Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

If you want to discover why French bulldogs cry so much, you will need to find out by reading the following information. French bulldogs are characterized by liking the company of their owners without liking being alone. These dogs are not very identified by barking; they only do it when they think it is necessary.

Find out the reason for your French Bulldog crying, although they are dogs that often do it. However, when this dog is being raised for the first time, it is common not to understand why it is crying. That is why we will present several reasons why your French Bulldog may be crying continuously:

The Sound Of The French Bulldog Crying

If you are not sure what the cry of a bulldog is, we recommend looking for a video where the sound is heard. Sometimes these dogs cry because they are bored or hungry; that is why you must be attentive to their sounds. These dogs have different crying sounds, sometimes a normal whine, and sometimes even sounds similar to birds.

Is French Bulldogs Crying Normal?

If you are interested in knowing why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much? Here we will give you a few reasons:

  • French Bulldog puppy crying is normal

According to experts, you explain that it is normal for the first two weeks that your little French Bulldog comes home to cry. These constant crying and whining are because this puppy is adapting to this new environment.

Therefore, it may be because he is getting used to sleeping alone without partners and a mother. Also that your teeth are coming out, and even when you are learning your obedience controls. For this reason, this little French Bulldog will feel stressed before this new stage and will cry continuously.

  • French Bulldog adult crying is normal

French Bulldog is considered one of the breeds most in need of attention and loudest with different sounds. Just as they cry, these dogs also snore, fart, and some French bulldogs even scream. In reality, French Bulldogs have many types of sounds, but the least heard is their barking.

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much - Image By anythingfrenchbulldog

There are many reasons why French bulldogs can cry. To find out, you should read the following list:

  • Your French Bulldog is lonely

French bulldogs are used to feeling accompanied by their ancestors, both day and night. So that this dog is alone makes him a lonely Frenchie and quite a crybaby. Therefore, if you want a French bulldog, you should make sure you have time for him.

  • Your Frenchie is feeling anxious

Unlike dogs that bark when anxious, French bulldogs will bark, cry or whine instead. This is easily seen when you observe the attitude of the Frenchie when there are fireworks or a thunderstorm.

However, just going out without your company can also cause you great anxiety and, therefore, great crying.

  • It may be cold; bundle it up!

When they are in very cold climates, being a dog with fine fur and very little weight, it is prone to cold. In the case of these dogs, it is recommended that you buy some clothing that can keep you warm and make you feel hot.

This is very good, as French Bulldogs are breeds that can live quietly indoors. So if you are in a cold climate and buy clothes for her, be sure to wear them all year round.

  • He doesn’t feel well, and you can take him to a vet.

In case he feels good or has some discomfort, he will express it by crying. Therefore, it is recommended that you take your French Bulldog to a veterinarian to check if he is in good health. These cries are the first to identify when these dogs feel bad or have some discomfort.

  • Wants attention

Bulldog breeders sometimes intensify the behavior by being overly alert when the French Bulldog starts crying. This dog is so smart he learns it fast and will sometimes cry for your attention. With these cries, you must be careful not to prolong them so that they do not get used to it and then cry for every moment.

  • He is bored; play with him

While French bulldogs are not known to be the most energetic dogs, their muzzle makes it difficult for them to breathe well. However, they also do not know how to have fun or entertain themselves a lot.

That is why his way of entertaining himself is to be with you all the time, doing what you do. And in case you are not around or available, you will likely start crying from feeling bored.

  • You are confused. Take care of your routine

French bulldogs are sensitive, and they are directly linked to your feelings. These capture the faintest emotions you can show and can even spot conflicts and arguments making you feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, like all dogs, French bulldogs progress along with the routine and discipline you give them. Therefore, when schedule changes occur, it can confuse them about what and when should happen.

That is why they often cry, waiting for you to perform some action or activity they are looking forward to. For this reason, it is important to listen and recognize each of the cries, to know what they have, and to solve it.

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How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Crying?

How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Crying

Crying may be adorable at first, but then it can be annoying and frustrating. Here is what you should do to calm them down:

  • Take him to the vet

One of the recommended steps is to take him for a check-up at the vet to make sure he is healthy. It is important to take your French Bulldog to verify that everything is fine and that crying is not for health.

  • More activity and structure

When you make sure that it is nothing to do with health, you can pay attention to the actions that make her cry. Remembering that French bulldogs cry instead of barking, that is why you should be on the lookout for these cries.

These crying years can be reduced by spending a little time with you, playing games, or even exercising. You can also regulate your behaviors since sometimes there may be crying because you are not paying enough attention.

Either way, just as other breeders with their dogs can identify their barks, you will be able to identify each cry. And this way, you can solve it if you feel bad or need to be distracted with you. Likewise, be sure to maintain a proper routine to prevent them from feeling confused.

But most importantly, in case of not having adequate time to dedicate to this type of dog, I considered whether to have it or consider another option.