French Bulldog Breathing Problems: Do French Bulldogs Pant Fast?

French Bulldogs are popular dogs thanks to the fact that many celebrities have a pet of this breed. They have an amazing personality and are the best canine friends anyone can have. They are perfect dogs for small spaces and do not require a lot of exercise.

Breathing fast is one of the health problems that can affect French Bulldogs; below, you can find more information on this important topic.

French Bulldog Breathing Fast

French Bulldog Breathing Fast

Breathing fast is a very common health problem in dogs of this breed and breeds with a short muzzle like Frenchie. This happens when your dog is overheating and panting because it is a way of sweating that canines use so their body can cool down.

Sometimes rapid breathing in these dogs is related to their structure and facial anatomy. Having a short face can mean that your airways and nostrils are short and narrow, making it difficult for air to enter your breath.

Rapid breathing can also happen because your dog is feeling anxious. The French Bulldog is a dog prone to separation anxiety because they tend to bond a lot with their owner.

Do French Bulldogs overheat? 

The answer is yes, and French bulldogs are prone to overheating. Overheating can affect any dog, but French Bulldogs are especially susceptible. Because of their short snouts, this breed’s nasal passages are small and constricted. For controlling their body temperature,  french bulldogs panting is one of the best methods for them in the natural world.

Why Do French Bulldogs Breathe Fast?

Why Do French Bulldogs Breathe Fast?

There are a host of reasons French Bulldogs breathe fast, including:

  • Brachiocephalic muzzle type

There are three snout shapes that canines can have. These snout shapes are: brachycephalic (short snout), mesocephalic (medium snout), and dolichocephalic (long snout). French Bulldog has a brachycephalic-shaped muzzle.

Several French Bulldogs have shorter muzzles. The shorter the muzzle, the less room they will have for the teeth, nostrils, tonsils, nasal passages, tongue, larynx, and everything that is inside.

  • Obstructive airway syndrome

Some French Bulldogs can develop genetic problems such as GABS. This means that your dog will spend his whole life breathing the air he needs through a clogged duct, equivalent to a drinking straw.

  • Overheating

Dogs do not sweat the way people do; you should know that dogs cannot sweat from their skin. Dogs sweat by panting and from the pads on their feet. The American Kennel Club explains that this breed can have a great challenge staying cool when the weather is warm.

French Bulldogs should stay indoors during very hot hours. If they stay away from home, rapid breathing will appear, and it will mean a desperate attempt to keep cool.

  • Being very anxious

This breed is very attached to its owners and can develop separation anxiety. The French Bulldog does not like to be alone and will get anxious when you leave them home alone for a long time. Symptoms of separation anxiety are rapid breathing and gasping.

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How To Help French Bulldogs Reduce Their Breathing?

If you want to help your dog reduce breathing, you can follow the following tips:

  • You must ignore your dog when he enters your home for the first time.

Although it is very difficult to ignore your dog after a day of work, you should not go after him to hug and cuddle him. You should teach your dog to greet you calmly to avoid rapid breathing.

  • Do not overdo the amount of exercise in hot weather.

As mentioned above, French Bulldogs are susceptible to overheating. You should be very careful when you are outdoors on hot days not to exercise a lot with your dog.