French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix

Dogs are considered as the best human companion from the old times. They have always shown their importance in human life. The dogs are capable of doing many tasks that make the life of a human more comfortable. Moreover, they are an excellent source of entertainment among human beings. Whenever you brought them to pets, dogs form an emotional connection with the owner and always stay loyal.

 There are many breeds of dogs who are capable of doing different tasks. Some dogs are suitable for the family purpose; some perform the purpose of guarding better, and some fall under the category of wild dogs. To fulfill more than one purpose out of a dog, two breeds are mixed. The mixed-breed formed gets the characters from both its parents. One such mixed is the French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix.

What is a French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix?

The French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix is a mixture of two dog breeds, i.e., the French Bulldog and The Australian Shephard. The French Bulldog is a small and muscular built dog which is found mostly in England. On the other hand, the Australian Shephard is a working dog mainly used for guarding purposes. It is a well-balanced medium to a tall sized dog. The motive behind producing this mix is that they want the activeness of the Frenchie and the functional capability of the Aussie together in one dog. It also increases the life span in the dog, which is less in the Frenchie.

What are some basic facts about this French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix?

This mixture has correctly inherited the excellent appearance and qualities of this dog that makes him attractive. Some of the basic parameters you must know about French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix are:-

  • Height

This breed is a middle-sized breed with an average height of 14-17 inches. The male may reach a height up to 17 inches, but the height of a normal female can attain around 15 inches. 

  • Weight

The mixed-breed attains its most of the weight by the age of 14 months. The weight fluctuations are also very nominal in this dog. The weight of an average male dog is 42-45 pounds. This value is low for a female dog who weight around 35-40 pounds only.

  • Eye Color

The colors of the eye can be a center of attraction in these breeds. It may vary from blue, brown, and green, but sometimes a bicolored tone can also be noticed in their eyes. 

  • Coat colors

There are many possibilities of coat colors, which can be noticed in a French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix. It may be blue, tri-color, cream, tan brown, solid black, or brindle. 

  • Other Physical Traits

  1. The ears of this breed can be either standing or half bend. It gives the exact shape as the ears of the bats.
  2. Unlike its parent Frenchie, the nose of this breed is long, which allows him to adjust their body temperature.
  3. The fur depth is less in this breed due to which they lose heat quickly. It can only adjust themselves from a temperature range of 25-90 Fahrenheit.
  4. The size of the muzzle in this breed is shorter with really thin hairs.

 Health Issues 

Luckily the French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix doesn’t exhibit any ancestral disease from its parents. In some cases, they adapt to some disorders, but those disorders can be removed easily by taking good care of this breed. Some of the typical diseases that this breed will face in their life span are:-

  • Iris Columbia

It is a disorder inherited from the Australian Shephard. In this disorder, the iris fails to develop correctly in this breed. Due to this underdeveloped iris, they may face some issues with their eyesight. 

  • Cataracts

This eye disease is also inherited in this breed from the Australian Shephard. In this disease, the eye lens starts to blur. This blurring of the lens leads to an unclear image formation in the dogs. 

  • Skin Allergies

The Frenchie passes on this disorder or skin allergies in this breed. Like Frenchie, they also have thin coats making their skin sensitive. This sensitive skin readily reacts with the surface bacterias or fungus leading to different types of infection in your dog.

  • Sensitivity to Ivermectin

Like their parent, the Australian Shephard they are sensitive for the medicine which is used in the dogs for treating various disorders caused due to parasite and heartworm prevention. 

What is a French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix’s personality like?

The French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix is an attractive mix-breed dog. The personality they have inherited is a perfect mix and match the balance of both the breeds. A brief of their character can be given as:-

  • They are joyful and active as they play very well with the owners and other dogs too.
  • With proper training, they also adapt them well with small children and love to play with them.
  • They are not very aggressive but also shows their reserved side to the strangers whom they suspect.
  • They don’t allow any trespassing and warns you, but their friendly nature makes them a little unfit for the category of watchdogs.

How to Care For a French Bulldog Australian Shepherd?

If you are thinking of buying a French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix, then you must take care of the following tips you need to follow while taking care of this dog:-

  • It would be best if you should clean the coat of the dog at least twice in a weak to remove all the dirt and dead hairs.
  • If you notice an extra fold in your dog’s face, then you must clean it gently with a cloth.
  • It will help if you trim the nails of this breed every six weeks.
  • Check your dog’s ears once in a while because they can be a home to small blood-sucking pests.
  • Your French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix needs 30-60 minutes of exercise for the better functioning of your body. Also, you need to provide them 20 minutes of tutoring to your dog to train them. 

The Final Verdict 

 The French Bulldog Australian Shepherd Mix is a perfect dog for your family. They are joyful and will quickly get socialized with their owner and always stays truthful and loyal to their owners. If you are thinking of adopting this breed, then remember the points about how to take care or this breed and get going.