Male French Bulldog Vs Female French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are personable and cute dogs regardless of their gender. It is a breed known as Frenchie, and it has become a favorite with canine owners. They are playful, intelligent, and friendly dogs. They love attention. They are calm, attentive, cautious, and adapt to any environment or situation.

Which is the best between the male French Bulldog and the female French Bulldog? Below you can learn more about each gender so that you can take home the one that best suits your needs.

Differences Between A Male French Bulldog And Female French Bulldog

Differences Between A Male French Bulldog And Female French Bulldog

Although gender is not the most determining factor when you are looking for a dog, it is an aspect that you cannot ignore. Some biological differences can affect a dog’s behavior.

Some experts claim that male dogs tend to be more aggressive because of their male sex hormones. While bitches tend to be more territorial and stubborn. Some differences to be aware of are:


About size, there is not much difference between the male French Bulldog and the female French Bulldog. The male Frenchie can be between 11 and 12 inches tall, and the female Frenchie is approximately 10 to 11 inches tall. Males are taller and heavier than females.


The female French Bulldog can weigh between 16 and 24 pounds, while the male French Bulldog can weigh approximately 20 to 28 pounds. This is why sometimes the female French Bulldog looks a bit thinner than the male.

Your French Bulldog can weigh up to 30 pounds and still be healthy. You should not allow your dog to gain a lot of weight because obesity can lead to many joint-related health problems.

Since not exercising a lot can quickly become obese, it is important to watch your diet. Your French Bulldog should follow a healthy diet and eat the indicated portions to maintain its proper weight.


Male French Bulldogs are more energetic, mischievous, bold, and confident, while female French Bulldogs are more laid back and shy. For many canine owners, females are easier to train than males. Females are also more affectionate and affectionate towards their owners.

Life expectancy

The lifespan of your Frenchie will not depend on gender. This is an aspect that will depend on the genes and the care of their owners. If you keep your dog with proper hygiene, ideal weight, and balanced nutrition, your Frenchie will be healthy.

The French Bulldog is a dog that cannot run very much and therefore can easily gain weight. You must have regular exercise to stay healthy.

Slanted skill

For the most part, male French Bulldogs tend to be more territorial than females. They urinate to mark their territory, even inside the house. Males are not usually aggressive enough to be the protectors of the home. They can bark to alert their owners if someone is near their door.

The females, when they are young, will only be playing and lounging around. As they age, they increase their territorial appearance like males and begin to protect their space.

You can practice your dog’s memory skills; you can give him rewards, etc.

Health problems

French Bulldogs are a breed that is prone to a host of health problems. They may suffer from diarrhea, otitis, conjunctivitis, etc. A study by the Royal Veterinary College revealed that the male French Bulldog might experience more health conditions than the female Frenchie.

A registry carried out by the RCV of more than 2000 French Bulldogs from England, Scotland and Wales, found that males can acquire eight diseases of the 26 most common of the Frenchie breed.

This same research has that females may not present any of the 26 health problems of the breed. This information can be very important when acquiring a dog of this breed.

This breed is prone to hip dysplasia, so you should avoid jumping or falling on its hind legs.


Both genders are concerned with protecting their owners despite their size. This is an affectionate breed, bright, and they are usually very charming. They can bark to alert their owners because they are watchdogs. You can get along very well with other animals, and you don’t need to exercise frequently. Their level of activity and adaptability makes them an ideal breed for apartment living.


Both male and female French Bulldogs have their learning styles and abilities due to their genes. As mentioned above, males are more difficult to train because of their playfulness and distraction. Young females do not mature quickly and are often more challenging and stubborn in obedience activities.

The female French Bulldog is more dominant, and this also makes it difficult to train her. For her to train them, she must have a strict posture. She must show her that you are the boss and be firm in her orders so that she can listen to her.

In the beginning, she often gets her house dirty, and it is quite difficult to clean up all the mess that she makes. If you want to be successful in training your Frenchie, you should seek help and some useful tips.

Experts can help you with combined home training and obedience classes. She can sterilize her dog to help her temper so that she will be more obedient.

Are male French Bulldogs aggressive?

Are male French Bulldogs aggressive

Some people study the heat cycles of females and sterilization, and it could be said that the female gender is more aggressive. This is a strict rule and may depend on the behavior and training given to the dog by its owner.

There are male French Bulldog owners who claim that their dogs display more aggressive behavior. This is due to the way they have used it for their training. It is an issue that is not very clear because each breeder or owner has a different answer about the behavior of each gender.

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Male French Bulldog vs. female French Bulldog: which is better?

As mentioned above, this is a subject that depends on each person. It is a personal decision. It will also depend on what you use for your training and what you do with your dog at home. French Bulldogs are a friendly, calm, and intelligent breed regardless of gender.

If you help him and give him the proper and friendly training, they can learn canine tricks and manners. Many of the differences between the male and the female are due to humans’ behaviors and habits.

They are familiar dogs and good with all members of the family, even children. All French Bulldogs have their personality regardless of whether they are male or female. Before choosing a dog of this breed, you should investigate the genetics and how the breeder has treated it. Do your research and take the time to choose the best decision for you.