French Bulldog Biting: How To Stop French Bulldogs From Biting?

Biting is a natural reaction of all dogs regardless of their breed, only that some do it less frequently. There are many reasons why this occurs, either because of training or the canine’s very temperament. Regardless of any case, the pet must be indoctrinated to stop that unpleasant habit.

Having a French bulldog from an early age can make the whole thing a whole lot easier. Puppies learn about their environment through bites, so they must be controlled immediately. There are so many training options that can work; it’s time to apply them and show off your Frenchie everywhere.

Why Does Your French Bulldog Bite?

French bulldogs tend to bite at first with totally innocent intentions; they are excited and want to play. However, this is only the calmest reason since these acts can also mean aggression or fear.

Many dogs tend to show their restlessness with barking or growling; these will gradually turn into bites if left unchecked. Also, stress and discomfort can be just as reasons for your Frenchie to react that way.

Do the French Bulldogs Bite a lot?

Yes, French bulldogs will bite like puppies as part of the play and teething. And they will grow out of their bad habits.

However, French bulldogs are a non-aggressive dog breed. The most of them would form the temperament due to the owner’s training and raising.

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How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Biting?

If your pet has recently this behavior and you want to eradicate it, there are many ways to do it. These are some of them:

  • Inhibition

This method is used by experts and has resulted because the dog will believe that it was hurt. Just squeal like a dog when it bites you, so they will surely back off; using a powerful command like “NO” also works.

  • Avoid reacting

This step may be difficult for some, but if your Frenchies love to bite you, it is because you are noticing a reaction from you. Being playful is something natural for them, so it is something innocent. If you avoid sudden movements, this will later stop doing it.

  • Teach him that the closeness of his hands to his mouth is okay.

By introducing this thought to them, they will be more relaxed in your presence and be helpful in other areas. It is necessary that a bulldog Frenchies not consider the hands of its owner as a toy to bite.

  • Don’t encourage them to bite you

This is a common mistake; generally, dogs start their adventures due to the reactions of their owner. Avoid playing with your hands or feet; this can make them misunderstand and go for shoes.

  • Allow your puppy to interact with other pets

Ensure that your french bulldog puppy has access to play with some other dogs. When playing with other dogs, the puppies can learn. It is the reason why we advise you can adopt two dogs that are greater than one dog. So the younger would follow in the behaviors of the older.

How To Train A French Bulldog Puppy Not To Bite?

How To Train A French Bulldog Puppy Not To Bite

Training is essential in every pet’s life; it makes it avoid certain behaviors from the root. Here are some tips for Frenchies bites:

  • The main thing is never to hit your bulldog Frenchies when he bites as he will not understand the message.
  • Positive reinforcement is the best option.
  • Introduce toys for him to chew instead of making him play with his hands or feet.
  • Eating aggression must be corrected immediately as it can cause future problems in their socialization.
  • Slide your thumb under the franchise’s tongue and place a finger on the bottom of his chin. This will make the dog uncomfortable and take it as a message that he should not bite.
  • Use special gloves that have an unpleasant taste impregnated.
  • Teach your Frenchie who’s boss by rewarding him for good behavior and reprimanding bad behavior.
  • Encourage the socialization of your French Bulldog.
  • Expose your puppy to unpleasant situations; getting used to loud noises will prevent him from chewing out of fear.
  • Always be present when you have children around your French Bulldog.