the dog while it swims below. These pools are incredibly secure, and the pet of yours won’t collapse when swimming.

  • Teach the French Bulldogs swimming

You are able to teach the Frenchie how to swim and just how it is able to move away from the water safely. And this method is essential as the dog is helped by it to exit the faucet when it inadvertently falls in. The most effective method of training the french Bulldog to swim is actually by employing the buddy system. So, you’re expected to swim along with all the dogs and assist it paddle while using its life vest. And the buddy system helps the french Bulldog learn to keep the head out of the water.

  • Rinse, Repeat

And repeat this virtually all summer long until you believe your dog can swim around by itself.

After training, you’ll always have to be vigilant to ensure your Frenchie isn’t stressed out or perhaps in danger.


French Bulldogs can’t swim, but they’re not allergic to swimming or water pools. Keep in mind the risks associated with giving your french Bulldog in the swimming pool for some time.

For the French Bulldog’s security, please don’t allow it to leave your vision while enjoying themselves in the water.