Can French Bulldogs Eat Oranges?

The french bulldog was originally bred in England to participate in the sport of ratting.

The french bulldog’s small size and strength made it perfect for catching rats. 

A french bulldogs diet is mainly composed of dry food, but Frenchies are known to be picky eaters and will sometimes refuse their kibble.

One question that often arises is, “can frenchies eat oranges?”

As many dog owners know, not all dogs can tolerate citrus fruits like oranges.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Oranges?

The answer to this question is yes, and French Bulldogs can eat oranges. However, it’s best to feed them oranges in moderation due to the high sugar content.

Oranges are not toxic to french bulldogs, and they provide a range of health benefits, such as antioxidants and vitamin C.

However, clementines, tangerines, mandarins, and oranges should only be fed in moderation and as a tasty treat.

Peel, pips, and seeds could present a choking hazard, so only let your french bulldog eat the orange slices and flesh.

The high sugar content of oranges makes them not suitable for Frenchies with diabetes or bladder stones.

French Bulldogs can also have other citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes, in moderation.

Just like oranges, these citrus fruits provide Frenchies with antioxidants and vitamin C.

But be careful not to give your french bulldog too much citrus fruit as it could cause stomach problems. 

So overall, while french bulldogs can eat oranges, it’s best to feed them in moderation to avoid any negative side effects.

Are oranges bad for French Bulldogs?

Sometimes, oranges can be bad for your french bulldog if you feed too much.

They are high in vitamins and nutrients, as well as fruit sugars that can help with some health problems such as diarrhea or weight gain.

However, oranges contain a lot of sugar which makes them bad for french bulldogs who have diabetes or are overweight.

If you have an overweight French bulldog, it is important to monitor how many oranges they are eating and only give them a small amount.

Too much sugar can make their health problems worse.

If your french bulldog has diabetes, you should avoid giving them oranges altogether.

It is always important to talk to your veterinarian before making any changes to your french bulldog’s diet.

Health Benefits Of Eating Orange

There are many benefits of eating oranges.

Oranges are known for their vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage.

Vitamin C is good for dogs as it has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer in pets.

They also contain health-promoting compounds known as flavanones which can help support the body and protect from conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

All oranges are packed with vitamin C, but the Navel orange is known to have a higher percentage of this antioxidant than other varieties. 

Some french bulldog owners wonder whether or not their Frenchies should be eating oranges.

It would be safe for them to eat one every once in a while, as oranges make a great ingredient for french bulldog treats. 

They are easy to break apart into bite-sized squares, so you can easily cut up an orange and use them as french fries or french dog biscuits. 

This is also especially helpful if Frenchies have bad breath because the vitamin C in oranges helps kill bacteria which causes plaque and tartar buildup.

This will help them have a healthier mouth and fresher breath! 

Why Are Oranges Good For French Bulldogs?

Oranges are full of Vitamin C, Potassium, and Dietary Fiber. 

French Bulldogs are very energetic dogs that require proper nutrition in order to maintain their health.

Although Frenchies can get more than enough energy from just eating kibble, oranges give french bulldogs even more nutrients for a healthy life.

Oranges contain manganese which is essential for Frenchies as it helps them restore and maintain their bone density. 

Manganese also works with other nutrients to keep french bulldogs’ vision healthy, boost energy production in cells, and can help prevent cancer!

Vitamin C is another nutrient Frenchies need for a long life as Vitamin C has anti-aging properties that slow down the signs of aging. 

Oranges also contain potassium which french bulldogs need to help regulate their blood pressure and heart rate. 

Last but not least, oranges are a great source of dietary fiber that Frenchies need for healthy digestion.

How to prepare orange for your Frenchie

You can either give them an orange segment, or you can puree the orange and mix it in with their food.

Some people like to put a little honey on top of the oranges for their Frenchie, but that’s up to you.

Be sure to wash the oranges before peeling them, especially if they are not organic.

You don’t want your Frenchie eating any pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

If you are feeling particularly generous, you can also give them an orange to play with.

They will love the taste, and it’s a great way to keep them entertained.

Just be careful that they don’t eat the peel, as that could cause an obstruction.

You can also give them the orange after you have eaten it, but make sure to cut off any seeds or pips first.

Don’t feed oranges too often, though, as they are high in sugar and could be bad for your French Bulldogs teeth if given on a regular basis.

Another thing that some people like to do is give their French Bulldog a whole orange and let him eat it.

This can be pretty messy, but your Frenchie will love being able to have access to the entire fruit, not just what you cut off for them.

It’s also good because oranges are high in fiber, so they can help with constipation and other digestive issues.

You can also try and slice the oranges into small segments as well, that way, and they don’t end up with such a mess all over their face!

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How to Feed Oranges To French Bulldogs

If you want to feed your French Bulldog oranges, you have a few different options.

You can use a blender to make an orange puree, or you can cut the oranges into very small pieces and use them as gifts or treats during your French Bulldog training. 

You can also cut the oranges into very small sizes and give them to your French before or after a workout to keep them hydrated.

Lastly, you can also mix or blend other healthy fruits into a fun smoothie or fruit salad that will keep your French healthy and happy.

No matter which way you choose to give your Frenchie oranges, they’re sure to love the taste and nutritional benefits of this delicious fruit.


The addition of citrus fruit to your French Bulldog’s diet isn’t needed, but a slice here or there won’t hurt.

Keep in mind that while oranges are nutritious for humans and other mammals, they may not provide the same benefits for dogs (and cats).

As always, it is best to consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to what you feed your Frenchie.