How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Have?

If you have a female French bulldog at home that is pregnant, you should know how many puppies she will have. You may be curious about the breed’s mating and the reasons why they have few puppies. Find out how many times a year this dog can have puppies so that you can be prepared with his pet.

You have to know now the stages of pregnancy in a French bulldog and how long they last. You will also know at what age French bulldogs would come into heat and if it is possible to perform a cesarean section after having their puppies.

How Many Puppies Does A French Bulldog Have?

How Many Puppies Does A French Bulldog Have

French Bulldogs can have a litter of only three puppies due to their size, which is quite limited. Sometimes this breed has been able to have up to 8 puppies at birth, but they are very peculiar cases. When you have a French bulldog, you should not expect to have many puppies because they are really limited.

On average, a well-fed French bulldog can have two medium-sized puppies. Your pet will be able to give birth to these dogs without help and keep them until they can defend themselves. In general, the French Bulldog gives the puppy a tit until she is one month old.

Why does A French bulldog have so few puppies?

The reason French bulldogs can have so few dogs is because of their tiny size. It is a dog that could not bear carrying up to 8 dogs in a single litter as other breeds do. This is a very special breed of dogs in which every birth matters and occur with some limits.

How many times a year Do French bulldogs have their puppies?

How many times a year Do French bulldogs have their puppies

French bulldogs can be in heat two times a year, so if they are on tape, they will have their puppies. You should be aware of your pet because its first stage of heat can be in the middle of years. The French Bulldog’s second heat stage can occur at the end of the year.

How long is the pregnancy of a female French bulldog?

Your French Bulldog pregnancy can last up to 2 months in which your pet will go through several stages. In all this time, you have to take care of your dog, pamper him and give him a check-up with the vet. If you have doubts about how many dogs your Bulldog will have, you can perform an ultrasound.

The stages of a French bulldog pregnancy

You have to know in detail what are the stages of a French bulldog pregnancy:

  • Heat stage

The female French Bulldog is usually in the heat stage once every six months. This estrus period can last up to 9 days, and you can notice it by the bleeding that the dog has. At this stage, mounting does not work until the female stops bleeding.

  • Riding stage

After spending nine days in the heat stage, the female Bulldog is ready to start the mounting stage. It is a stage where you have to leave both dogs alone for natural insemination to be successful. It is a process that can last up to 20 minutes and that you must repeat with the dog at least three times a day.

  • Artificial insemination

If you do not get a male French bulldog to mount your pet, you can practice artificial insemination. You will only have to get your pet to the veterinarian, who will quickly apply this process. Artificial insemination will also need to be done 2 to 3 times during the week.

  • Pregnancy

You will only have to take your dog to a veterinarian who will make a pregnancy diagnosis for the following weeks. The French Bulldog’s gestation can be 25 to 63 days or even increase up to 72 days. After mating occurs, you can know if your French Bulldog is in heat from the fifth week.

  • Prepartum stage

This is one of the most uncomfortable stages you will go through with your French Bulldog because your pet will be uncomfortable. The prepartum stage occurs just 12 hours before delivery, and the dog will be hyperactive, restless, and very energetic. You must be aware of these attitudes that the dog takes and only accommodate her to give birth.

You have to prepare an area of ​​your house so that your chest lies down and you can calmly give birth to her puppies. You should place your pet in an area that is not high, some sheets and food very close.

  • Stage of labor

Your pet will only make uterine contractions to expel the placenta and the puppies inside her belly. Natural childbirth in French bulldogs can last up to 45 minutes, depending on the number of puppies you have.

  • Cesarean birth

If you know that your pet is not capable of natural birth initially, you can do it by cesarean section. You only have to take a check-up of your pet and know what day the veterinarian will perform the assisted delivery.

  • Postpartum stage

When the stage of labor ends, the French Bulldog can completely change her attitude; she will no longer be nervous. You should wait a few days to see your French Bulldog walking and getting back to his routine but now with new puppies.

At What Age Do French Bulldogs Come Into Heat?

At What Age Do French Bulldogs Come Into Heat

Female French bulldogs usually enter their first heat after turning eight months of age, so it is early. You must be very aware of her pet and early heat stages. Try to mate her with another bulldog. This breed is very exquisite in its mating, so you should make sure it is with other bulldogs.

You should prevent your pet from mating with larger dogs as this will put his life at risk. The French Bulldog will not give birth to very large dogs, so trying can only kill him in the process. Your pet will need a cesarean section so that she can have her puppies under the greatest possible security.

Do French Bulldogs Always Need Cesarean Sections?

Not all the time, the French Bulldog will need an assisted delivery, and this is verified with a check-up by the veterinarian. You have to check if your dog has uterine inertia, which will prevent him from expelling his puppies at birth. Dystocia is another serious problem that can affect your pet’s natural delivery.

Sometimes your pet will not give birth naturally because of the size of the puppy’s head. The bitch will not expel the puppy, which will put both of their lives at risk. You should prepare first and foremost and always try to anticipate possible misfortunes.

You should perform a cesarean section on your French Bulldog in the hands of experts and not just anyone. These cesarean sections must be controlled so that it is safe and guarantees your pet’s life after finishing it. You must take your dog to a trusted vet, perform a cesarean section, and you adore those puppies.