How To Stop French Bulldogs From Licking Their Paws

Although French Bulldogs are affectionate and loyal friends with people, they have a habit that could make their owners insane.

However, French bulldogs like licking their paws that is more than other breeds of the bulldog.

In puppies, it isn’t a big problem with licking their paws. A normal lick is nothing to be concerned with.

What if dogs focus on licking their paws and can not stop their behavior?

A French Bulldog could take some time licking its paws for many reasons, including psychological reasons, injury, sickness, or dirtiness.

Although licking isn’t normally a big problem, the homeowners need to figure out the reasons why it’s happening and try to prevent it.

Why is Your French Bulldog Licking its Paws?

Why is Your French Bulldog Licking its Paws

There may be a variety of causes for your French bulldog’s constant paw licking, and the most important thing is that you need to inspect for these symptoms on a regular basis. Early care will avoid serious infections and make it easier for your pet to cope with the problem.

  • Taking a walk on cold and hot sidewalks

Summer is the time to pay extra attention to your dog’s feet since they are prone to be burned. Excessive paw licking can occur while your Frenchie is walking on sand, pebbles, hot rocks, and sharp terrains. It is one of the best methods for keeping them cool. Purchasing dog booties or socks is the safest option in these cases. 

  • Separation anxiety

As it is well-known, french bulldogs love to go with their owners around. They’ve learned to live with their trainers, and they’re buddy breeds. So, when leaving your french bulldog alone at home, you need to be careful. Because your french bulldog may develop separation anxiety, then, Your French bulldog will lick its paws for separation anxiety.

  • Insect Bites

Insect bites will cause french bulldogs to lick their paws and also make them Irritate. Some signs of this behavior include red spots and swollen spots. 

  • Allergies

Unfortunately, one of the causes of your french bulldog’s paw licking may be allergies. If your French bulldog doesn’t like eating some food products, I recommend that you inspect its diet. It usually happens when a dog consumes food that contains flavors, artificial colors, or by-products. Your veterinarian will administer a topical cream and antihistamines to relieve the swollen area. The vet will give a topical cream to you and antihistamines to relieve the swollen area.

Mites, Chemicals, Dust, and Pollen may cause an allergic reaction in your French bulldog. Therefore, if you find your french bulldog is scratching, chewing, and licking his paws, he is probably trying to remove something that is annoying him.

  • Check For Plant Stuck or foreign objects.

Checking your french bulldog’s paws on a regular basis should be your routine. If your french bulldog stuck sand, pebble, or piece of the plant between his toes, it makes your dog swell and discomfort. If it isn’t found instantly, it may turn into an illness that requires medication to cure.

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How To Stop A French Bulldog From Licking Its Paws

Although more severe foot ailments will need to be treated by a veterinarian, minor conditions like dirtiness or dry skin can be treated by yourself. There are a few solutions that the owners may use to get comfort for their pets’ paws.

According to the Frenchie World blog, the most important thing an owner should do is scrub the dog’s feet with water and soft soap on a daily basis. And, daily washing of the dog’s feet can be very beneficial. 

The owner can purchase the ointments that can use on the dog’s paws daily. This would help to keep the paws moisturized to prevent the paw pads from being weakened or cracking due to the dryness.

Meanwhile, a dog owner can buy some bath salts to clean and soak french bulldogs’ paws.

Although this method will work with some French Bulldogs, it would also rely on how they react to bath.

Although French Bulldogs are usually tolerant and obedient dogs, some dogs simply do not like being bathed.

Generally, French bulldogs can tolerate baths and clean their paws with bath salts.

It’s a fairly straightforward procedure:

  1. Dissolve bath salts in the warm water.
  2. Soak the French bulldog’s paws in the bath for a few minutes.
  3. Wash and make the pads dry.
  4. Drain the water.

That is it.