French Bulldog Breeding Age: At What Age Can You Start Breeding a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are adorable and cuddly dogs with an incredible personality ideal for small spaces. This is a very popular purebred today because many celebrities have a canine friend of this breed. However, for experienced breeders, successfully raising a French Bulldog is an art.

Here you can learn a little more about the right age to raise a French Bulldog safely.

At what age can you start breeding a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are dogs that tend to have some health problems that are very common even without adding the baby. 

The best age of a French Bulldog you can breed is that the female has at least one full heat cycle. In addition, she must be less than 24 months old to be a safe age.

It is important not to breed your French Bulldog when she is too young or during her first heat cycle.

When is A French Bulldog Old Enough to Breed Safely?

Many problems can arise if the French Bulldog is not old enough to breed.

  • Female French Bulldog

You should know that female French Bulldogs may be at higher risk when it comes to being bred. First, they will have to endure an insemination procedure by a veterinarian, either assisted or naturally. Then, you will have to take the puppies and deliver them by cesarean section or natural delivery.

Therefore, you must wait until your female French Bulldog can be of the appropriate and safe age.

  • Male French Bulldog (stallion)

This dog may be allowed to breed when he reaches sexual maturity. It is certain that around six months, your male dog can reproduce; it will also depend on the health, genetics, and history that the dog may have.

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Why are French bulldogs so difficult to breed?

Why are French bulldogs so difficult to breed

French Bulldogs have stubby and short bodies; this causes them some anatomical problems in reproducing.

  • French Bulldogs have respiratory problems.

French Bulldogs have respiratory problems, and this can affect their reproduction. A pair requires more physical effort, and this is a challenge for breeding French Bulldogs. As they are prone to overheating, a breeding pair may collapse from heat and exhaustion.

Some experts claim that it is not safe to breed a French Bulldog pair naturally; one dog or even both can become overheated from anxiety or excitement and cause some health problems.

  • French Bulldogs cannot travel safely.

Dog owners want to cross their dog with another dog that lives in another state or city. This is sometimes a problem because French Bulldogs cannot travel by plane because of their narrow nostrils and flat face. If you want to breed a breed dog, you should look for a stud in your area.

  • Male French Bulldogs (stallions) cannot ride easily.

One of the main problems with raising a French Bulldog is that male french bulldogs cannot successfully mount a female French Bulldog in heat.

They do not have the adequate height to reach the female; another problem is that sometimes they cannot last long enough to achieve reproduction.

  • French Bulldogs need a cesarean section.

Another problem for breeders is that they usually need a cesarean section when they deliver their puppies. This is because they have a pelvis, narrow hindquarters, and an August birth canal, the puppies can get trapped, and it is dangerous for the puppies and the mother.


According to the American Kennel Club, a female of any breed mustn’t be bred during her first heat cycle. The female French Bulldog must finish growing and go through a full heat cycle for breeding to be successful.

You must wait until the female is at least two years or 24 months. At the same time, males can breed when they reach sexual maturity.