Why Does Your French Bulldog Have Red Eyes?

In a world where everyone feels distant from each other, you can rely on dogs without any doubt. They will always be there for you whether you are happy or sad. You will feel less lonely with a dog as compared to a person. Having a dog is a fun thing until you have to deal with their issues. They also go through changes and illness, and you should be there for them as well. As compared to other dogs, French dogs are more likely to get ill or suffer from medical issues. One of the most common issues is known as the cherry eye, which needs to be checked by the owner as soon as possible. 

Why Do French bulldogs have cherry eyes? 

Apart from the dog owners, not many people know the presence of a third eyelid in dogs. It is not easy to detect, but when they are sleeping, you can see it. It is also known as the nictitating membrane, making your French dog look like he is rolling his eyes. The membrane is responsible for fighting any infection that might happen in their eye and to produce tears. 

The position of the tear gland Although the main purpose of the membrane is to prevent debris from entering the eye. When the position of the tear gland belonging to the third eyelid is changed, cherry eye occurs. 

  • Genetically

Some professionals also stated that this issue could be transferred from one generation to another. If you know the older generation of your dog suffering from cherry eye, you should be extra careful. 

  • Age-factor

The chances of cherry eye happening to the younger dog are comparatively higher than old dogs. 

How to inspect cherry eye in your French bulldog?

How to inspect cherry eye in your French bulldog

When you have a dog, you must know a reliable doctor or person who can give you the right advice. Since technology has grown a lot, you can also use the internet to contact someone or find websites that can help you. The determining process of the cherry eye is very easy. It would help if you looked at your dog properly to determine whether they are suffering from the cherry eye or not. The first symptom is when their eyes get swollen or red. It can be seen if you check their eyes. Since cherry eyes are associated with a slight change in the tear gland, there might be chances of tears overflowing or under flowing. If you catch your dog scratching their eyes a lot of times, it might be because of the cherry eye. You can see the pain in their eyes, so it is better to take them to a doctor who can look into the matter professionally. It is better to get it checked as soon as possible to get rid of the pain.

Other Causes to make Your Frenchie have red eyes

Apart from the main cause of the cherry eye, position changes of the tear gland, many professionals have also stated other causes:-

  • In some cases, the cherry eye can be passed down from the old generation to the younger generation. This can make you aware if you knew the older generation of your dog. 
  • If the fibers of the tear glands start to fade, cherry eyes might occur. 
  • As there are different breeds of French Bulldogs, the cherry eye also depends on it. Some breeds are more likely to experience cherry eye as compared to other breeds. You should know about the breed of your dog and the complications associated with it. 
  • If there is any doubt entering your mind, you should discuss it with the vet. It is advised to get your dog checked from time to time. This will eliminate any chances of the issues becoming bigger.

How to treat red eyes in a French bulldog?

When you get your dog to the vet, you can be calm because they know how to handle it. Before deciding anything, you should talk to the vet about everything. This will make you trust the vet with your dog. Sometimes, the cherry eye disappears on its own. This might take time, and the result is not certain too. The vet can suggest other alternatives, too, if surgery is not instantly needed. In the case of swelling, eye drops can be recommended. You should make sure that the right dose of eye drops is given to your dog. The eye drops are also helpful to prevent the issue from spreading. The tear gland needs to return to its right position, so massage might also help. In case there is no option other than surgery, the vet will make you aware of the procedure along with any options. They can either perform surgery to change the gland’s position or remove the gland all at once. The second option is complicated, so they might prescribe some medicines or eye drops too. 

How to stop red-eye problems in French bulldogs?

Many studies have been conducted which showed that cherry eye could not be prevented in any case. Just like you take care of your health and body, you should do that to your dog too.

  • Know the symptoms

It is important to look at the small signs that can help you determine anything wrong with your dog. 

  • An early check-up is beneficial.

The symptoms should be checked from time to time, so there is no chance of anything happening. 

  • Young French bulldogs are more likely to experience it

Since cherry eye mostly occurs before the age of two, you should be extra careful till that time. This issue should be handled early to prevent it from spreading. 

  • Visit the vet frequently

Cherry eye can lead to more serious issues, so it is better to get your dog checked as soon as possible. It is important to make the appointment with the vet as often as possible. 

You are a proud owner of your French bulldog, so you need to have all the knowledge about their well-being. Apart from the cherry eye, you can also prevent any other medical issues by inquiring about your dog’s breed. Cherry eye is very painful for your dog, so you can make your dog pain-free by getting them checked by a good and trustworthy vet.