Frenchton vs. French Bulldog: What Is The Difference?

Frenchtons are slender and compact.

Due to their tiny size, they’re suitable for hanging in handbags. Their smooth skin makes them perfect for cosmetic applications such as fragrance oils.

So, what is the difference between frenchton and French bulldog? The French bulldog and Frenchton are both cute dogs, but there’s a difference between them that you need to know.

A Frenchton is a hybrid between a french bulldog and a pug, while a french bulldog is a purebred dog. This means that a french bulldog has a purebred french bulldog parent, while a Frenchton has a purebred pug parent.

This also means that a french bulldog is more genetically pure than a frenchton. In addition, a french bulldog is larger and heavier than a frenchton.

The French bulldog is a medium-sized dog that weighs between 35 and 50 pounds. In contrast, a frenchton weighs between 14 and 30 pounds.

These two countries have many differences, but the most important thing is that they are both cute dogs.

Let’s dive in now.

What Is the Difference Between a Frenchton and a French Bulldog?

The ears of a French bulldog are folded back, and they stand up when the dog is alert or excited.

In contrast, the ears of a french are floppy and can be held upright or down depending on the mood of the dog.

In addition, the ears on a French bull are not as long as those on a French bull. When the dog is happy, the ears can be held erect; when they are angry or sad, they droop down slightly.

French bulldogs often live to be 10 years old or more; however, the Frenchtons have a much shorter life expectancy of only six to eight years.

French bulldogs aren’t as active as Frenchtons.

French bulldogs are a common dog breed in the US, and they’re very popular with celebrities. However, French bulldogs are far less active than Frenchtons, another popular French dog breed.

Frenchtons are typically more active than French bulldogs because they’re bigger. They’re also naturally more energetic, which is a genetic trait passed down from their ancestor, the English bulldog.

The Frenchton’s genes also allow them to more easily adapt to cold weather, while the less active French bulldogs struggle in cold temperatures.

For these reasons, Frenchtons are a much better choice for active dog owners than French bulldogs.

Because frenchtons demand a lot of exercise due to their size, they are best-suited to owners who have an active lifestyle.

French bulldogs weigh somewhat more than their smaller counterparts, and they also have a slightly longer snout.

A longer snout makes it easier for them to breathe in hot weather because their nostrils are closer to the ground.

Since they’re naturally bigger and more muscular, they also have a more powerful bite than the smaller breeds.

For this reason, it’s best not to leave them alone with children who aren’t old enough to know how to properly handle a dog. Because of their strength, they can be very aggressive if provoked or frightened.

Common Health Issues

Frenchton and French bulldog are two popular breeds of dog.

Both dogs have distinctive appearances and personalities, but they also have some common health issues.

Both breeds are prone to ear infections and eye problems.

French bulldogs also develop skin allergies and are prone to hip dysplasia, a genetic condition that weakens the joints over time.

To prevent these problems, you should bathe your dog regularly and use an air-conditioning filter to prevent dust from accumulating in the air.

You should also take your dog to the vet regularly for check-ups. By taking care of your Frenchton or French bulldog, you can keep it healthy for years to come.


Grooming between frenchton and french bulldog is different.

The french bulldog has good hair quality with tight curls and round face shape with wrinkles. The french bulldog has weaker nails with 2 layers.

The french bulldog has better teeth condition than frenchton. The frenchton has weak teeth with 2 layers also.

The frenchton has thicker hair with round face shape and wrinkles. The french bulldog has weak nails with 2 layers and frenchton has stronger nails with 3 layers.

The french bulldog has better teeth condition than frenchton and frenchton has better hair quality than french bulldog.


Frenchtons are a mix of a french bulldog and a poodle.

They are super cute and fun loving! However, they have some disadvantages.

They shed a lot, are stubborn, and tend to have health problems because of their mixed heritage. On the other hand, French bulldogs are healthier and easier care.

They are less stubborn and often have fewer health problems than Frenchtons. Overall, French bulldogs are better pets than Frenchtons.

Level Of Activity

The Frenchton and the french bulldog are both popular breeds of dogs.

They have many similarities, including being descendants of the same breed. However, they also have major differences.

For example, the french bulldog is much bigger than the frenchton, and it has a wider chest. The french bulldog also tends to have longer hair than the frenchton, and it comes in more colors than the frenchton.

Finally, the french bulldog is more active than the frenchton, and it tends to be less friendly than the frenchton. Even though they’re both great dogs, the frenchton and the french bulldog have very different personalities and behaviors.


French bulldogs are cute and fluffy.

They are friendly and energetic dogs. It’s no surprise that they have become so popular as pets.

The popularity of French bulldogs, however, has given rise to a lookalike: the Frenchton. French bulldogs and Frenchtons share many characteristics, but there are also key differences.

For example, Frenchtons are bigger and heavier than French bulldogs. They also have different personalities.

French bulldogs are generally calm, but Frenchtons can be feisty, sometimes frightening people when they bark.

Overall, Frenchtons are cute and loveable but French bulldogs are cuter and more affectionate.


When it comes to appearance, a French Bulldog and Frenchon are very similar.

The Frenchie and the Frenchton are both little dogs with stocky builds and short legs.

Frenchies also have more triangular ears than the Frenchon does; however, their ears are longer as well.

Frenchtons may have faces similar to those of a pug or Boston terrier as well.

French Bulldogs come in a myriad of colors such as black, white, fawn or apricot, while the Frenchton’s coloring is often limited to black and tan or white and red.

They also provide a wide choice of markings: some are solid-colored while others are tri-colored and white with red or black accents.

Their coats can be smooth or short-haired. So, it is hard to tell the two apart at first glance.

What Are the Similarities Between Frenchies and Frenchtons?

The similarities between Frenchies and Frenchtons include the fact that both are small dog breeds with short legs and stocky builds. They are also both low to the ground and have small heads with large eyes that tend to look droopy.

They both also have short muzzles with folds on the face, and their tails tend to be curled over their backs.

Furthermore, both tend to be very playful and friendly toward humans as well as other dogs. They are also both easy to train and learn new tricks quickly.

Furthermore, because to their shorter respiratory systems, they tend to have more frequent breathing issues than many other breeds of dogs.

Which Dog Is Right for You?

If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to grooming a dog, then you should probably get a hypoallergenic dog instead.

Dogs with long coats require regular brushing in order to prevent tangles and keep their skin healthy and clean.

Some dog owners also believe that long-haired dogs are more intelligent than their short-haired counterparts. However, there is no scientific basis for this claim.

Frenchtons, on the other hand, are the better dog if you enjoy getting your dog dirty and wet because the Frenchton’s coat is very water-repellent.

Nonetheless, both breeds are very energetic and require plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

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French Bulldogs and Frenchtons are adorable dogs and can be a wonderful addition to your family.

So, if you want a canine friend that is easy to train and very affectionate towards you, consider a French Bulldog or a Frenchton.

They are wonderful cuddlers and make great companions for people of all ages.

If your schedule does not allow for frequent walks and playtimes, then you should consider a different breed as an active French Bulldog or Frenchton requires at least 2-3 hours of exercise and activity a day to stay happy and healthy.

Because they are naturally calm and have laid-back personalities, they are also good choices for first-time dog owners.

They respond very well to positive reinforcement training methods, so you shouldn’t have trouble training them as long as you are patient and consistent in your approach.