Tri Colored French Bulldogs

When it comes to popularity, French bulldogs are one of the most recognized in the canine world. Most people know the unique shape they have, but few people know about their fur color. It is quite common to see strange hues in this class of dogs, from blues to incredible combinations.
The problem is the health consequences that the french bulldog could suffer from, something that not everyone knows. The French Bulldog catches the eye of others, even when it comes to a tricolor coat. Knowing more about this situation can contribute significantly to the care and well-being of your pet.

French Bulldog Colors

There are many established colors for French bulldogs, some are AKC approved, and some are not. These are the most recognizable:
  • Sheltered: they are generally dark in color with lighter hairs that extend across their bodies. The color of their eyes can vary between brown, green, or hazelnut.
  • Sable: consists of a fawn coat that has reddish tones in contrast to the honey color.
  • Flatter: The coat tends to be light tan, dark reddish, and even dancing. It does not have a toast, and its color can be apricot or blue.

Tri-color French Bulldog Temperament

These kind of dogs are the same as other french bulldogs. And they are constantly eager to please their owners. They are loyal, affectionate, friendly, and love fun, plus they are quite intelligent.
Mental stimulation is almost as important as physical stimulation in keeping them healthy. Also, they should be instilled with positive reinforcement for their training that is more efficient.
They are calm with acquaintances but have a protective streak in front of people they cannot recognize. Early socialization is important to prevent your French Bulldog from becoming aggressive in unfamiliar situations.

Health Problems

Health problems are not a strange topic for French bulldogs due to their easy build. This makes it difficult for them to exercise too much; breathing difficulties from overheating are quite common.
Recessive diseases are recurrent due to their restricted genetics. Many health problems can come directly from the parents as inheritances; this should be paid attention to.
Cataracts, von Willebrand’s disease, or hip dysplasia are some of the most obvious difficulties in this breed. Having your pet in control is necessary to avoid any inconvenience that may harm you in the long run.

How to care for French Tri-color Bulldogs?

Having a French tricolor bulldog is a huge responsibility that requires specific care. Fortunately, these are not different from the other dogs of this breed.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Avoid excessive exercise; short walks twice a day are enough.
  • Socialization from an early age is very important.
  • Use positive reinforcement.
  • Beware of overheating; choose a cool exercise schedule.
  • You constantly take your French Bulldog to check-ups with the vet.


A dog of this breed promises unforgettable moments where fun and affection are always present. There is nothing better than getting unconditional love from a little creature with such remarkable characteristics.
It’s a good option to get a French bulldog, but the difficulty of caring for them should also be considered. They are delicate dogs, and attention is essential at all times.