French Bulldog Hair Loss

Dogs are creatures capable of shedding hair, without exception. Even French bulldogs can shed their fur, although this is not always under the same circumstances. There are many reasons why the hair of the French bulldogs can fall, and not always good signs.

Stress or health problems can be alternative reasons why your pet is shedding excessive amounts of hair. Learning to detect these signs is extremely important to ensure the safety and well-being of the dog. Frenchies should be taken directly to the vet whenever unusual patches or bald spots are noticed.

Why Does Your French Bulldog Lose So Much Hair?

First of all, and to avoid unnecessary visits to specialists, the most obvious option, in this case, should be ruled out. In annual seasons it is normal for the coat to fall since all dogs suffer from this phenomenon.

You only have to worry when you notice certain signs such as excessive hair or too large parks in some areas.

Why Frenchies Lose Their Hair By Shedding

Twice a year, French bulldogs tend to lose one of their coats, only for replacement. The coat can be as thick or thin as time warrants, so it is an important aspect to attend to.

Skin infections are usually one of the most common reasons for the shedding of the coat. Allergies or infections are also a possibility; you should always consult a professional about the situation.

Reasons For French Bulldog Hair Loss

Reasons For French Bulldog Hair Loss

Being owners of a Frenchie, you have to pay attention to their care, and checking their hair loss is part of the package. These may be some reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Allergy to different materials.
  • A type of dermatitis or other skin conditions.
  • Scabies.
  • Stress or anxiety.
  • Lack of control or hormonal imbalance.
  • Functions in abnormal organs.
  • Bacterial or parasitic infections.

At the least degree of suspicion of any of these conditions, it is best to immediately transfer the dog directly to your veterinarian. Professionals will not only be able to confirm the status, but they will also provide simple and forceful solutions.

How To Treat the Hair Loss In A French Bulldog

How To Treat the Hair Loss In A French Bulldog

Even though the situation generally exceeds individual capacities, it is still possible to resort to certain acts to stop the fall. These are the most recommended:

  • Diet change: Allergy to certain foods can be the reason for excess hair loss. By altering your pet’s current diet, you can find a solution to the problem.
  • Natural remedies: There is always the possibility of resorting to remedies, which is no exception. Products like lemon or apple cider vinegar can help boost your entire immune system.
  • Brush regularly: This will help the natural hairs of the coat spread on the whole surface. Also, the hair will be healthier and shinier than ever.
  • Humidifiers: This helps relieve itchy, dry skin so the dog won’t scratch.


Few would believe that a French bulldog suffered from this problem; after all, their coat is relatively short and fragile. The thing is that, like any other canine, they have their designated time to change their coat and adapt to the time.

It is normal to confuse situations and believe that the fall is natural when it is not. To avoid inconveniences, you need to know more about this issue and go directly to a professional.