Everything You Need to Know About Sable French Bulldog

The Sable French Bulldog is a small and compact breed of dog that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

This breed originated in France and is known for its alertness, intelligence, and loyalty. The Sable French Bulldog has a unique coat color that makes them stand out from other breeds.

They have a short, smooth coat that can be black, blue, or brindle with silver or tan markings. They also have long ears and a short muzzle with dark eyes.

History of the Sable French Bulldog

The Sable French Bulldog is thought to have descended from the English Toy Bulldog which was bred in England during the 19th century.

The breed was then taken to France and further developed into the modern-day Sable French Bulldog.

This breed was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1897, but it wasn’t until 2004 that they were officially recognized as their own breed.

Physical Characteristics of the Sable French Bulldog

The Sable French Bulldog is a medium-sized breed with a muscular body and an athletic build.

They typically weigh between 16-28 pounds and stand 12-16 inches tall at the shoulder.

Their coats are short, smooth, and shiny with a variety of colors including black, blue, brindle with silver or tan markings.

They also have long ears that fold over their eyes and a short muzzle with dark eyes.

Temperament and Personality of the Sable French Bulldog

The Sable French Bulldog is an intelligent breed that loves to please its owners.

They are loyal companions who will form strong bonds with their families but can be wary of strangers at times.

They are energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise, but can also be quite lazy when indoors or sleeping for long periods of time.

Health and Lifespan of the Sable French Bulldog

The average lifespan of the Sable French Bulldog is 10-12 years when they are given proper care and nutrition throughout their lives.

While this breed is generally healthy, there are some health issues , such as hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, allergies, eye problems, skin problems, breathing problems, obesity, heatstroke, and so on.

Training and Exercise of the Sable French Bulldog

The Sable French Bulldog needs regular exercise in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

They should be taken on daily walks or runs as well as given plenty of playtime throughout the day in order for them to burn off excess energy.

This breed responds best to positive reinforcement training methods, such as reward-based training.

Grooming Requirements of the Sable French Bulldog

Sable French bulldogs require a bit of extra care that other French Bulldogs don’t.

They’re one of the blackest dogs in the world, and their hair coats require a little more attention than other French Bulldogs. The hair coat is thick, coarse, and soft when it’s new.

However, the hair coat becomes rougher as it ages. To keep the hair coat from becoming rough and tangled, it’s important to brush it daily.

Sable French bulldogs also need to be cleaned regularly to prevent odors and skin problems from developing.

Feeding Requirements of the Sable French Bulldog

The Sable French Bulldog is a breed that is characterized by its beautiful black coat with white markings.

The coat is thick, dense and straight, and it stands off from the dog’s head with minimal feathering on its neck. The coat is also parted on the dog’s forehead, making it easy for owners to maintain the dog’s hair.

The Sable French Bulldog is an active breed that loves to play and cuddle with its family. This breed needs daily exercise, and it needs to eat the right dog food to ensure it stays healthy and strong.

The Sable French Bulldog is an active dog that needs daily exercise.

This breed is intelligent, and it needs mental stimulation, so play time with the family is a good idea. This breed also loves to eat, so prepare a healthy diet for the dog that consists of high-quality dog food along with human food such as fish, meat and eggs.

This breed needs to be groomed regularly, so brush its coat several times a week. This breed sheds its beautiful coat twice a year, so you’ll need to brush and comb the dog regularly during this time.

The Sable French Bulldog is a healthy breed with few health issues.

This breed is prone to obesity, so watch what the dog eats; avoid giving it table scraps. This breed also needs regular dental checkups to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

This breed also needs to get regular vaccinations.

Common Health Issues of the Sable French Bulldog

The Sable French Bulldog is an introvert with a calm disposition. However, the Sable French Bulldog should only be owned by people who are experienced with dogs. The Sable French Bulldog has some health issues, which are listed below:

Hip Dysplasia

This is a painful condition that affects dog’s joints.

Patellar Luxation

This condition occurs when the patellar ligament becomes loose in the kneecap, which can make it painful for the dog to run or jump.


Allergies occur when a dog’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment such as pollen, mold and pollen, which may trigger symptoms such as wheezing, runny nose, sneezing and itchy skin.

Eye Problems

Eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma may cause the dog to have vision problems, which can make the dog irritable and sensitive to light.

Skin Problems

Staph infections, yeast infections and rashes may affect this breed, which can cause the dog to become itchy and feel discomfort.

Breathing Problems

Some dogs are susceptible to breathing issues such as sleep apnea, which causes the dog to snore excessively while sleeping.


This dog’s short snout makes it difficult for it to cool down during hot summer days, so it’s important to make sure the dog stays hydrated and cool on hot days by keeping the shade available and giving it enough water to drink.

Tips For Finding A Reputable Breeder Of The Sable French Bulldog

French bulldogs are known for their adorably cute appearance, and sable French bulldogs are some of the cutest of all.

However, finding a reputable breeder of sable French bulldogs can be challenging. There are some breeders that breed low-quality sable French bulldogs that don’t look anything like French bulldogs.

There are also breeders that breed high-quality sable French bulldogs but charge high prices. A good way to find a reputable breeder of sable French bulldogs is to follow these tips.

First, it’s a good idea to find a breeder who has dogs that are similar to what you’re looking for. Second, it’s a good idea to get references from other people who have used that breeder’s services in the past.

Third, it’s a good idea to visit a breeder’s facility and talk to the people who work there. Finally, it’s a good idea to choose a breeder that has references from veterinarians or dog breeders who are respected in their fields.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Sable French Bulldogs are incredible pets.

They’re funny, cute, and smart. However, they’re not for everyone.

They’re expensive, require a lot of care, and require a lot of exercise. Furthermore, they’re relatively difficult to train due to their stubborn nature.

All in all, Sable French Bulldogs are truly amazing dogs.