Why Do French Bulldogs Eat Poop?

It does not require any introduction as to why dogs are considered as the ideal pets by humans. Their fierceness, loyalty, and friendliness are sufficient to add to the overall bucket list. And there are many breeds of dogs in the market that the people select. Some of these are of pure breed, whereas some come as hybrids (by the scientific experiment of two different breeds). 

When it comes to the list of popular ones, French Bulldogs come at fourth from the top. They are the hybrid ones from the cross between Toy Bulldogs and Ratters. In other nations also, they hold the required popularity. Read on to find more about one of their most peculiar habits- eating their poop.

The Habit

When it comes to knowing about the habits and activities of French Bulldogs, also called Frenchies popularly, poop eating comes at a significant position. And this is very common amongst the breed, especially with the puppies. There are several reasons associated with this, some phenomenal and others situation-based.

When it comes to the veterinary language, a term called Coprophagia has been coined. It refers to the activity of eating their poop and is not limited to only the French Bulldogs. Refer to the next section to understand the exact reasons.

Why Does a French Bulldog puppy keep eating poop?

Why Does a French Bulldog puppy keep eating poop

As mentioned earlier, there are several logic behind the Bulldogs eating their poop. The famous ones include the following:

  • It is a part of the training imparted by the mother dog towards the puppies. As a part of the training, they need to be taught this art first and sometimes even remind about going for the cycle. Therefore, the mother often licks their private parts and eats up their poops as a protective measure against the predators and other vicious elements. 
  • Also, such activities teach the puppies about the importance of hygiene and how they need to maintain the same for the long run.
  • Another famous logic states that the dogs eat their poops to claim the missing nutrients from their regular diet. There can be reasons why the dog finds important nutrients missing from its diet and reverts to additional supplementing methods. 
  • Eating the poop can offer it access to important enzymes, digestive fiber, gut bacteria, vitamins, minerals, and various other nutrients that complete the overall cycle. And this has been correlated to other species also. Thus, ensure that you offer your pets sufficient nutrients if you do not want to witness such gross incidents. 
  • The Bulldog might also be suffering from a medical condition that does not allow it to stay content with available food. Hence, such sources supplement the growing hunger and allow it to sustain longer with the basic supply. This reason may not be true in all cases but might come up in, say, one out of ten thousand cases. 
  • The dog might be super bored or feeling monotonous out of its regular activities. Hence, you can observe notorious activities about its behavior- like eating your poop, damaging the stuff of the house, creating a nuisance, and many more. Keep an eye in case of the scenario getting worse. 

The unpopular opinions

Apart from the above popular opinions, there are also certain unconventional approaches to deciphering the poop-eating concept. The following explains further: 

  • There are chances that the Bulldog is trying to get adjusted to its surroundings in the puppy stage and would hence consume anything to stay alive. This can also include poop and may not be considered as a known activity.
  • The dog might also consider the smell of the poop to be something tempting and hence try it out for better tastes. You can give kudos to its sniffing style and other senses that get heightened in such circumstances. 
  • The pet is stressed out due to some reason and cannot express clearly to the owner. Hence by going for such activities, it is trying to grab the attention and take the lost love that it is looking for. 
  • It can also be pure hereditary, where the puppy learns the act from its mother and imitates the same throughout.

Hence, congratulations, as you learned a good load of reasons for which your dog prefers eating its poop.

Should you be concerned about poop eating?  

When it comes to the concern, there is nothing specific to worry about. Since the reasons are biological, you can choose to ignore those. However, if the condition gets severe (like the animal getting wild, creating a nuisance, or showing emotional disturbances), you need to consider a lot. In such cases, taking the right help is the best-case scenario.

How to stop your French Bulldog from eating its poop?

Some simple steps can be followed to ensure that the dog leaves such activities. Refer to the list given below:

  • Allow the dog to undergo more exercise, or keep it engaged to not think about loneliness or other emotional aspects.
  • Change the diet schedule of the pet and ensure that it receives all of the nutrients in sufficient quantity. As a result, it would not think of eating its poop.
  • Use small tools like calming aids to soothe the dog when it gets nervous or anxious. 
  • Use additives or elements that make the poop inedible. As a result, it would start discouraging from consuming the same and prefer leaving the habit.
  • Hire a trainer to keep track of the schedule and give it proper training on the basic etiquettes. 
  • Supervise the dog during its trips to the backyard. This would ensure that you keep an eye on its activities. 
  • Use a short-range lease that can prevent your Frenchie from eating poops during morning or evening walks. 

All in one, it can be considered as both natural and reasoning when it comes to the French Bulldogs eating their poop. Just keep an eye on their behavior and other aspects before making any judgment or trying anything to improve their habits. With the right direction, you may never know the best improvements coming in your Frenchie.