Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

Before you dare to adopt a French bulldog, you have to know some details about their allergies. These sturdy-looking dogs can be hypoallergenic, and this is due to many causes. You may suffer from having this dog by your side because its fur would irritate your nose, causing an allergic reaction.

Find out what symptoms you may have if you suffer from allergies to pets and not just to the French Bulldog. Learn why the French Bulldog is hypoallergenic, unlike other pets that you can adopt.

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

French Bulldogs can be hypoallergenic dogs because they shed a good amount of hair when shedding. These allergies to the French Bulldog can happen to 1 in 10 because it does not shed as much hair. In the summer, your allergies towards the dog will intensify because it is the time when they shed.

Are French bulldogs bad for allergies?

Are French bulldogs bad for allergies?

If you know your body and the allergic reactions you suffer from having dogs by your side, you should not adopt a French bulldog. The allergy you can develop with this dog is very serious, your nose would become irritated, and you would have watery eyes. You should avoid exposing yourself to the dog and opt for other options in dogs that do not shed as much hair.

Can you be allergic to French Bulldogs?

You may be allergic to the French Bulldog, but you should not rule out other dog breeds either. It is almost impossible for you to find a pet that is not hypoallergenic because they all shed hair. You have to focus on finding a dog that sheds a minimum amount of hair to control your allergies.

You can adopt a Labradoodle, a Chinese Basket, or a Shih-Tzu, all non-allergy-causing dogs. These dogs lack fur or have a coat attached to their body that they do not shed much hair.

What symptoms occur with a pet allergy?

When you are allergic to pets, you can present a series of mild or very serious symptoms such as:

  • Cold

The first symptom that you will experience if you are allergic to dog hair is the simple cold that will increase in severity. You may start to feel bad after spending a few minutes in front of the dog; you will sneeze like never before.

  • Itching in your nose and throat

You will feel a slight itch in your nose and throat as the dog’s hairs are near you. This sensation will be very uncomfortable, causing you to lose your appetite, and you will not even be able to define flavors on your palate.

  • Crying eyes

If you do not stay away from the dog that is causing this allergic reaction, your eyes will get very watery. You may develop a red, itchy eye reaction in which you will not control your tears.

  • Runny nose

With an allergy comes a runny nose as long as you stay away from the dog, causing this reaction. You can have a bad day with a runny nose; shaking it so much can irritate it.

  • Facial pain

Facial pain is also common in this type of allergy, and with it comes feelings of heaviness in your body. You will feel exhausted, sick, and in poor condition to do other activities during the day.

  • Itching in your body

You may also have a slight itch on your body, leading to a rash that can become irritated. This reaction is rare if you are hypoallergenic, but you don’t have to rule it out when you are in front of a pet.

Why a hypoallergenic French Bulldog?

Why a hypoallergenic French Bulldog? - Image By frenchbulldogio

The French Bulldog can cause allergies because this happens with all dogs that have a lot of furs. A French bulldog can cause allergies because the dog that lets go will irritate your nose and body. You will feel bad when you experience an allergy, which can give you a very bad day.

Allergies to the French Bulldog and most shedding dogs can be accentuated in the summer. In summer times, the dog usually sheds its hair, which can upset your allergies at home. You will have to stay away from your pet or your friends when shedding because otherwise, you will be sick all day.

Hypoallergenic French Bulldog Mix

You can adopt a Frenchie breed mixed with a poodle that works very well for hypoallergenic people. This mix results in a dog that sheds less hair, which is also beneficial for its maintenance. You can keep your Frenchie Poodle in your home and avoid these allergies because of their fur.

This hybrid dog’s personality is similar to that of the French Bulldog and does not change much in appearance. You can adopt this dog and have a great life partner, very energetic and dependent on you.

What if you can’t resist getting a Frenchie?

If you want to adopt a Frenchie even though you are affected by allergies, you may need to take good care of yourself. You can wear a mask when trying to handle the dog and when the summer comes, get away from its fur. With the Frenchie at home, you will not be able to clean his coat because this can lead to a severe allergy episode.

Although the French Bulldog is a beautiful dog, you should also think about protecting your life against allergies. If you do not control allergies against dogs, you can have bad days, a lot of sneezing, and a sore nose. You may need help with your French Bulldog on occasion so that his hair does not interfere with your allergies.

Another way that you can have your Frenchie and control allergies is by medicating against them. You can go to your doctor for advice on dog allergies and how you can reduce them.

Is there a way to make sure the French Bulldog is hypoallergenic?

The only way you can be sure that your French Bulldog is hypoallergenic is by its coat’s consistency. Before you adopt this dog, you have to see what his coat looks like, how wide and resistant it is. The coat of each French can vary, which will show how allergic you can be to it.

You can take your dog by the coat and notice how easily he lets go of his coat to avoid allergies. If the French Bulldog sheds a small amount of hair, then it is a good option for you to adopt. If, on the other hand, the French Bulldog loses a lot of hair when you hold it by the coat, then it is not suitable for your allergies.

You have to take care of her allergies to pets to avoid having pathetic days with her. If you are hypoallergenic, the best thing you can do is not have dogs even though your love for them is very great.

The French Bulldog can cause allergies because other breeds such as Saint Bernard or German Shepherd cause this effect. You shouldn’t feel bad about having allergies to dogs as this is very common in humans.