French Bulldog Maltese Mix: All About This New Hybrid Breed

The French bulldog Maltese Mix is among the best hybrid dogs to date. This breed is a combination of different attributes of two other purebred dog breeds. It might be possible to receive a healthier and longer-lived pup, along with some great traits. Though, there will always be some unpredictability along with every new breeding program. So it would help if you learned about each purebred used in creating the new dog breed.

French bulldog Maltese is becoming famous day-by-day among all pet lovers. These breed dogs are rarely found. The French bulldog’s golden hair cost along with bat-like ears, whereas a Maltese breed is a designer breed that can take shelter and work in rescue groups. Moreover, at the end of this, you will be able to know that what is French bulldog Maltese Mix and about their necessary information and from what health issues they can suffer from, along with how to take care of them.  

What Is A French Bulldog Maltese Mix?

The French bulldog Maltese Mix also know as French Maltese, is a typical hybrid dog breeding these days. This French Maltese dog breed has two purebred parents, one Maltese parent and another French bulldog dog parent. Sometimes French Maltese may have two dog parents, each being a French Maltese.

Common Information About French Bulldog Maltese Mix

For every hybrid dog, you need to know about its background and need good details about their parents to know about breed quality. The personality of an alpha breed dog will need a strong owner to handle them easily. This breed dog will be friendly with other dogs if they are appropriately engaged. Moreover, combing two purebreds will enhance the desirable qualities of the puppy. 

These dogs are smart, gentle, playful, and ready to learn things and perform them to see the progress. In a French Maltese mix, you see some interesting variation in their size and coat color. Generally, your French bulldog Maltese mix will weigh around 10 lbs to 20 lbs, and they stand tall to 10 to 12 inches approximately. The canine has a life expectancy from 10 to 14years long.  

What Health Concerns Do They Have?

The French bulldog Maltese mix may inherit some health issues transferred by their parent breeds. Both purebred suffer from small problems because of their lower amount of exercise and lack of nutritional diet and sleeping. You might not notice these health issues when you adopt your Maltese mix as the condition takes time to develop, thus reducing your dog’s lifespan. 

Tough all dogs have the potential to develop inherited genetic problems. Moreover, a mix of two purebred eradicates most of the health issues. Though the breeder should ensure that guarantee dogs breed is puppies. Below is the health issue that your French bulldog Maltese Mix may experience in the future. 

  • Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

This health issue might weaken your dog bone joints and result in obesity. You might notice unexplained fatigue in your French Maltese mix. Though this health issue is curable via sufficient daily exercise and nutritional diet.

  • Urolithiasis 

Your dog may develop this health issue over time. When your dogs have a hard deposit of acid salts and minerals that are combined in the urine, it is a situation. The passing will be painful for your dog, so ensure you provide sufficient exercise to your dog.

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome

This health condition makes your dog difficult to breathe due to short airway path. It leads to low-level endurance and can get tired quickly or snore a lot with open eyes due to shortness of breath.

Though there are more health issues that your French bulldog Maltese mix inherit from its parent or may suffer in the future depending upon the diet and sleep she is receiving. Such health issues are head shakes, skin problems, reverse sneezing, patellar luxation, eye problem, and hereditary deafness. Note that these are common in both purebred parent dogs.

Caring For a French bulldog Maltese mix

  • Grooming requirement

Typically, a Maltese gets professional grooming, and you might require to do the same with your mixed dog. You should be ready to invest in a quality vacuum and keep floors clean. Moreover, provide them sufficient bath ads required; not more than that, it will dry out their skin and will make them uncomfortable.

  • Exercise needs

This dog has a moderate energy level, so you need to plan a schedule that fits your dog’s fitness level. Moreover, it will be best for you and your dog to train early in the morning or late at night. It will keep your dog active and playful, as these dog like to be around their owner; you need to dedicate a particular time from your schedule to build a relationship with them.

  • Training needs

This dog breed is intelligent and sometimes maybe demanding and stubborn. Though every dog responds to positive reinforcement, so ensure that you appreciate her when she does something well. The mixed-breed love challenges and love to please their owners. You need to make sure that you train them in their puppyhood and take her for a walk or jog in parks or around your places. 

  • Feeding habits 

Diet is an essential part of a dogs’ life; each dog has different nutritional diet requirements. Though many dogs tend to eat at a faster pace, so you need to teach them to slow down because bloating can lead to some severe health problems such as obesity, hip and elbow dysplasia, etc. feed them with several small meals than feeding them with a large one throughout the day. To prevent your dog from bloating, provide her with sufficient water supplies, or use a raised bowl. 

The above information is regarding the French bulldog Maltese mix if you are thinking of adopting them. The above-said information will let you know more about your hybrid breed dog. These dogs are sweet, small, and loving; they like to play around a lot. If you bring French Maltese in your family, it will provide you a great company.