French Bulldog And Pug Mix

Dogs are pets that, more than simple animals, become a fundamental part of every family that adopts and raises them. Bringing a dog home became not only a responsibility but also a very important decision. As human beings, each dog is different from one another, so their breeds can distinguish them.

Two famous breeds are the French bulldog and the pug, which seem to have many similarities. But they have differences in various aspects that give them particular strengths to each one, and that is why the mixtures are made. The crosses between different dogs’ breeds are to get a design, so to speak, that is much healthier.

Origin Of The French Bulldog Pug Mix

It is very common for people not to differentiate between a French Bulldog and a pug. However, they have differences. This mixture’s origin is generated because the main objective is to create a breed that does not suffer so many health problems.

However, both canine breed individuals do not have the same origin since pugs are an ancient breed. According to some connoisseurs, the pugs’ roots go back to 400 years before Christ and, even more specifically, to China.

The French bulldog dates from the 19th century were created in England by crossing the English bulldog and terrier breeds.

Both purebred dogs are usually crossbred. However, the origin of the first cross or mix is ​​not known exactly. Although both races have flat skulls, they have been crossed to generate a new race known as French Bulldog Pug Mix.

Why Do Breeders Crossbreed A Pug And A French Bulldog?

Both Pugs and French Bulldogs are dogs that were bred after a certain time as domestic companion dogs. Both breeds have pleasant characteristics in their personality and appearance, so the mix would only highlight the advantages above.

Besides that, the crosses between races are usually made to generate an outstanding breed where it also enjoys better health. So these mixtures are made to procreate a class and possess the strengths of both races. But also to overcome each one’s negative aspects without neglecting that tender and playful aspect.

The Personality Of A French Bulldog Pug Mix

  • Great character

French Bulldog Pug Mix or Frenchie Pug, are usually full of great character, the center of attention. They are playful and friendly, so they will not tolerate being left alone for long because they enjoy the attention. 

  • Stubborn

They tend to be very stubborn so that patients will be a great advantage for the owners and their training consistency.

  • Companion dogs

Being companion dogs, French Bulldog Pug Mix are loyal and communicative, turning them into watchdogs. However, despite their active and boisterous personality, they are an educated breed, coexisting perfectly with young children.

Health Problems

French Bulldog And Pug Mix 2021 - Image By loveyourdog

Like almost all hybrid breeds, French Bulldog Pug Mix dogs and inheriting their parents’ positive aspects can also inherit the negative ones. Although hybrid breeds tend to be stronger and more resistant, so health problems are not a guarantee. It is difficult to predict exactly what problem your Frenchie Pug may experience in terms of its integrity or its health.

  • Dental problems

This is one of the most common problems and affects 80% of this breed. They accumulate a large amount of tartar on your teeth, affecting the teeth’ roots and gums.

  • Subscribe to infections

This breed is very susceptible to viral and bacterial infections; we can find: distemper, rabies, and parvo. By vaccinating your dog, you can prevent many of these infections.

  • Obesity

This is quite a significant health problem in these types of dogs. Obesity can cause metabolic disorders, joint problems, digestive problems, heart disease, and back pain.

  • Parasites

This breed tends to suffer from insects and worms on the outside and inside. Ticks, fleas, among others, can appear on your dog’s skin. These worms and parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and heartworms can enter your dog’s system by walking on the ground, from an infected mosquito bite, or by drinking dirty water.

Grooming A French Bulldog Pug Mix

French Bulldog Pug Mix are relatively easy breeds to care for, and their grooming will be based on brushing their fur once or twice weekly. You may notice that he will need a bath every two to three months due to the ease of grooming his coat. 

The only thing that may take longer than it should when grooming is wrinkles on your skin and ears. You will have to clean carefully, especially in those areas, to avoid any possible infection or odor that may appear.

How To Care For A French Bulldog Mix?

They are dogs that do not tend to grow much, so they are even smaller than usual when they are puppies. Great care must be taken when handling them when they are small and growing as they are fragile and can be easily injured. You must be treated with a gentle touch throughout your life, but you must have a firm hand when you decide to train them due to their stubbornness.

  • Cut your nails

You must trim or grind their nails as this type of dog does not like physical activity very much. In this way, you can keep your cuticles short and in good condition.

  • Bathroom

You should bathe your French Bulldog Mix once a week. This will ensure that your dog is well cared for; avoid putting water on his head so it doesn’t get into his ears.

  • Clean the folds of the muzzle

You can clean the folds of the muzzle with a little soapy water and a wad. 

How To Train A French Bulldog Mix?

French Bulldog Mixes are energetic and stubborn, so follow these tips for their training:

  • Do quick training sessions

Make your training sessions optimistic and short. These short sessions will help you stay focused and make your training fun while learning your lessons. This will make your dog see it as a game and not as a school

  • Restart them with few goodies

This type of dog breed tends to be very fattening, so the training treats should be small. You can use nuts or your daily food ration in conjunction with the treats.

  • Avoid overexertion

French Bulldog Mixes have short muzzles, which is why they have difficulty breathing. During your training, avoid strong or constant training, especially if the weather is warm. 

Best Food For A French Bulldog Pug Mix

Don’t you know how to feed your French Bulldog Pug Mix? Feed him the following:

  • Dry food

You can feed your Frug 11/2 and 2 cups of high-quality dry dog food daily. However, they are dogs that eat in small portions, so it is recommended to divide them into at least two meals.

  • Canned dog food

The portions of dry or canned food must always be small to avoid excess and obesity.

It is necessary that if you plan to change or modify something in your dog’s diet, you first consult with your trusted veterinarian. Since it will know how to tell you what your Frug can and cannot eat and the exact amounts it can eat.