Does Your French Bulldog Sleep A Lot Normally

Generally, french bulldogs used to sleep a lot, and if you are a new owner of Frenchie, you might be wondering why your Frenchie sleeps a lot in a day? Is this normal? It is necessary for owners to know their canine, especially when they are not used to the French bulldog sleeping pattern. 

 The answer is yes! The French bulldogs sleep a lot. According to the studies, it shows that Frenchie canine may sleep for more than 18 hours a day, whereas adult Frenchie may sleep for 14-16 hours per day. However, older French bulldogs are likely to sleep for a longer time. also, Frenchie owner must have the ability to identify the types of sleep pattern and to spot unusual sleeping habits

 How Long Do French Bulldogs Sleep In A Day?

French bulldogs have flexible sleeping and can follow the sleeping routine of their owner and adjust accordingly. Age factor plays an essential role in the sleep pattern of a Frenchie. 

 Generally, the young Frenchie may sleep up to 14-16 hours per day. But, canine Frenchie could sleep more than 18 hours a day, mostly in their first month after they are born. As these dogs do not require any exercise due to their brachycephalic skull and sleeping helps to grow their body and immune system.

 Though they may take most of their day hours for sleeping and doing nothing or maybe ready for their next nap, it takes a lot of effort for Frenchie to be active as they are much of active sleepers. However, these lovable little puppies require a lot of sleep to fill them with energy and a big burst when they play around the house.

 French bulldogs need to get rest like other dogs. Moreover, they have keen hearing senses, which means they would wake up quickly if any abrupt sound were made. A French bulldog sleeping in a disturbing environment may deter it from getting a proper amount of sleep, which may hamper its health and temperament.

 French Bulldog Sleeping Habits

The French bulldog’s breeds have the lowest energy, but they have jovial personalities that enable them to express their emotions and to feel in an incredible energy burst. However, it may last for a short period, but they will be highly active.

 Generally, French bulldogs are known for their friendliness and receive much love from their owners. French dogs are those puppies that tire easily and more often rely on long naps. Being a sleepier breed, Frenchie has a variety of personalities depending upon their sleep pattern. So the Frenchie owner should know about and identify the sleeping pattern of their French dogs.

  •  French Bulldog Canine

Young Frenchie tends to sleep more than adult French bulldog, as they improve their immune system and growth speed in their puppyhood. So, when French dogs are ten weeks old, they sleep more than 18 hours per day. It is advised that do not wake them up no matter how badly you want to play with them; waking them in between may hamper their sleep and impact their health.

  •  Adult Frenchie 

It is quite familiar for French dogs to nap after some time, though they might have already taken many hours for sleeping. These species of dogs sleep more often sleep than keeping themselves awake. However, it is advised to the owner to monitories Frenchie sleep to detect sleep deprivation. It may affect their health and might make them sick.

  •  Eyes Open While Sleeping

The French bulldogs can take nape with their eyes wide open. If your French bulldog is staring and not responding, then he must be sleeping. However, it may happen that their eyes rolled back in their head, although there is nothing to worry about as it comes inherited in these pups. Besides, if you notice frequent eye-rolling while they are sleeping, then they must be experiencing seizures. 

  •  Toughs Out

It is typical behavior in every dog that they have their tongues out while sleeping. However, your Frenchie needs to put back the tongue to its original position, and if he is not able to, he might be suffering from tongue syndrome or any injury.

 Symptoms Of the Abnormal Sleeping Habits Of Your French Bulldogs

Apart from monitoring their exercise and eating habits, it Is also essential to watch their sleeping routine. If you find your French Bulldog Sleep abnormal, then he might have fallen sick. Here are several symptoms to identify:

  • Abnormal sleep cycle
  • Raping breathing during sleep
  • Staying awake more than 10 hours
  • Frequent eye-rolling, the chance of seizures

 A French bulldog is categorized as flat-face dogs and is more prone to sleeping disorders and heat sensitivity due to their abnormal respiratory system. Frenchie depends upon their owners to live comfortably, so every owner tries to provide a comfortable French dog environment.

 How To Help Your French Bulldog Sleep Better

The more French Bulldog Sleep, the more it prone to get health issues that can affect their sleep productivity. Their flat-face skull makes them sensitive to allergies and can make sleeping a lot harder. However, here are some tips to make sure your Frenchie is getting quality sleep.

  •  Humidifier

Frenchie also suffers from sleep apnea means it makes continuous pauses in the breathing, which ruins French Bulldog Sleep and make them restless. A humidifier will balance moisture in the air to the pet’s airway, irritated or dry.

  •  Exercise

A moderate amount of activity daily will be enough for your Frenchie; this will reduce the irregular breathing related to sleep snoring and apnea. 

  •  Keep Frenchie Clean

Allergies are a common issue in every French bulldog. The fine particles may irritate the nasal airways and activate their allergies. So for Frenchie, it might be challenging to sleep in an unhygienic environment. Make sure that Frenchie and her resting place both are clean.

 However, if you find that your Frenchie is not sleeping well and looking lethargic or dull or might show some symptoms, you should consult a veterinarian for medications.