Do French Bulldogs Have Tails?

Now, here comes the main question that most people have in their minds. When people see a photo of a French bulldog, the first thing that comes to their mind is whether they have the tail or not? But they have the tail.

These French Bulldogs are so small, cute, and have a little tail that only shows sometimes. The French Bulldogs have so many different types of tails that you can consider. They just have the short tail, just like the terriers and pugs. But the only difference that they have is in the shape of the tail.

Every dog has a tail, and that is one of the best ways that they can communicate with the other dogs and also with the humans. They use the tails to show their emotions when they are excited or even when they are sad.

If we talk about the French Bulldog Tail, they do not have the same length when they are born. There are many more things about the Bulldogs.

If you are interested to know about all those things, then do not worry. You can check this article and learn everything related to the tail of French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog Tail Types

The French bulldog is a dog that is very small, cute, and has a very small tail, and they have different types of tails, which includes:

  • Stumpy and Straight down
  • Screwed and stumpy
  • a thick root with a very fine tip

There are some people who do not even know that the French Bulldog Tail is very long earlier. But because of the selectively breeding, then these furry creatures have thick and short tails.

Earlier, these were for the dog fight, and that is why people need them to have the short tail. But these dog fights have been forbidden now, and this breed has kept their short tail.

 Do French Bulldogs Have Tails?

People are confused whether these French bulldogs have tails or not. The answer is yes. They do have the tails, but they have a very short tail that most people do not know, and that is why they think that these dogs do not have the tail. These dogs have three different types of tails, which include straight, screwed, and a thick tail with a fine tip.

The French Bulldogs do not have a large tail, but they born with a tail that is very small. If you want to see the small tails of the French Bulldogs, then you need to see the puppy, the newborn puppy, and then you will be able to know everything. They used to have a long tail before, but they are now left with short tails.

Are French Bulldogs Born With Tails?

Are French Bulldogs Born With Tails?

Yes. Just because these French Bulldogs have the small tails, it does not mean they grow after they born. They born with the small tails, but they have the tail. The French bulldogs do not have long tails like the other breeds; instead, they are born with a small, cute tail. These bulldogs do have a long tail, but earlier, they had dog fights, and that is why they were breeding in that way so that they will born with a small tail.

But fortunately, nowadays, these dogs’ fights are forbidden, but these affectionate and lovable creatures still have their small tails. If you want to see the small tails or want to confirm that, you can just check the tails of the newborn bulldog.

Possible French Bulldog Tail Problems 

These little French Bulldog often face so many health problems because of their tails and tail pockets. Not all French bulldogs have tail pockets; there are some of them who do not have that until they are six months old.

The tail pocket is just like the winkle that they have on their face. But the pocket does get so easy to clean, just like you can clean the face, and if you do not check that, it can cause many problems or health problems.

If the tails are white, then it may have to face the problem of sunburn, and there can be so many genetic problems also that can cause many health problems to the dogs.

These dogs can have a genetic condition which is known as the hemivertebrae. It is a problem in which they can get paralysis, and they may not be able to walk properly, and they can get this problem mostly at an older age.

Does Their Tail Cause Health Problems?

If you have the French Bulldog in your house, it is important for you to take care of them completely so that they will not have to face any health problems. If you do not take care of them, they may get some infection, resulting in severe disease or health problems. That is why it is important for you to keep them clean properly so that they will not have to face any genetic or other diseases which can affect their health badly.

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French Bulldog Tail Pocket Infection

French bulldog can have much infection at the opening of dog’s anal that becomes red and swollen. Besides that, it also smells really bad, and the skin of the dog may feel irritating, which may look wet or, you can say, almost bloody.

That is why you need to keep the tail pocket of the dog clean and healthy, and that you can do by using the wet cloth or wet baby wipes.

But before doing these things, you also have to put on the surgical gloves so that you will not get to face any problem.

At last, you may have understood from the article that the French bulldog does have a tail, which can cause many health issues, and that is why it is important to take good care of the dogs.