Blue Moon French Bulldog Price: Is it Worth More?

Blue French Bulldogs are a rare and popular dog breed. In the United States, French bulldogs cost between $1,500 and $4,000 and more. They can cost more than twice as much as an ordinary French bulldog. Blue French Bulldog puppies can cost between £1,500 and £2,000 in the United Kingdom.

The question you might have is: is it worth paying more? To answer that question, we will explore what makes Blue Frenchie’s cost different from other colors of Bulldogs and what this means for their care and upkeep costs.

What is a blue moon French Bulldog?

Blue moon french bulldogs are not a specific breed of dog. They are blue in color and have similar traits as the french bulldog breed, but there is no official Blue French Bulldog Breed Standard. It is important to note that although blue french bulldogs are often referred to as “blue Frenchies,” they are not technically a breed of dog.

How much do blue French Bulldogs cost?

How much do blue French Bulldogs cost?

Normally, the price of a French bulldog is between $900 and $1500, depending on location in the USA. In the UK, prices for Frenchies start from £850 – £1200+. But there are many factors that affect this cost, such as age, health, size, coat color, etc.

The cost of a Blue Frenchie can range from $1500 to $4000+ depending on location in the USA. In the UK, prices for blue Frenchies start at £900 – £1300+. Blue Frenchie breeders are becoming more common, but it can be difficult finding one near you or within your budget range.

What is the rarest color of the French Bulldogs?

French bulldogs come in a range of colors, and the rarest color is Blue, followed closely by Lilac.

The other colors are Chocolate, Black & Tan, and Merle, which although can be found within Frenchies they aren’t recognized as official Frenchie breed standards.

Is a blue French Bulldog rare?

The blue French bulldog color is very rare and often referred to as a “blue moon” french bulldog.

Blue French Bulldogs are more common than the other color variations but still extremely rare- less than 0.001% of Frenchies around today!

Are Blue Frenchies purebred?

Blue Frenchies are a new breed that some people would say is not purebred. They are bred by breeding the Frenchie with another type of dog, usually a pug or a boxer. This can cause them to have health issues, and some things about their looks may be different from what you might expect if they were true Frenchies, such as the skin pigment.

Why are blue French Bulldogs so expensive?

Blue Frenchies are pricey for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the breeding costs are extremely high. The main reason for this is that Frenchie’s require c-sections and artificial insemination to reproduce, which cost anywhere from $1000-$3000 per Frenchie!

Another factor behind their high price tag is simply due to their rarity.

Are blue French Bulldogs healthy?

The answer is both yes and no. Blue Frenchies are often born with health issues that can pose a threat to their lives or shorten them.

Some of the most common problems include:

  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Skin pigment disorders (blue, fawn, etc.)
  • Hair loss/alopecia

Do blue French Bulldogs shed more hair?

During the summer, the blue french bulldog sheds more hair. The reason for this is that it is their bodies’ method of keeping them cool.

Alopecia (a skin disorder that causes areas of hair loss) is a common problem in Frenchies, but it can be handled, and their short, coarse hair doesn’t leave a lot of dog hair behind.

What health issues do blue French Bulldogs have?

The health issues of blue french bulldogs are similar to most other purebred dogs. They are often born with hip dysplasia, which is when the thigh bone doesn’t fit in its usual position within the hip joint. This causes pain and arthritis for most Frenchies by about a year old.

Some blue Frenchies have this condition more serious than others.

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How long do blue French Bulldogs live for?

The average lifespan in a well-cared for dog is between ten and fifteen years. However, the longest living Frenchie was recorded to be sixteen!

What is a blue French Bulldog’s temperament like?

The temperament of a blue Frenchie is just the same as any other French Bulldog. They are extremely friendly, and their favorite pastimes include cuddling up with their owner on the sofa or napping in bed after playtime outside.

They can be territorial, but they will bark before attacking someone if it’s necessary for them to protect you! However, they can be a little stubborn and may not want to listen if you don’t know how to train them properly. If you train them well, they will be a perfect addition to your family.


You may have seen a blue French Bulldog and felt the need to buy one because they are so cute.

But before you do, please be aware that this is an incredibly big commitment with significant costs.

If you’re considering getting a new pet, take your time to consider if it would be right for you or not.

Our experience with these dogs has given us insight into how well suited they can be at being pets for their owners – but vice versa as well!

It’s important to make sure both parties are happy in order for there to be successful adoption of either side.