When to Neuter A French Bulldog

Neutering French Bulldogs is a common procedure that requires professional guidance. To perform a castration, you must know the benefits, risks, and the right time to perform the procedure.

When to Neuter your Frenchie?

As mentioned above, neutering your French Bulldog is a procedure that must be done by a professional. It requires general anesthesia, so the vet must address all discomfort that may be related to anesthesia.

There are many horror stories and arguments related to the castration of a Frenchie. Female French Bulldogs are spayed, while males are neutered. It is always important that you know your dog and does what you decide best for your canine. Hear some professional advice, and ask the questions you want to make the best decision.

When to castrate your Frenchie?

If you want to neuter your French Bulldog, you should know that the appropriate age is between 4 and 9 months when the puppy is still in the adolescence phase. Some veterinarians claim that neutering that is done before sexual maturity can have benefits on your dog’s behavior and health.

Your dog must grow and mature enough to treat the surgical procedure. Your French Bulldog must have completed his skeletal and muscular development.

Pros and cons of neutering the French Bulldogs

Pros and cons of neutering the French Bulldogs

Like any surgical procedure, some pros and cons can affect or benefit your French Bulldog.


  • Behavior

Some studies claim that spaying reduces aggressive and troublesome behavior in French Bulldogs. This problematic behavior includes: searching for a partner, territorial marking (urinating), running away, sexual behavior (wanting to fuck with objects or legs).

  • Aggression and protection

Neutered French Bulldogs will continue to protect their owners as they always have.

  • Benefits for your health

Neutering and spaying can help your dog prevent specific health problems such as prostate problems and testicular cancer.

  • Reduce unwanted pregnancies

Although it is very difficult for French Bulldogs to breed and mate naturally, this procedure will prevent unwanted and unexpected litters from occurring.

  • Better life expectancy

Studies show that Frenchies that are neutered have a better lifespan than dogs that are not neutered.


  • It is an expensive procedure

Having a French Bulldog is expensive. If you want to neuter him, you should talk to your vet and discuss all the options.

  • Behaviors are not likely to change

Sometimes problem behaviors are not resolved by neutering. It will not always be successful, and some owners say that problem behaviors do not change when they have become habitual.

  • May affect bone development

There is some research showing that early neutering can affect bone development in larger dogs. Although there is no study related to the castration of French Bulldogs, you must speak with your veterinarian about all your concerns.

Will Neutering your French Bulldog calm it down?

This will depend on the individual dog; your Frenchie will calm down neutering if the problem behavior is due to hormones.

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What to expect after neutering your Frenchie?

What to expect after neutering your Frenchie

After neuter, your veterinarian will inform you of post-operative care plans, what to expect:

  • Your dog can wear a cone around the neck to not reach the wounds and avoid infections.
  • The French Bulldog can lose its appetite with this procedure; it should return to normal after a few days.
  • The scrotal area will flatten over time; they will look like a flap of skin instead of the two testicles he had.
  • Physical activity should be restricted for a couple of days to take care of the wound and stitches.


The best stage to neuter your French Bulldog is adolescence, between 4 and 9 months of age. Experts claim that neutering will bring many benefits to your Frenchie’s health, but the decision will be up to the individual owner. Talk to your vet for better advice on neutering.