How to Train Your French Bulldog Lay Down?

Are you looking to train your French Bulldog to lay down? If so, you’ve come to the right place. French Bulldogs are a popular breed of dog and are known for their playful personalities and loving nature.

Training your French Bulldog is an important part of owning one, as it helps keep them safe and healthy.

In this article, we’ll discuss what a French Bulldog is, why training them is important, how to train them to lay down, tips for successful training, common mistakes when training them to lay down, and how to deal with challenging behaviors while training them.

Why is it important to train your French Bulldog?

Training your French Bulldog is an important part of owning one.

It helps keep them safe by teaching them basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and lay down. It also helps prevent problem behaviors such as barking or jumping on people.

Training also helps build trust between you and your dog, which will strengthen your bond over time.

How to Train Your French Bulldog to Lay Down

Training your French Bulldog to lay down can be done in several steps:

  • Start by having your dog sit or stand in front of you. Show it a treat or toy that they like and hold it at nose level so that they have to look up at it.
  • Slowly lower the treat or toy towards the ground while saying “lay down” in a firm but gentle voice. As soon as they start lying down of their own accord, reward them with a treat or toy.
  • If they don’t lay down after several attempts, then gently push their chest towards the ground while saying “lay down” again in a firm but gentle voice until they do so of their own accord, again rewarding them with the treat or toy when they do so successfully.
  • Repeat this process several times until they understand what you want from them when you say “lay down,” then slowly start fading out rewards until they obey without needing any treats at all (this may take some time).
  • Once they understand what you want from them when you say “lay down,” start incorporating other commands, such as “stay,” into the mix by having them stay in the laying position for longer periods before rewarding them with treats or toys again (this will help reinforce good behavior).

Tips for Successful Training

  • Make sure that you are consistent with your commands – always use the same words each time when giving instructions such as “lay down” or “stay,” so that your dog knows exactly what is expected of him/her each time you give these commands.
  • Be patient – it may take some time before your dog understands what you want from it, but don’t give up! Keep practicing each day until he/she catches on.
  • Reward good behavior – make sure that you praise and reward your dog each time he/she does something correctly so that he/she knows that he/she has done something right! This will help reinforce good behavior over time!

Common Mistakes When Training Your French Bulldog To Lay Down

  • Not being consistent – if you use different words each time when giving instructions, it can be confusing for your dog and make it harder for him/her to understand what is expected of it each time those words are used!
  • Not using positive reinforcement – using positive reinforcement such as treats or toys can help motivate your dog during training sessions, which will make learning new things easier for him/her! However, if rewards aren’t given often enough, they won’t be as effective.

How To Deal With Challenging Behaviors While Training Your French Bulldog To Lay Down

If your Frenchie starts exhibiting challenging behaviors while trying to learn how to lay down, then there are several things that you can do:

  • Ignore bad behavior – if he/she starts barking or jumping around during training sessions, ignore this behavior completely until he/she calms back down, then continue with the session like nothing happened (this will help teach him/her that bad behavior won’t get rewarded).
  • Redirect his attention – if he seems distracted during training sessions, then try redirecting his attention back toward the task at hand by offering treats or toys (this will help keep his focus on learning).
  • Take breaks – if he seems overwhelmed during training sessions, then take regular breaks throughout the session (this will give him some much-needed rest).


Training your French Bulldog to lie down is an important part of teaching them basic obedience.

It is a simple command that can be taught in a few steps, and with some patience, your French Bulldog will soon be laying down on command. Start by teaching your dog the verbal cue, and then gradually increase the duration of time they stay in the down position.

Use treats and praise to reward them for staying in the down position. With consistency and patience, you can teach your French Bulldog to lay down on command.

This will help you have better control over their behavior and make it easier for you to train them in other commands.