How Do French Bulldogs Get Blue Eyes

French bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, thanks to their adorable looks and friendly personalities.

However, some people may be surprised to learn that some Frenchies can have blue eyes. So, how do french bulldogs get blue eyes?

French bulldogs are known for their big heads and big eyes. However, they aren’t blue-eyed by default.

In fact, they’re often brown-eyed. However, there are several reasons why French bulldogs get blue eyes.

First, French bulldogs often get blue eyes because their parents had blue eyes. The second reason is genetic.

French bulldogs with blue eyes often have blue eyes because their parents have blue eyes. Finally, French bulldogs get blue eyes because their ears are blue.

How Do French Bulldogs Get Blue Eyes?

French bulldogs have blue or amber eyes due to their unique DNA makeup.

French bulldogs have a short snout and large ears which cause them to breathe through their mouths.

Since they breathe through their mouths, they tend to have moist, moist noses and eyes from breathing in moisture from their mouths.

This explains why their eyes are blue or amber in color, as it takes in a lot of moisture from the air.

Genetics Behind French Bulldog Eye Color

The genetics behind eye color in all breeds of dogs are complex and involve multiple genes working together to determine the final result.

In general, though, there are two primary genes that control eye color in dogs.

These are the E locus gene and the A locus gene.

The combination of these two genes determines whether or not a dog will have blue eyes or another color like brown or amber.

What Causes Blue Eyes in French Bulldogs?

French bulldogs have blue eyes because of a rare genetic trait.

French bulldogs with a recessive gene that causes blue eyes have blue eyes regardless of the other genes they inherit from their parents.

However, French bulldogs without this gene have brown eyes regardless of their parents’ eye color.

This gene is dominant, so French bulldogs that are only carriers of the gene have brown eyes like their parents.

Breeding for Blue Eyes in French Bulldogs

There are some breeders who specialize in breeding French bulldogs with blue eyes.

This is done by carefully selecting parents who both carry the recessive alleles for blue eye coloration.

However, it’s important to note that breeding specifically for this trait can lead to other health problems, such as deafness or blindness due to inherited genetic defects. So, be sure to ask questions about health testing before purchasing a puppy from any breeder.

Potential Health Concerns for French Bulldogs With Blue Eyes

French bulldogs with blue eyes are irresistible, but they’re not without health concerns.

French bulldogs with blue eyes often suffer from corneal dystrophy, a hereditary eye disease that often causes blindness. Other potential health issues include heart disease and breathing problems.

Despite these concerns, French bulldogs with blue eyes are still great dogs to own. When spayed or neutered, these dogs can live long and happy lives.

Are There Any Other Eye Colors Found in French Bulldogs?

French bulldogs have a variety of eye colors.

However, they all tend to have dark-colored eyes, such as brown or hazel. In rare cases, French bulldogs may also inherit raccoon eyes from their ancestors.

French bulldogs with raccoon eyes tend to have lighter-colored eyes that are hazel or green in color with distinctive markings around the edges of the iris.

French bulldogs with raccoon eyes tend to have lower chances of getting glaucoma than other French bulldogs.

The Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog With Blue Eyes

French bulldogs with blue eyes are the cutest, and when time comes to buy a puppy you need to ask yourself whether the pros and cons are worth it.


  • They are cute – They have long noses, and their eyes are large and brown. Their heads have distinctive wrinkles which make them look adorable.
  • They are easy to groom – Their short coats are easily maintained.
  • They are loyal and good-natured – They are loyal and easy-going; they tolerate children well and are good with other dogs.
  • They are intelligent – French bulldogs are smart and play well with toys. They are easy to train and can be trained to do tricks like sit, stay and roll over.
  • They are easy to transport – Because French bulldogs are small, you can easily carry them around.


  • They are high-maintenance – French bulldogs have sensitive skin which means you need to pay attention to their grooming routine to avoid infections. They are also prone to eye infections and tear stains.
  • They are prone to obesity – French bulldogs are prone to weight gain which means you need to ensure they get enough exercise and avoid feeding them too much food.
  • They are prone to breathing problems – French bulldogs have a high tendency of snoring and breathing problems.
  • They require a lot of attention – French bulldogs require a lot of attention. You need to take them out for a walk every day and feed them a balanced diet to avoid health problems.

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In conclusion, French Bulldogs get blue eyes because of genetic defects.

Furthermore, these defects are recessive genes that are often passed down from their ancestors.

Finally, although French Bulldogs get blue eyes, they are still very beautiful and can be great pets.