How Can I Stop My French Bulldog From Eating Poop?

It is fairly normal for French bulldog puppies to eat their own waste. French bulldogs are drawn to soft, moist, and smelly foods, which explains why your puppy may eat poop.

Adult dogs may exhibit this behavior for a variety of reasons, including boredom or health problems.

For example, the digestive systems of French bulldogs are inefficient, causing puppies to often suffer from diarrhea and vomiting.

Unable to pass waste, they may attempt to use stool that they have already consumed as a toilet.

Some puppies will resort to eating poop in social settings when they are not given a bowl or are forced to eat out of a bowl that someone has put down.

Others may eat poop because they are bored and looking for something to do.

If your dog exhibits this habit, you should take steps to stop this behavior from the start.

Due to digestive difficulties, hunger, lack of nutrients, and because their snouts are sensitive, the behaviors of French Bulldogs are more effective.

Puppies will try and get their mouths on any available poop, including poop on benches and public garbage cans. Owners may notice that the pup’s reach for their poop is normal, making it hard for owners to stop it.

In some cases, the pup may also enjoy eating other people’s poop, so owners need to be careful. Owners of puppies whose feces-eating behavior persists the longest may be likely to blame a deficiency in fiber in the puppy’s diet.

Why Do French Bulldogs Eat Poop?

To begin with, seeing a Frenchie pup eat its feces is not normal.

They often begin doing other strange things when acclimated to their new environment.

Some French Bulldog pups will show signs of gastrointestinal upset if they are still eating their own feces.

The feces can cause blockages in their digestive systems. The pup may move slowly, have diarrhea or vomiting, and may have a flattened appearance.

They will be naturally drawn to it because it smells so good.

Aside from the evolutionary behavior previously mentioned , there is also a medical component involved.

Hide his poop

One of the Frenchie owners I met with was having a lot of difficulty potty training his puppy.

He got into the habit of yelling in frustration whenever he tried to mess with the dog’s business.

The dog’s punishments were aimless and pointless, and he never even noticed that they were happening to him. When he began hitting his dog, the dog began avoiding the household.


Poop-eating French Bulldogs, especially older pups, are very likely familiar with stress and destructive or anti-social behavior.

However, pups are believed to have inherited these behaviors from their ancestors, so they are unlikely to avoid them.
Stress may appear in a variety of behaviors ranging from minor to severe

These may include restlessness, destructiveness and aggression. Stress is when the mind and body are taxed so that they cannot function properly.

Stress is experienced by everyone, but it can be acute or chronic. Acute stress comes with dangerous conditions like heart attacks.


This is strange, but dogs really may want to do this.

If bored, some French bulldogs may consume their own feces.

This shows that they need human companionship, which some owners cannot provide.

This is a regular occurrence among Frenchie puppies and, as such, it’s not abnormal.

You should never leave a bored dog alone, not even for a second.


Intestinal parasites and worms are common in Frenchie puppies, and they can cause health issues or even death in your pup.

The faecal matter that your pup ingests could also result in bacterial infections, especially if you have a Frenchie who isn’t very well-spayed.

How Can I Stop My French Bulldog From Eating Poop?


Make sure your French Bulldog gets enough exercise and playing; clean up their excrement as soon as they finish it, and prevent them from eating other dogs’ feces while outdoors.

Pick Up After the Frenchies

This is the best treatment for their unsightly and unhealthy habit of eating their stool. Training them on when and why they should stop will be more beneficial in the long run.

Cleaning up after your frenchie when they’ve been pooping in the litterbox will help stop this behavior before it becomes a problem, and it’s important to nip it in the bud when they begin rather than letting them grow into an adult that chews up feces.

When the remedy is there in dogs, they don’t care, and they won’t wait for humans to give them the treatment.

Alter the Diet of Your French Bulldog

A higher-quality diet may help alleviate some problems, such as diarrhea in your dog.

As a general rule, provide meals that are high in protein, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Because much of the feces is discarded, many people feed their dogs a grain-free food, such as rice bran, rice, or human-grade meat.

Some people have had luck feeding canned elk or fish to their dogs.

The easiest approach to transition to a new diet is gradually add the new food to the old one over a few days.

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If you’re wondering how to stop a French bulldog from eating poop, you’re in luck!

We have all the information you need right here. There are natural remedies for poop eating, and we won’t sugarcoat them.

If a French bulldog is suffering from digestive issues that make it painful to defecate, your French bulldog may have turned to poop eating for comfort.

In such cases, the poop eating behavior may be a sign of a medical problem, such as colitis.

Therefore, it would be best to take medical advice before administering any treatment.