How to Stop French Bulldog Behavior Problems

French bulldogs are very characteristic dogs since they must be educated very well from puppies. In recent times this breed has increased people who want a bulldog due to its small stature.

Before having this class of dogs in your home, you must know about their behavior and that you must educate them very well. The education process is the key if you want to own a French bulldog as they are incredible animals.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive to Other Dogs?

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive to Other Dogs - Image By dogfluffy

If they are educated correctly from an early age, these dogs can be very loyal and friendly. French bulldogs do very well in front of dogs, especially with those of the opposite sex. However, problems with dogs of the same sex are presented.

You should give these dogs good care from a young age to not have any problems. In general, they are tender and friendly animals that can make friends, but they are sometimes aggressive.

As long as you give them a good and excellent puppy education, your bulldog will not have problems with other animals. This process must be done with good preparation and patience so that they can learn and get along.

French bulldog behavior problems

French bulldogs, like other breeds of dogs, can have behavioral problems, these are:

  • Problems with dogs of the same sex
  • If they are not educated, they can be aggressive towards other animals and their owners.
  • Despite their friendly demeanor, they can become aggressive.
  • Bringing a new companion to your home, be it a baby girlfriend or boyfriend, can make them act jealous.
  • They need to know that it is your favorite animal; otherwise, they may feel very betrayed
  • They have diverse personalities that must be understood and accepted by you.


These dogs are not aggressive by nature; they are rather friendly and good companions for life. You must adapt to the respective personality changes in your life and deal with your frustrations. You must be patient when that personality appears, but they are very manageable.

When they calm down, they return to being the cute and friendly dogs that they usually are in their day today. They must be trained so that they do not have these changes daily. This training comes from when they are puppies.

Rough Playing

Although they are small, these dogs like to play with their owners; they are very friendly and love fun. Intelligence characterizes them; they are always attentive and inventing. They always seek the attention of their owners. They love to be the center of attention by being naturally restless.


They are animals that like to eat, and their chewing must be careful since they like to bite what they see. You must be attentive to what you have in your teeth to avoid digestive difficulties that can cause problems.

Clingy Problems

The French bulldogs incline to follow anywhere you go. They do not wish to let you from their sight when you are at home.

Based on AspcaPetInsurance, Did you understand that Frenchies are bred to be dedicated to owners? This’s the primary cause of their 2 biggest problems: clinginess and separation anxiety.

If your Frenchie has the dog syndrome, then the pup of yours could have disrupted you while consuming, asleep, visiting the issue, or perhaps showed aggression to other animals or people around you. They might also whine frequently.

To help you with clingy behaviors, you will have to instill a little confidence in the Frenchie of yours. You are able to give your pup their very own area to get into, and you are able to make it a lot better by putting a thing of yours, like the shirt, in the bed with several toys.

Additionally, you are able to create yourself boring to them, that essentially means do not dote on them all of the time.

It is hard to say no to that experience! Something to think about is the fact that French bulldogs also respond very well to training. When you are able to teach the Frenchie of yours to sit down and stay, along with other behaviors, you are able to train them to keep a little space between you.


The barking is a characteristic of these dogs since, due to their size, they are not scary and tender. In the same way, you must be attentive to the different barks so that you can understand your little companion’s communication.

Slobbery Problems

While only some French bulldogs have this particular problem, you will find all those within the breed with loose lips and also shorter faces, and also it is not possible for them never to drool and spray when they drink. You might have to raise your drinking bowls a little to help the pup of yours.


This class of dogs likes to be neat and clean; although some are stubborn, you cannot let them win. You must have your pet well-fed and neat; this will be good for his health since he will not have problems.

Separation anxiety

Bulldogs cannot be too far away from their owners as they can suffer from anxiety. Constant contact is appropriate for this class of dogs, so their health will not decline. They must feel with loved ones and loved ones by their owners demonstrating their friendship to them daily.

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How to stop French bulldog behavior problems?

There are different methods that you can do to avoid future misbehaviors, among which are:

  • Education from puppies is a good way to avoid future problems
  • Understand the different personalities of your dog.
  • You need to have patience
  • Call trained professions in French bulldog training