Everything About French Bulldog Ears

If you want to keep a French Bulldog as a pet, then there’s a lot that you should know about them first. While they are supposed to be excellent pets with low maintenance, it is still good to do your research first before encountering any problem. Everything about a French Bulldog is special, right from the small things to things like the French Bulldog’s Ears. Yes, their ears are special, and you should know about them too. Before you bring home your new companion or if you have already done it, you should learn about your French Bulldog’s ears in detail. This will help you as you will learn about the best tips to take care of them!

When Do French Bulldog Ears Stand Up?

If you have a French Bulldog at your home, you must have noticed something about their ears, and it is the fact that their ears are generally standing up. There is a reason for their ears to stand up like that. A French Bulldog’s ears do stand up after it is done Teething. This means that if your pet’s ears aren’t standing up right now, it probably will once they reach a certain age. When they are a few months old or sometimes, it could even take longer than that. 

Why do French bulldogs’ ears stand up?

A French Bulldog will generally have their ears stand up when they are 6-7 months old, or sooner. They could also take up the time of an entire year sometimes, though it’s rare. Whatever the time they may take to get their ears to stand up, it still doesn’t change the fact that most French bulldogs will have erect ears at some time. This happens because they appear that way genetically, and only about 10% of them might not get this look. You should not worry if your French Bulldog is taking a long time to get their ears erect, or it just doesn’t seem to be happening because it can take a long time. If they do not rise at all, it could sometimes be a sign of ear problems that will be discussed later.

Floppy French Bulldog Ears

Some French Bulldogs might have Floppy ears, and this isn’t something to worry about greatly. It is quite common for them not to have erect ears as they might be in their teething stage. Their ears will flop down if they are still in the stage of Teething. Sometimes, they may not rise even after they’re done Teething, which should also not be a cause of worry as sooner or later, their ears will rise.

Why Aren’t My French Bulldog’s Ears Standing?

If you seem to have noticed that your French Bulldog’s ears are not standing, then there could be various reasons for this. The first one has already been discussed, and it is known as Teething. However, there could be other factors as well, such as their genes, etc. If their ears are too big compared to a normal French Bulldog’s ears, it might be difficult for them to rise. However, even after all that, someday, your pet’s ears will indeed rise, and you should keep waiting until that day arrives as patience is important. 

French Bulldog Ear Problems

French Bulldog Ear Problems - Image By frenchbulldogbreed

Sometimes, your precious pet can face some ear problems that could get evident after a certain point in time. If you notice these problems, show him to a vet immediately. Some of the common Ear problems that they face are:

  • Hearing Issues: It is not uncommon for French Bulldogs to have certain hearing issues. These issues could either be there right from their birth, or they can also develop with time. Generally, white-colored French Bulldogs are more susceptible to hearing issues than the other dogs due to their specific genes. These issues can be diagnosed easily.
  • Ear Infections: It is also quite common for French bulldogs to get Ear Infections as they have ear canals that are narrow inside. This makes them more prone to getting certain ear infections than the rest of the breeds of dogs. They can also get several allergies that can produce too much ear wax. This allergy could also eventually introduce an ear infection if not taken care of. This is why it is always a good idea to clean your French Bulldog’s ears regularly.
  • Sunburn: It is also quite common for the French Bulldogs to face sunburns problems as their ears and their tails have thin coats that can easily be prone to burning during intense heat situations. Sunburns can be very harmful to your French Bulldog.

How to clean your French bulldog ears 

To make sure that your French Bulldog’s ears remain healthy throughout, you need to clean them regularly and properly. It is not only a good idea to ensure their overall health, but it is also extremely hygienic for them. Here is how you can clean their ears:

  • First of all, make sure that your pet is calm and relaxed. You can do this by petting them, showing them affection, giving them treats, and more. Once they are calm and relaxed, proceed to the next step.
  • Next, you should let them know that there is nothing to be afraid of, as cotton is not something to be wary of. You can do this by letting them smell it for a while and ascertaining that it is okay for them.
  • Now make sure to open their ear canals carefully without scaring them. Put the ear cleaner properly inside it and clean the area for a while. Massage their ears properly.
  • Once everything is done, dry everything out.

This procedure is bound to keep all ear problems away from your pet. You can try all the tips mentioned earlier to take care of your French Bulldog properly. You can also stop worrying about various things now that you know that their ears can take some time to rise, and it is completely okay. Take care of your pet properly now!