French Bulldog Intelligence

It is quite common to run into a question regarding intelligence in this breed of canines. Many people believe that its popularity level is due to this characteristic, but they are surprised when they notice its low rating. Still, this is not to say that these dogs are dumb – in fact, each has a unique character to explore.

Something interesting about the French bulldogs is that they are extremely flexible, being loyal, and playful at the same time. No one could deny the wonder of these animals, and it is proper to develop the intelligence they possess. After that, they will be smarter and can do a lot of tasks for you.

How Smart Are French Bulldogs?

Several factors determine the level of intelligence that dogs of this breed have apart from genetics. In many cases, the pet can demonstrate a weak performance than other canines.

Things like agility and obedience are especially difficult for them, but they are talented in other areas. Also, it is necessary to mention that the training and parenting style greatly influence the intellectual capacity that they will possess in the end.

Age should not be forgotten since it is not the same to have a young Frenchie as an old one. Memory is affected over time, so the animal tends to become dull regardless of the circumstances.

Why are French bulldogs Smart?

french bulldog intelligence

There is a classification for canine intelligence called Stanley Coren, and in it, this breed has a notoriously low position. This is because the test focuses on obedience and work skills, but dogs are so much more.

Having intuitive and adaptive capacities are characteristics that demonstrate the intellectual capabilities of the canine, but these are more subjective. In this way, it becomes evident that great problems are determining how intelligent a pet is.

It ends up being something that only owners can determine based on the individual behavior of their French bulldog.

Frenchies vs. The Smartest Dogs

Around the world, some dogs have the incredible ability to learn tricks or commands quickly. It is estimated that they may only need five repetitions, apart from the fact that extreme obedience makes things easier.

Getting these canines to recognize a command on their first try is an achievement that owners can easily boast about. This is a much bigger success than that of a French bulldog, probably three times better.

Interestingly, the breeds that fall into the category of the most intelligent are quite recognizable dogs. Labs, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Dobermans, and many other names have surely been heard at least once.

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Are French Bulldogs Right For You?

Determining that a pet is suitable or not is subjective, depending on each family. It is clear that French bulldogs are not the perfect dogs, but they have other attributes that compensate them.

Despite their lack of intelligence in many areas or how difficult it is to train them at times, they are very loyal. They are also considered one of the funniest animals, ideal for being with young children and never getting bored.

The intellect that your Frenchie will have cannot be fully determined, but it will have unconditional affection. These dogs are lovely and the most recognizable breeds within the world’s standards.