What Were French Bulldogs Bred For?

French bulldogs are a breed of dog that is currently highly sought after by people. This class of dogs is very charismatic and kind to their owners. The upbringing that should be given to them by puppies must be excellent not to generate problems.

Through this informative article, you will know both the origins of this breed and the reason for its appearance. This breed is coveted for its different characteristics, they are animals of English origin, and the French Bulldogs have a legendary breed.

French Bulldog History and Origin

French Bulldog History and Origin

The history and its origin date back many years, specifically from the 1850s. The first beginnings of this breed start from the English bulldog that was very popular in England. These dogs excelled in prey sports of different species.

For that time it was good entertainment among the different classes but especially the popular class. At that time, there was a lot of poverty, and there were people without a culture where cruelty towards animals was extreme and excessive.

By 1835 these shovels were eliminated from all over England to protect the animals and preserve their breeding. The English bulldog was very characteristic of being a brave and highly resistant dog for hunting.

This caused the other fans of dogs to begin to expand. Many people began to cross this breed with terriers, which caused them to be called Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

That is why there are numerous breeds from the English bulldogs and their global diversification. This crosses process originated ideal animals for fighting between dogs, with which the training process was increasing.

These fights were less expensive as they required space with little space to carry out this bloody activity. The different authorities could not control the increase in this painful and brutal dogfighting.

While in some parts of England the fights were increasing in other places different fans were not attracted to this activity. This event caused these people to start breeding small bulldogs that weighed only 7.3 kg, which annoyed them.

French Bulldog Dogs

They are dogs from the crossing that took place in England, resulting in these dogs. With the arrival of the industrial revolution, the breeders moved to France, where the boom increased, and they were welcomed.

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What Were French bulldogs bred for?

Crosses were mainly carried in England to breed the different dogs. Many people disagreed with the activity and raised their bulldogs resulting in a small class. With time, they were climbing in the US competitions until they became an excellent breed.

What Makes French Bulldogs Great Companions?

They are great companions because they are very friendly dogs; they like always to be accompanied by their owners. They do not tolerate separation for a long time. This causes them a lot of anxiety and sadness, which can be dangerous.


French bulldogs saw their origins in England due to the crossing of dogs originating from English. The rise of this class of dogs originates in France due to the great acceptance of the people. At that time, they were well accepted by the population.