Chinese Crested French Bulldog Mix: Guides to This Breed Information

If you are preparing to adopt a quirky dog, ​​you may be interested in the Chinese crested French bulldog mix. This mix of dogs resulted in a great pet that you can adopt and keep at home for years.

You have to know a little about this type of dog, its origin, and its attributes for each of its breeds. Find out the life span of this pet, its temperament, and some health problems it is going through. You can also know the grooming, exercise, training, and care needs to give the pet.

What is a Chinese crested French bulldog mix?

What is a Chinese crested French bulldog mix

When you take a French bulldog and mix it with a Chinese crested dog, you may have a very strange pet. The mix of these dogs is quite unusual, but it is possible, and you can have it as a pet. The Chinese crested french bulldog has unique characteristics in each species, so it isn’t easy to define them.

You can have this new dog with a snub nose and an absence of hair due to the Chinese Crested features. These traits can also vary, and the dog may have hair but a more pointed nose. It is a very unusual type of dog but one that you may be encouraged to adopt because of its clingy attitude towards the family.

The Origin of the Chinese Crested French Bulldog Mix

There is no established date on which the mixture of the French bulldog with the Chinese crested originated, but it may be around 1900. Both breeds of dogs originated in the 90s, and experiments with them may have been done since then. The French bulldog has a dominant appearance while the Chinese crested is the opposite.

You can also deduce that this species’ first appearance was in the late 1980s with the French bulldog’s heyday. These dog breeders wanted to get a new pet, and from there, the Chinese Crested French Bulldog could come from.

Origin of the French bulldog

The French bulldog made its appearance in the 1860s, specifically in North West England. This was quite a special dog for the time, displaying athletic traits and a dominant body. From the old bulldog came the bulldog breeders who were shorter in stature.

These dogs are very hardy, friendly, and familiar for you to have at home without problems. The dog had not had a cross since 1896 when its appearance sharpened, and it remains original to this day.

Chinese crested origin

The Chinese crested does not have an exact date of its first appearance, but it can be said that it has two races. This pet is divided into a naked breed and a primitive breed that has a little more fur. This dog has its origin from canis Africanus and excludes canis comunis that would be the origin of many domestic pets.

From the Chinese crested, there are two breeds: the hairless dog found in Latin America and the Xoloitzcointle from Mexico. Many veterinary experts suggest that the Chinese Crested is more than three centuries old as an imperial dog.

Height and Weight of the Chinese Crested French Bulldog Mix

As the French bulldog is short and the Chinese crested is very tall, the height mix may differ. Your pet can be up to 12 inches tall so that you can flaunt it without problems. These dogs may have a square body shape with a somewhat flat nose.

Some of these dogs can also come out of small stature because of the French bulldog’s dominant genes. You can have a pet that surprises you in its size because both dogs’ genes can cross.

By weight, the Chinese Crested French Bulldog mix can be 10 to 12 pounds maximum. The dog can take the Chinese Crested genes, slim, with drooping shoulders and very long legs. You may also have a pet with a smaller body and a weight of over 15 pounds.

The lifespan of the Chinese crested French bulldog

You must take into account the lifespan of each of the dogs that make up this unusual mix. The French bulldog can last up to 12 years by your side, while the Chinese crested can live for 14 years. A hybrid of both species can live between 12 or 13 years or so if you take good care of it.


If you have this type of hybrid pet at home, you should know that they will be very loving to you and your family. The dog’s temperament is passive, a little jealous of the neighbors, and very dependent on its master. The Chinese crested French bulldog mix brings out the French bulldog’s genes and a bit of the Chinese Crested character.

Health problems

With this hybrid pet, you may have some health problems that can shorten its life, such as:

  • Corneal ulcers

This is a disease that the hybrid can develop from the French bulldog in which they are prone to suffer from the eyes.

  • Perth disease

The hybrid can have legge by the Chinese crested in which it can die immediately or have problems with its hip.

  • Dislocated patella

Your hybrid dog may suffer from a limp due to a dislocated kneecap, and this problem will develop in both breeds.

  • Collapse in your windpipe

You must be careful with your hybrid dog and the respiratory problems that can develop from both breeds.

The Grooming Needs of the Chinese Crested French Bulldog

You can bathe your hybrid dog at least once a week because they are very clean pets. The Chinese Crested French Bulldog does not like to play outside the home very much. It is a more attached dog to you. You will not have to chase your pet to bathe it because they are very intelligent and will be easily grasped.

Chinese crested french bulldog mix exercise needs

To keep your dog healthy, you will have to create an exercise routine to help him. You can go for a run with your Chinese Crested French Bulldog for a few minutes so that he does not become overweight. This type of dog can be very thin, but you still have to keep it fit.

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How to Train a Chinese Crested French Bulldog

You can take some tips to learn how to train a Chinese Crested French Bulldog:

  • Teach him to run in the park

You have to take your Chinese Crested French Bulldog out to the park every week so he can learn to run with you. It is a fairly intelligent dog so that it will obey your orders in seconds.

  • Play with him

You can play with your pet and teach it to catch the ball, puck, or another element in the open air. Although rare, this dog can also work for hunting by alerting you to where the prey is.

  • Explain some gestures

You can explain to your pet to run, stop, fetch the ball, play dead, or other gestures.

How to Care for a Chinese Crested French Bulldog

There are many ways you can care for your Chinese Crested French Bulldog, but among the most important are:

  • Feed him in a balanced way

Do not forget that a balanced meal increases the life of your dog, so you must feed it very well.

  • Exercise it every week

You have to create an exercise routine with your pet every week to avoid being overweight in him. Due to the genes of the French bulldog, this hybrid can suffer from being overweight.

  • Don’t make it dependent on you

French bulldog-dependent genetics can be a problem with your hybrid pet, so find friends for them. You can take your dog to the park to play with other pets and have fun.