French Bulldog Pitbull Mix: A Ultimate Guide

French Bulldog Pitbulls combine two breeds that make them a choice to consider if you want to have a pet. Small, adorable, loyal, intelligent, and strong are some of the most outstanding characteristics.

Also called “Designer Dogs,” these beautiful dogs are a hybrid between the French Bulldog and the American Pitbull Terrier. They are the result of crossing two pure breeds to minimize the diseases that characterize each of them.

The mixture between races is created from the nineties, where it was believed that it would not last long, think it would be just a fashion trend. But time has positioned them as ideal pets for small spaces with children.

The accuracy time of the cross between the French Bulldog and the American Pitbull Terrier is unknown. What they have had is a lot of controversy between breeders who allege that the crossing damages the pure lineage.

The preference for a pet that mixes playfulness with strength is the description of a French Pitbull Bulldog, tender, affectionate, loyal but protective for having well-defined characteristics of both parents.

Bulldogs are tender and affectionate, American Pitbull Terriers, despite the negative fame that precedes them; they also have a cheerful and fun character. They have the strength and loyalty of a guard dog, making this adorable mix.

What Is A French Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

It is the cross between the French Bulldog and the American Pitbull Terrier, having characteristics of both parents. Some may look more like Bulldogs with the muscle and strength of a Pitbull or get the Bulldogs’ bat ears with the Pitbull’s strong head.

The combination makes a smaller version of the Pitbull because of the Bulldogs’ short legs. With a weight that can vary between thirteen and twenty-three kilograms and a short coat of easy maintenance.

Bulldogs are originally white, cream or beige, while the Pitbull has a coat of different colors and patterns. That is why the French Pitbull Bulldog can be found with a coat of various colors and patterns that makes them more striking.

Their temperament is a mixture of both parents; each one has very defined characteristics of their races. Despite having a bad reputation, the Pitbull is a loving dog, playful, and protective of his family.

The Bulldog as a lap and companion dog has a playful, affectionate, and sweet character, although stubborn that makes it very tender. The mixture of both creates a puppy that will be loyal, loving, faithful but must be raised from an early age.

The French Pitbull Mix: Size, Weight and Height

These gentle little dogs have some very interesting facts among which they can be named:

Height, being the parents of these “Design Dogs” of stature between the Bulldog of 30-32 cm and the Pitbull of 33-35cm. French Pitbull Mixes are usually the average height of Bulldogs.

Weight should not exceed 18Kg in males and 13 kg in females.

Physically, Frenchies usually have their ears with the seal of the Bulldog “bat ears” and the muscles of the Pitbull.

Short coat, easy to maintain, just brushing it once a week is enough to keep it healthy.

Although the Bulldog is only white, beige, and cream, they are usually born like the Pittsburgh of various colors and patterns.

Temperament, you have to consider that the parent’s Bulldogs are very intelligent, stubborn, playful, affectionate, loyal, and lazy. They enjoy being the center of attention.

While Pitbulls are intelligent, affectionate, loyal, playful, although they have a bad reputation, they do not represent a risk for people more than for other dogs. They are very protective of the family.

Puppies usually acquire these characteristics of the temperament of both parents. Although cuddly and affectionate, they can be stubborn and have instincts to reject other dogs.

They respond very well to positive reinforcement training, socializing with other pets and people is paramount in them. They will be very strong and powerful dogs despite their short stature.

This is why their education from an early age is important in Bulldog Pitbull Mix puppies.

Health Problems Of Pitbull French Bulldog Mix

Due to the genetics that this mixture of races has, they usually have health problems of their parents. The countenance of each puppy will depend on what disease they can inherit or not.

Depending on the features that predominate in their head, if they have a short snout, they tend to suffer from Brachiocephalic like Bulldogs. They are respiratory problems because of the smallness of their nose, not allow them a good flow of air to the lungs.

Like eye ulcers and dental problems, they can also suffer from short-legged motivated chondrodystrophy. It can cause problems in your spine.

Another of the diseases that they could inherit from Bulldogs is that of “Screw tail,” which usually causes spinal problems. On the part of the Pitbull, they are less prone to suffer from diseases.

They are dogs that require care that can have an average life span of ten to sixteen years. That will depend on the care of their owners and the quality of life they receive.

How to Train Your French Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

The life of every dog needs to receive proper training that makes it an educated pet. This breed of mongrel requires training from an early age due to the instinct to attack other dogs.

This condition can be entirely corrected by having contact with other dogs, thus becoming accustomed to socialization. Because they are very intelligent dogs, they are always learning new things.

They respond very well to training with positive reinforcements, those where a right stimulus reinforces what they have learned. The encouragement may well be a pat with words of encouragement or a treat.

Due to his athletic Pitbull genetics, long walks and games with his owners help him stay healthy and adapt to socializing with people. They are noble animals who learn quickly; they only require patience and love.

A Pitbull Mix Bulldog is an ideal pet for its excellent interaction with children; their love and loyalty make them faithful pets.

How To Take Care Of The French Pitbull Mix?

The basic cares to keep these adorable creatures healthy are:

According to their breed, age, and size, if they have the Bulldog’s characteristic facial folds, they should be kept dry and clean to avoid infections. Its short coat does not require much attention, combing it once a week is enough to keep it healthy.

Both breeds tend to suffer from obesity, so great care must be taken with their maximum weight. The recommended in older male adults is 18Kg and in the case of females 13Kg.

Take care of your teeth and gums to avoid causing problems with feeding in adulthood. Exercise is important for them, a walk, games with their owner, are essential for the physical and emotional health of these dogs.

 Balanced diet and exercise are keys to keeping them healthy.