Do French Bulldogs Get Cold Easily?

French bulldogs usually get cold during winter, especially at night, as they quickly get cold. In simple terms, they are susceptible to cold weather, explaining why they don’t like cold temperatures. Here we will discuss in-depth about french bulldog cold weather, what you can do to keep him warm during winters, and what else you need to keep in mind to ensure their utmost health and comfort.

Do French Bulldogs Get Cold Easily?

Yes, French bulldogs are likely to get cold during winter easily as they are a brachycephalic breed, which is more sensitive to cold weather. That means their body tends to lose heat faster than it could replace, resulting in breathing issues due to the elongated soft palate.

You should know that their short coats don’t provide much warmth and protection from the cold. Recent studies have shown that Frenchies are not genetically structured to be better outdoor dogs. On the other hand, they also tend to suffer in hot weather due to body temperature. So, you should learn how to keep your Frenchie cool during hot weather and warm in winters.

You should remember that French bulldogs are susceptive to winter, which makes them highly vulnerable to hypothermia and dehydration. Therefore, we can say that this dog breed needs extra attention and care during winters, and you would need a warm bed and home to keep them protected from the cold weather.

French Bulldog Cold Symptoms

French Bulldog Cold Symptoms

To understand deeply about French bulldog cold-weather behavior, you have to look out for typical warning signs in cold weather. If you notice any behavior or symptoms, it means your French bulldog is likely to be suffering from a cold, and you have to take some action immediately.

  • Whining or barking
  • Show lethargy
  • Has the shivers
  • Lifts their paws off the ground when staying outside
  • Making a nest, for instance, burrowing in bed or pulling at blankets.

You should know that in some cases, French bulldogs are likely to develop frostbite and hypothermia. These diseases are fatal and can cause a lack of blood circulation, stiffened muscles, a slowed heartbeat, kidney failure, and body weakness. Here are some signs that could indicate hypothermia in your Frenchie.

  • Trembling and shivering
  • Lack of movement, trouble walking, and slowing down
  • Cold fur and skin
  • Dilated pupils
  • Slowed down the heart rate
  • Breathing problems
  • Pale or blue gums and inner eyelids

These are some serious warnings, but you should not panic because providing special care during winters would help keep your Frenchie from suffering these symptoms. However, most Frenchies are likely to develop minor symptoms such as the common cold. So, you can learn how to treat your Frenchie during the winter season.

How Cold Is Too Cold For A French Bulldog?

If you are thinking about what temperature would be too cold for a French bulldog, you should know that a temperature lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees celsius is considered too cold for a French bulldog. If you have an older puppy, you should remember that cold weather has become riskier for your Frenchie.

You may notice your Frenchie being shivering or trying to lift their paws while staying outdoors. It means the weather is too cold for them where they could not stand a chance to get some warmth in this cold environment. You should know that temperatures ranging from 10 – 15 degrees celsius cause no problem, while temperatures -1 – +7 degrees celsius are dangerous.

However, below -1 degree celsius is fatal for your Frenchie, which means they cannot deal with the weather outside. So, it is better to keep them inside your home and provide a comfy and warm blanket to protect them from the outside cold. If you want to take them outside during winters, it would be better for you to consider taking short walks and have the proper gears.

How To Keep French Bulldogs Warm In The Cold Weather

How To Keep French Bulldogs Warm In The Cold Weather

Most of you might be wondering how to keep your Frenchie protected from cold weather during the winters. Well, we have included some walking tips as well as gear suggestions that you should invest in to protect your French bulldog from cold weather.

  • Consider Health Checkup 

As discussed above, French bulldog puppies and older dogs are more prone to become ill during cold weather. However, dogs with pre-existing illnesses are also at risk of becoming ill during the winter season. So, it is better to get a health checkup before the winter comes.

This will allow your dog’s vet to check for any illness or medical conditions that your dog might be developing. Then, the vet will provide you with the best possible solution to keep your dog in good health during the winters.

  • Place Their Bed Near A Warmer Place 

As discussed above, Frenchies are likely to feel cold during the night, which is when the temperature drops the most. So, aside from taking short walks outside, it would be better for you to move their bed to a warmer spot in your room.

However, you should avoid placing their bed too close to the radiator or heater because it can lead to further problems. Keeping a little distance between would do the work while you should provide them with more beddings.

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How To Deal With French Bulldog Hypothermia

Now you know about the symptoms of hypothermia, and if you notice these French bulldog cold weather behaviors, it’s time for you to take preventive measures to protect your dog from the winter.

  • Keep Them Indoors When It’s Cold Outside

Your Frenchie might race outside with much enthusiasm, but you need to keep that temper down for a better cause. That means rather than going out for a short walk. Instead, you should walk with him indoors or maybe use a laser pen to play chasing games with him.

  • Buy A Winter Jacket

One of the best ways to protect your Frenchie from cold weather is to buy him a winter jacket, which would provide superb protection during winter walks. You can find a wide array of winter clothing available on the market designed for Frenchies.