Do French Bulldogs Snore?

French Bulldogs may have some things that you are unaware of, such as snoring when they are asleep. It is time for you to know why the French Bulldog snores and if this is something normal in the pet. You, as your master, will always worry about your dog, but some things are very common.

Find out how you can stop French Bulldog snoring or at least sensitize them, so they don’t bother you. With some details, you will also know if your pet’s snoring is normal or if it suffers from any disease.

Do French bulldogs snore?

When you hear your French Bulldog snoring in his deep sleep, you really shouldn’t worry because this is normal. Almost all dogs of this breed snore and snore in their sleep, just like other animals. You can also snore when you sleep because you have very narrow nostrils or a respiratory problem.

French Bulldog snoring or snorting is mild, almost undetectable, that you can hear when they sleep. This snoring does not always occur when the dog sleeps because this depends on how tired it is. If you hear that your French Bulldog snores, it is not a concern unless the sound is irritating or alerts you to some illness.

Why do French bulldogs snore so loud?

Why do French bulldogs snore so loud

If you notice that your French Bulldog snores very loudly, this may be due to some illnesses or problems. Your pet’s snoring will almost always be light, almost undetectable, but there are also exceptions. Loud snoring in your pet is of concern because it may suffer from:

  • Obesity

When your French Bulldog is obese, this may affect their breathing, generating very loud snoring. Excess fat can affect the way your pet breathes, causing you to notice some problems. To avoid loud snoring in your French Bulldog, you have to put him on a strict diet.

  • Allergies

If your French Bulldog has allergies, he breathes when he is asleep, causing him to snore loudly. The phlegm that accumulates in their nostrils prevents the dog from breathing well, thus generating sound. A type accompanies this snoring when the air draws through the snot in your pet’s nose.

  • Sleeping position

Another cause of loud snoring in your pet can be the position in which he sleeps, causing him to breathe very badly. French bulldogs are stars to sleep in wacky positions, which cannot be good for your breathing. You have to line up your dog so that it rests properly so that you can prevent it from snoring loudly.

  • Common cold

If your dog has the flu, this undoubtedly affects how he breathes, which attracts loud snoring that you can’t stand. You have to be vigilant with your dog and try to give him pain relievers to get him over the common cold. Your pet’s snoring may not stop after the flu, but the sound will certainly not be as loud.

Is it normal for French Bulldogs to snore?

It is very normal for French bulldogs to snore because this is part of a genetic defect. The area through which this type of dog breathes is very narrow, which generates sound when they sleep. Bulldogs snore in their sleep because they do not control the amount of air they absorb and extract from their body.

Since you have a French bulldog as a pet, it will always be common for him to snore in his sleep. As the dog ages, the sound may increase much more, but this is still normal. You cannot remove this defect from your dog by natural means but only reduce the sound not to be frustrating.

Is Snoring Bad for a French Bulldog’s Health?

Snoring is not bad for your French Bulldog’s health because this is something that comes into his body. You cannot prevent your pet from snoring unless you have him undergo surgery to correct it. If you are bothered by hearing your Bulldog snoring and have the money to operate it, you can do it without problems.

The snoring of your French Bulldog does not attract any problems or indicate a disease that he suffers. You can control your pet’s snoring by teaching it to sleep better, preventing it from becoming overweight, etc. The common Bulldog also has this snoring problem like a good part of dogs of other breeds.

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How to stop a French bulldog from snoring?

How to stop a French bulldog from snoring

You can stop your French Bulldog snoring by applying a few methods at home without spending a penny. Although this snoring comes naturally in your pet, you can control it by doing the following:

  • Avoid being overweight in your pet

You have to think about your pet’s health and avoid being overweight so that snoring does not appear. Almost 99% of French bulldogs who have loud snoring are due to being overweight. You can create a routine with your pet to go for a run, eat balanced meals, do some exercise, etc.

  • Change the way the French Bulldog sleeps

When you see your pet asleep but with very loud snoring, this problem can be due to the position in which it is. You have to change the way the dog sleeps to reduce the sound of snoring. Try to be very nice moving your pet, so you don’t wake him up and make him bother.

  • Do not use perfumes around your pet

Your Frenchie’s smell can be very delicate, so if you use perfumes near him, you can trigger allergies. You should avoid using perfumes, creams, cleansers, smoking, or placing anything with a strong smell next to your dog.

  • Clean your bed

With a clean bed, you can verify that your dog will be lying in an area that will not generate allergies. You have to clean the excess hair between the sheets where your dog sleeps, dirt or other dirt.

  • Raise the bed

You can also choose the bed for your pet on its sides to sleep well and does not snore. You have to place some pillows on the sides of your dog so that it is in a correct resting position.

  • Take your pet to the vet

Never discount professional help, so you must take your French Bulldog to the vet. This expert can test your pet for allergies, remove the flu, and show you how to prevent it from snoring. You should always be attentive to the vet’s instructions to ensure the health of your French Bulldog.


You can quickly understand why your French Bulldog snores so loudly when he is resting. Apply some basic methods to prevent your pet from snoring, and so you can have a beautiful life by his side. You can surgically intervene on your pet so that it does not snore by improving the space it has in its nostrils.