Can French Bulldogs Breed Naturally?

Nowadays, many people are buying different breed of dogs for them to keep as a pet. French bulldogs are one of those dogs. It is a breed of dog famous throughout the world due to its friendly and cute nature.

Why can’t French Bulldogs mate naturally?

Why can't French Bulldogs mate naturally

Most of the French bulldogs are unable to mate naturally and require to reproduce on their own. There are many reasons for it. One of the expected reasons is that this breed of dog has very much slim hips, making the male unable to mount over the female to reproduce naturally. There are many more reasons why French bulldogs can’t mate naturally.

Can French bulldogs give birth naturally?

No, most French bulldogs can give birth naturally. However, there are very few chances of reproducing naturally. It is very much difficult for the French bulldogs to mount over the female to give birth naturally.

How to know whether your French bulldog can breed?

In the present time, many people want to breed their French bulldogs but don’t know what’s the right time they can breed them. If you are among those people and want to find out the same answer, don’t worry anymore. The reason is that there are some things which you need to check in French bulldog male and female to find out whether you can breed them or not-

  • French bulldog male- For a French male bulldog, you need to make sure that you breed it sexually mature. This would usually occur around six months, depending on the specific dog’s health and background. In case you have any doubt regarding it, you can take the help of a vet.
  • French bulldog female- As you know, a French bulldog can live for 12 years, so there is a good amount of time to breed them. First of all, you need to afford to wait for the first two years to ensure that the female is in the prime physical condition and is being carried to the healthy puppies.

Also, the breeding can be riskier for a female bulldog rather than a male, so you should be careful. If you have any doubt or problem, make sure you take the help of a vet. They can help you to get rid of any problem easily.

How can you breed French bulldogs?

Nowadays, you can find out that many people want to breed French bulldogs rather than other animals. However, some of them are unaware that how they breed French bulldogs. If you are also among those people, then you don’t worry anymore. The reason is that here are the steps through which you can breed them-

  1. Choose dogs with good breeding history and track your bitch’s ovulation cycle  – If you want to breed your French bulldog puppies, you need to choose dogs with a good health history, and those who have different characteristics could like to pass on puppies. Also, the female bulldog would start evaluating about some days into her cycle. Make sure you track your bitch’s ovulation cycle, which can be helpful for you.
  2. Puts the dogs when bitch is ovulating and takes the help of vets – In case you are confirming that your bitch is ovulating, you should keep your bitch with your stud in a room, which can be helpful for your dog. Also, you can take the help of vets easily for this purpose and allow you to have many tests.
  3. Take your female dog to a vet for their prenatal care and watch signs of labor – You can take your female dog to the vet and have a test through which your vet can find out how many puppies are their female dog. Also, make sure you watch the signs of labor, such as panting, whining, and many more.
  4. Interfere in the birthing process if necessary and be prepared for cesarean – You can also make sure that you interfere in the birthing process if required, which can help you and be ready for cesarean.
  5. Set up a whelping box and make sure babies are eating much – You should set up a whelping box that is a space where the mothers can convalesce while recovering from delivery and take care of the puppies. Also, make sure the newborn babies are eating enough about once after two houses. Also, make sure the newborn puppies are feeding themselves with their mother’s nipples as well.
  6. Obtain a breed-able female and join several French bulldog breed clubs – The important thing you require to become a reputable breeder is a healthy and fertile female. You can also make arrangements with the other breeders to use their males as the studs, so you only need a female to get started. Also, you can join such organizations, which should increase your chance of being approved when you apply to be a certified breed through different clubs.

How many times can you breed a French bulldog?

In the present time, a single French bulldog can breed up to 3 times in its lifetime and also once in 18 months at a minimum. If the dog tries to breed more than three times in its lifetime, it will struggle to recover physically and mentally.

How old does a female French bulldog have to be bred?

Normally, a female French bulldog is receptive to the breeding during its heat cycle, which occurs after every six months. During heat, breeding would occur within 5 to 18 days. A female French dog should be breaded safely from 2 to 8 years of its age. Also, make sure the French male bulldog is also sexually matured.

In the present time, in case you have a French bulldog that you want to breed to have some new puppies, then you can do it naturally. The reason is that they are unable to reproduce naturally due to their slim hips. Also, make sure while you are breeding them, both male and female French bulldogs are sexually mature and are in good condition to reproduce. If you have any doubt regarding it, you can take the help of a vet.