French Bulldog Sitting: Why Do French Bulldogs Sit Funny?

There is nothing that could prepare you for life being a French Bulldog owner. It comes with a lot of twists and turns at every stage of the rollercoaster ride. Most of you might have noticed that they sit in a weird way, which makes them look funnier. Also, recent studies have shown that it is way more different from how other dog breeds sit.

According to research, there are three forms of distinct sitting styles that most French Bulldog owners would recognize:

  • Sitting with knees bent and legs out at the back just like a frog.
  • Sitting on their butt with legs spread out in the front.
  • Sitting on their butt with their hips and legs swung to one side.

The last two are often described as the funniest sitting position because it seems like they are sitting like human beings. Plus, it also looks like your Frenchie is having fun and chilling like he is in charge of everything. So, here we will discuss why French bulldogs sit funnily and weirdly.

Why do French Bulldogs sit funny and weird?

Why do French Bulldogs sit funny and weird?

There is nothing odd about a French bulldog sitting in a funny and weird position, as most owners would recognize these positions are normal. However, there should be a specific reason why French bulldogs sit weird and funny, so we have researched vet websites.

It was found that your Frenchie sitting style, where its legs and hips are swung to one side, is known as the lazy sit. That means your Frenchie is feeling lazy, or this could be the symptoms of canine hip dysplasia. You should know that there are over 30 health problems, and canine hip dysplasia is one of them, which could affect the health of your Frenchie.

Sitting like this would mean there is a problem coming in the later life of your Frenchie. Apart from this, this could also be the reason for other health problems like dislocated kneecaps. However, this time it would be visible that your Frenchie is having problems while walking. Another possible reason why a French bulldog sitting in a weird position could be associated with anal glands.

This could be the most uncomfortable health problem that your Frenchie might undergo. So, if you find your Frenchie sitting in a funny position means they find it comfortable to sit like a human because their breed is renowned for developing health issues related to knees, hips, and spines. Even if they are sitting in a strange position, that means they are developing any health problem.

Why do French Bulldogs sit on you or your feet?

Most French bulldog owners might start to wonder why French bulldogs sit on you or why they are so comfortable while sitting on your feet? First, you should know that French bulldogs are the most cuddly and clingy dog breed. That means their behavior explains everything why they want to play and stay close to you while loving you more than anything.

Well, we have conducted a little online research to find out additional reasons why French bulldogs sit on your chest or sit on your feet. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Territory marking

One of the main reasons they sit on your feet is that they mark their territory, which means other dogs cannot come close to you. It gives them a sense of security that their owner would love them more than any dog breed.

  • Pack instinct

Another reason why French bulldogs like to sit on owners’ feet is because they want to keep themselves warm, and also, it makes them feel secure.

  • Showing affection

As you already know that Frenchie would love you more than anything, and they find sitting all over your body is the best way to show how much you mean to them. That means you will find the best companion for your life.

Why Do You Need to train your French Bulldog to sit?

One of the most common yet essential behaviors that you could teach your Frenchie is to sit. You should know that sitting would help you in many ways as it will help to calm down the unwanted behavior and keep the nature of your dog polite.

Apart from this, this could also be a way to express the dog’s gratitude for saying “please” for a thing they want. That means teaching your Frenchie how to sit would help control and calm their behavior while other dog breeds tend to show outrageous and out-of-control behavior.

You should know that there are plenty of benefits that you could enjoy while training your Frenchie to sit and one of them is deep bonding between you and your Frenchie. So, training your Frenchie about how to sit would be worth a while.

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How to Train a French Bulldog to Sit

How to Train a French Bulldog to Sit

Training your French Bulldog to sit is one of the simplest tricks you could use to bond with them. The best part is sitting down on their hind legs, and bum comes naturally. That means you don’t require any gear other than a delicious treat and some patience. So, follow the steps below to train your Frenchie to sit.

  • Take a treat and stand in front of your French Bulldog

With Frenchie standing in front of you, take a treat and bring it close to his nose. If at some point he begins to jump at you, turn around. Turning around would discourage your dog from jumping, and you can start over.

  • Bring the treat close to his nose

As mentioned above, holding the treat close to your Frenchie’s nose will give them a good sniff about something delicious on their way. Thus, making them get thrilled to do anything to get that treat.

  • Move the treat around their head and let it follow

Once you start moving around the treat, his nose will begin to follow the delicious treat. Leaving them with no choice but to back a little down and move their head higher to get a good sniff of the stuff.

Using the command “sit” would get them the treat. And you should repeat the process to train him properly.

Final Words

Now you know why French Bulldogs tend to sit in a weird and funny position like a human being.