Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats?

French Bulldogs and cats can get along as long as you introduce them correctly. It is a mistake to think that the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” is true, and these pets cannot get along and are natural enemies.

The nature of dogs is to chase cats, as they can chase anything smaller than they are. Below you will find the information you need to present your French Bulldog and cat successfully.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats?

French Bulldogs are adorable dogs that can get along with any animal, even cats.

Why Don’t Cats And Dogs Get Along?

Why Don't Cats And Dogs Get Along

Dogs and cats can get along well; they have to be well presented and well educated by their owners. Everything will depend on the presentation between the dog and the domestic cat; it must be slow and calm.

How To Introduce A French Bulldog To A Cat?

There are pet owners who claim that presenting a cat with a French Bulldog is not difficult, but it will depend on each owner. If you want to introduce a French Bulldog to a cat, you can follow the following tips:

  • You must use a box or barrier to keep your cat and French Bulldog separated at first

You should not force things, and everything should be quiet. If you have a box, you can use it to separate them. Let both of you see each other, observe your reaction, let your dog approach your cat or vice versa, smell it, and check the box. You must keep them separate until they can adapt.

  • When you remove the barriers or the box, you must monitor the reaction of both pets

Take the arriving pet out of the box and observe the reaction of your cat and your French Bulldog. Prevent them from hurting themselves or starting to fight for their territory. The first meeting should be supervised; use a leash for your French Bulldog, and let the cat get closer as it gets comfortable.

  • Praise both pets for their quiet camping.

You can reward your dog and cat with treats and praise for their calm demeanor. However, you shouldn’t just praise or scold someone to avoid creating rivalry.

  • Watch for any warning signs

Be on the lookout for all the cues your pets make. For example, if your cat looks stressed or your French Bulldog has signs of aggression, you should be on the lookout.

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What To Do For Longer Time After The Introduction?

What To Do For Longer Time After The Introduction

After the introduction, you should keep an eye on the behavior of both pets to avoid any problems. For example, if you feel that your cat is threatened by the presence of the French Bulldog or vice versa, you should stop and give them a 24-hour break.

The important thing is that both pets do not feel threatened by an intruder in their territory.

You can keep them separate when it comes to eating; some dogs are territorial regarding their food. Also, they can eat each other’s food, and they can get sick.

You should not leave them alone unsupervised until they are adopted. During the first friendship dates, you must be very careful not to neglect them. In an oversight, something can go wrong and cause an accident. If you need to be absent, you should leave your cat or French Bulldog in a cage or take one to another room.

You should only leave them alone when you are sure that they will not harm each other and that they will only play with each other.