French Bulldog Noises: Why Do French Bulldogs Make Weird Noises?

Are you thinking about getting a French bulldog? If yes, then it is important for you to know everything related to them. These dogs create a lot of weird noises, and if you are getting them for the first time, you may get confused about what they want, or these French bulldog noises can irritate you.

If you are getting one, then you have a small one so that you can get attached to that and interact with them because these dogs are so terrifying when they interact with the stranger. They do have different personality, and that makes them lovable. These are the friendly creature and love to play, which all dogs do. 

These French bulldogs have the same needs just like the other dogs, and they also love to communicate with you. But if you are thinking of getting one, you should know what they want to say so that you can understand them.

What things do they do when they want something or when they are frustrated? These are some important things that you need to consider because if you do not do that, you will be the only one who will get problems later.

They make the weird noises, and when you hear them for the first time, then you may get worried, so you need to know the meaning of those first so that you will not get any stress.

Why Do French Bulldogs Make Weird Noises?

These French Bulldogs makes the weird noise, as spoke earlier, these dogs love to communicate with the people, and that is why they make so many noises. These French bulldogs are not notorious, which means they do not hesitate to let everyone know if they need anything or require something from you. There are so many things that a dog requires, which includes water, food, and also exercise, that they can get by walking in the park or anywhere else. They might feel some ailment that they want to attend or they want to go there then they may make these noises to let you know.

There are many noises that these dogs make, and if you are listing to those noises, then it means they want to say something to you, and every noise has its meaning. If you are new to this, then you may not know about the meaning of the noises that they are making so if you want to know about that, then do not worry and keep reading this!

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Noises French bulldogs make and their meanings

Noises French bulldogs make and their meanings

There are so many different French bulldog noises that these dogs make, and if you want to understand those meaning of the noises that they make, you can check the comprehensive list of the noises that these bulldogs make and those are mentioned below:

  1. Slurping- If you talk about the French Bulldogs, they have loose and heavy lips, which are generally succulent and watery. That is why it is normal if they make noise while drinking water.
  2. Snoring- It s common for the dogs. They do snore while they fall asleep, there are some dogs who do it for sometimes, but there are some who snore every time when they fall asleep.
  3. Snorting- If the French bulldog is sniffing around the dusty areas ten, they may snort a lot, and there is nothing major. In fact, it is normal or healthy.
  4. Snuffling- If you notice that your dog is breathing heavily and making a sneezing sound just like they are smelling something. But if the snuffling gets heavy, then you should consult the doctor.
  5. Reverse Sneezing- It is also known as the backward sneezing, which is common in many dogs. It can happen because of excitement or because of the allergens. 
  6. Panting- Dogs generally panting on a hot day, and it is normal as they have a self-regulating mechanism for the temperature. 
  7. Farting-Have you heard a dog fart? You may not, but they usually do. While drinking water or eating food, they gulp a lot of air and the need that air to come out in one way or other.
  8. Barking-It is the most common thing that dogs use. If you talk about the French Bulldogs, then they bark as a way that shows they are communicating. Many things you may notice that your dog is barking continuously, then it means there is something wrong.
  9. Growling- When the dogs growl, they usually ask for the attention, and if the French bulldog is barking near the food bowl or toy, then it means they have food aggression of guarding behavior.
  10. Crying- The dogs usually call when they are frightened or hurt, and if your dog is crying, then you should check your dog and find if there is anything that is hurting them physically.
  11. Whimpering- It is just related to crying, so if your dog is whimpering, then it means they are stress and looking for something. They may be injured or something that is why you should check on them.
  12. Whining- It is the sign of sadness, loneliness, and stress. If your dog is whining, then it means they have been scolded or experience heat or cold.
  13. Gagging- If you have a short-skulled dog like a French bulldog, they gag a lot while eating or drinking because they gulp air. But if they are gagging a lot, then you should consult the vet.
  14. Wailing- The wail that these dogs make is normal. It means they are communicating with you. You may feel like they are crying, but they are not.
  15. Baying- It is the sound or noise that French bulldog makes when they are challenging the intruder or when they are persuading the prey. It is the common behavior that you see in the French Bulldogs.
  16. Howling- Howling can be misinterpreted as the wailing. It can be high-pitched. But it is just the way of commendation that they use to talk with the pack of dogs.

If you understand these things, then it becomes easy for you to understand your dogs, and you will know when things are major and when they are not.