Blue French Bulldog

During the past few decades, French bulldogs’ popularity has been climbing day-by-day among all the pet lovers worldwide. This breed of the blue French bulldog is unique and rare than other bulldogs as these dogs have bluish highlights with gray hairs and bat-like ears. These days, keeping a dog in your house is becoming a new trend, but you still need to learn a lot about them.

For several reasons, most of the population tend to have dogs at home instead of any other pets. Moreover, the blue French Bulldogs are adorable and look cute due to their small size compared to a different breed of bulldogs. Also, they have strong bone and head structure, making them look muscular; thus, they are not good at security, but they like to connect and cuddle with their owners all the time. If you are thinking of purchasing a blue French bulldog, everything you need to know about this unique breed is mentioned below.

What is a Blue French Bulldog?

The blue French bulldog has rounded, broad, bat-like ears with bluish highlights and small gray hairs with a flat square head that makes them stand apart from the crowd of English bulldogs but smaller in size.

Due to their unique beauty and lovely nature, dogs have great trust and love for people, and they need closeness with their owners because they are very sensitive bulldog makes them very attractive to pets and their owners.

The blue French bulldogs are very kindhearted, funny, fascinating, and friendly, as they like to play a lot around the house, and this dog loves to build a strong relationship with their owners. The temperament of the blue French bulldogs does not differ from other Frenchie.

Many people think that French bulldogs are lazy and need a little exercise, which is wrong. This bulldog enjoys ball games, jogging, and long walks; you can also take them with you. Although this breed does not have much endurance like other dogs, they still liked to be challenged.

Moreover, they are like small kids who need constant attention and company. As an owner, you need to spend plenty of quality time with them in order to keep their health in very good shape. Usually, they do not get upset, but when you do not give enough attention to them, that makes them unhappy.

Different Color of a Blue French bulldog

Depending upon the breeding history, a blue French dog comes in a variety of colors, which you can see on their blue coat that looks adorable. Some species of blue Frenchie are hard to breed, as some breed quality is rare to find. So, various types of blue French bulldogs are enlisted below.

  • Blue Fawn French bulldog

These breed dogs have bluish hue and color the same as cream or a young deer; that’s why it named fawn. They have a dark gray nose and a bluish brown coat.  

  • Blue Merle French Bulldog

The breeder would need to mate Merle colored bulldog with a blue Frenchie because merle is a dominant gene, which means there are likely higher chances of getting a Blue Merle in the result. These breeds are tough to breed and look quite unusual as they have several spots on their body.

  • Blue Pied French bulldog

If the breeder breeds a pure blue Frenchie with a pied Frenchie, then we are more likely to get a beautiful blue pied puppy. 

  • Blue Brindle French bulldog

 These types of breed dogs develop their brindle striping after one month of getting birth. The breeder has to breed a pure blue Frenchie with a brindle one to receive a lovely brindle puppy.

The Health Concerns of Blue French Bulldogs

The pure blue French bulldog is more prone to suffer from an alopecia skin disorder, and this problem might not be visible to your blue Frenchie dog when you buy it as it might not evolve when they get older.

The alopecia skin disorder affects the blue region coat, and if you possess a pure blue French bulldog, then the whole body will be affected. Moreover, they have sensitive skin due to the single coat layer, so they are also more prone to illness related to change in temperature. You need to take care of your blue Frenchie bulldog by keeping them cool down in summer and warm in winter.

Like all blue French bulldogs, they are brachycephalic bulldog breeds, making it sometimes difficult for them to breathe. Due to which they have very low endurance and can get tired very quickly or maybe snore a lot even when they are awake due to shortening of breath.

However, make sure that you buy the blue Frenchie from a trusted and reputable breeder with a good history of breeding healthy and high-quality puppies. Make sure you do not buy your blue Frenchie puppy online, as these days, a lot of scams are likely to happen that will result in adverse health and poor quality of your pup or money loss. Ensure that the puppy you will buy is free from any allergy and fleas and have excellent health.

Blue French Bulldog Grooming

The blue Frenchie does not need much grooming as they have a short coat, but they do require brushed once per week. Although they tend to shed their hair once or twice a year, there will be minimum chances of getting any allergy problem.

There is no need for professional grooming unless and until you use a good brush, and you can get a good result at your home. Moreover, there is a variety of brush available worldwide, so you need to decide what type of brush will suit your blue Frenchie to maintain the adorable coat of you blue French bulldogs deserves.

 Blue French Bulldog Exercise and Training

These breed of dogs have small body structures does not mean they do not require exercise; at least an hour of daily activity is a must. It is suggested that a brief walk in a day will work well, as they have a breathing problem resulting in less endurance.

The owner needs to keep the dog warm in winters and cool in summers, so playing indoor is required during summer days. Whenever you go out for a walking use harness, it will be more comfortable for you and the blue Frenchie dog to walk.

Although they have quite stubborn nature, they are easy to train as they try to build close contact with their owners. To teach them, you have to make the training fun by playing several fun games with them. French bulldogs are quite intelligent than other bulldogs, but if these are compared with other species of dogs, they come around the mid-range in the level of intelligence.

There will be no problem training them as long as you put your best effort into preparing your blue Frenchie bulldog, as they are also quick learners. With the help of positive initiatives like yummy training treats, they will learn faster. 

 How much does a blue French bulldog cost?

The price for blue French dogs can range between $2,000-$10,000 due to the best breed quality dogs and various colors. Generally, the cost at which the French bulldogs are sold is $2,200, according to the data collected by the NextDayPets.

The cost of blue French bulldogs depends on breed popularity, socialization efforts, breeders’ location, litter size, breed lines, puppies’ lineage, reputation, training, and many more. Although the current price for all blue Frenchie sold is near $2,500.00, This is the budget for buying blue French bulldog with official papers, but without the knowledge of quality and breeding location. However, if you think of purchasing this bulldog without official documents so that you can pay less, we do not suggest buying a puppy without official papers.

If you want to buy a top breed line bulldog with superior lineage, high-quality pedigree, and breeding history, then you should set your budget to $5,800 to $10,000 or higher as these bulldogs have great demand causing an increase in their prices.

Moreover, apart from considering the cost of buying the French bulldog people forget to determine the value of maintaining the good health the of French bulldogs like cost related to food products, flea control, neuter/spay fees, dental expenses, training, heartworm, vet bills, vaccines, grooming, harness, and things like leash, bed, collar, crate, bowls, toys, and bones.

While calculating your budget, make sure you add the cost related to all these items that can cost you approximately $500-$2,000 or more in the first year and $500-$1,000 or more in the upcoming year to meet the requirement of growth for your loving dog.


The information mentioned above is the complete information about the blue French bulldog. If you are planning to buy blue French bulldogs, the said information will help you to know everything about this species. There are different things you need to consider before purchasing the blue French dog, and I hope the details we have provided to you have been helpful.