How to Stop Your French Bulldog From Jumping Up?

French Bulldogs are known for being active, playful and affectionate companions. Unfortunately, they can also be prone to jumping up on people when they get excited. This behavior can be cute in a puppy, but it’s not so endearing when your French Bulldog is full grown. Learning how to stop your French Bulldog from jumping up is essential for keeping them safe and well behaved.

How to Stop Your French Bulldog From Jumping Up

Understand why your French Bulldog jumps up

One of the first steps in teaching your dog not to jump is understanding why they do it in the first place. Dogs jump up as a way of greeting people or showing excitement. They may also jump to get attention or out of curiosity. It’s important to remember that this behavior is normal and natural for dogs, so it’s important not to punish them for it.

Don’t reward the behavior

Punishing your dog for jumping up will only reinforce the behavior, so it’s important not to reward them with attention or treats when they do it. Instead, ignore them completely until they stop jumping and then reward them with praise or treats once their feet are back on the ground.

Teach your dog an alternate behavior

Teaching your dog an alternate behavior such as sitting or lying down when they are excited can help redirect their energy away from jumping up on people.

Start by rewarding them with treats and praise when they sit instead of jumping up, and gradually increase the amount of time that you expect them to stay in a seated position before rewarding them with treats or praise.

Use positive reinforcement techniques

Positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise are key in teaching your French Bulldog good behaviors like sitting instead of jumping up.

Whenever you catch your pup exhibiting the desired behavior, make sure you give them lots of positive reinforcement with treats, verbal praise, petting or playing with a toy.

Establish boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries and expectations for your dog is essential for teaching them how to behave properly around people.

Make sure everyone in the household follows the same rules so that there is no confusion about what behaviors are acceptable and which ones aren’t allowed.

Be consistent in enforcing the rules

Consistency is key when training any animal, including dogs. Make sure everyone in the household follows the same rules so that there is no confusion about what behaviors are acceptable and which ones aren’t allowed.

This will help ensure that your training efforts are successful in curbing unwanted behaviors such as jumping up on people.

Provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation

Exercise can help keep dogs entertained, engaged and out of trouble.

Providing plenty of physical activity such as walks or playtime each day helps keep their minds stimulated while also helping tire out their bodies so that they have less energy to act out undesired behaviors like jumping up on people.

Mental stimulation activities such as puzzle toys can also help keep their minds occupied while providing an outlet for their natural curiosity.


Training any animal requires patience and consistency but following these steps can help you teach your French Bulldog how to stop jumping up on people safely and effectively.

With lots of practice, positive reinforcement techniques, exercise and mental stimulation you will soon have a well-behaved pup who knows how to properly greet visitors without getting too excited.