How to Treat French Bulldog Eye Problems

When you raise a French bulldog, you will need to be very aware of their eyes and the problems they present. Find out the eye problems that a French bulldog would have due to genetics or sensitive eyesight. You must know the most common eye problems in your French Bulldog for you to take to the vet.

These dogs are beautiful and sensitive when it comes to their eyesight, so you have to take care of them at any time. Find out what causes eye problems in the French Bulldog so that you can avoid the problem.

Do French Bulldogs Have Eye Problems?

Do French Bulldogs Have Eye Problems

French bulldogs have eye problems because their muzzle is so small that it exposes the animal’s eyes. Your pet may have an eye infection, a slight scratch, or suffer from genetic problems. You must be very vigilant when your Bulldog has a watery, red, and squinted eye because he may have problems.

Your French Bulldog can suffer from cherry eyes, corneal ulcers, or dry eye that you can detect now. These problems in your Bulldog’s eyes can be hereditary but also due to an infection they contracted.

Common Eye Problems Of French Bulldogs

Common Eye Problems Of French Bulldogs

If you have a French bulldog, you should be aware of some very common eye problems such as:

  • Ulcers on the cornea

This is the most serious problem that your Frenchie can suffer because your pet will experience severe pain in his eyes. You can see how desperate the French Bulldog tries to rub his eyes to ease the pain.

Corneal ulcers are caused by a burn infection, an untreated dry eye problem, among other things. For your dog to be relieved, you will have to take him to the vet as soon as possible. The corneal ulcer requires professional medical assistance and must be treated as soon as possible so that your Frenchie does not suffer.

Corneal ulcer treatment is based on an antibiotic that will relieve swelling and pain for your pet. If your pet’s corneal ulcer develops very quickly, it will have to be manually gutted by experts.

  • Dry Eye

The dry eye problem occurs when your pet is not producing many tears and is caused by a congenital disease. As your pet’s eye is dry, this can make the cornea irritated and itchy. Your pet’s body will react to this problem and expel a green or yellow discharge.

This dry eye problem is very painful for your Frenchie, so you will notice how he closes his eye and seeks to scratch it. You have to take your pet to the vet to send you a few drops that you will apply to your dog.

  • Cherry eyes

Cherry eye is one of the most common eye problems your Frenchie can have while raising it. You may notice a cherry eye on your pet by a red tissue sticking out at the corner of the eye. This reddish tissue is caused by a prolapsed gland in your pet’s eyelid.

This problem in your pet’s eye will not cause any pain, but you have to treat it anyway. You have to take your pet to the vet, who will remove the lodged gland in the eye.

What Causes French Bulldog Eye Problems?

Different factors can cause the eye problems that your French Bulldog may have. Your dog may have these problems due to genetics or a mild infection that worsens over the days. You must be very careful in your dog’s eyes to eradicate these problems and prevent him from suffering a lot.

Since your French Bulldog has a very short muzzle, this can expose him to many infections in his eyes. You cannot avoid these problems in the dog’s eyes, but you can control them when he presents them. The vet will be your best friend, in this case, so you should bring your pet when you detect symptoms.

How To Treat French Bulldog Eye Problems?

For you to treat eye problems in your French Bulldog, you will have to take into account some things:

  • Use eye drops on your dog

You can apply eye drops to your pet when you see that his eyes are very watery. Your dog will need your full attention these days when he is suffering. He feels burning and discomfort in his eyes.

  • When you bathe him, avoid getting shampoo in his eyes.

When you bathe your pet, avoid getting shampoo or soap in his eyes to avoid causing infection. You can trigger a serious problem in your pet’s eyes that the shampoo can cause.

  • Do not stop bathing your dog between his eyes.

If you bathe your pet every day, do not forget to clean the eye area to avoid the accumulation of dirt. You should promote cleanliness in his Frenchie and more between his eyes that can easily become infected.

How To Prevent French Bulldogs From Having Eye Problems Again?

How To Prevent French Bulldogs From Having Eye Problems Again

You can learn how to prevent French bulldogs from having eye problems again by doing the following:

  • Don’t let a simple infection take over your pet’s eyes

To prevent your Frenchie from having eye problems, you must be very aware of infection signs. You should not let the infection in your pet’s eyes last, so it is necessary to take him to the vet. This pet expert will tell you what the special ointments or drops you can give your Frenchie are.

  • Prevent your dog from having conflicts with other pets

You should avoid letting your Frenchie have conflicts or fights with other pets because they can hurt his eyes. A dirty nail or even a hair from another dog that gets into your pet’s eye is enough to trigger an infection. You have to protect your pet from other dogs or cats that want to hurt them and more if it is in the eyes.

  • Have your French Bulldog in a constant check-up with the vet

The best way to prevent your French Bulldog from having eye problems is by taking him to the vet. You must have your dog under constant check-up to rule out some diseases in his eyes. Your vet is the only one who has the experience to tell you if your dog has dry eyes, corneal ulcers, or other problems.

With the vet on your side, you will know how to eradicate your Frenchie problem in the simplest possible way. Your pet may need an emergency operation on his eyes, and only the vet can tell you. You will have to speak with this expert to find out your alternatives so that your pet does not suffer from his eyes.