What Is The Difference Between A French Bulldog And An English Bulldog?

If you are looking to adopt or buy a French or English bulldog, you should know their physical differences. Both dogs share common qualities and retain some differences in their body that you can easily perceive. Whether you want one of the two dogs, you must know how to identify them correctly before buying or adopting them.

In general, the bulldog is an exceptional breed of dog, characterized by its small size and dominant body. This type of pet is perfect for the company at home; it is very clean and conveys a lot of love. You should not get carried away by your wrinkled face and enjoy the pleasant company for your life.

This breed of dog is found in the French bulldog and the English bulldog, cousins ​​by nature with many similarities. The two dogs have their characteristic wrinkled faces where they convey seriousness or sadness, but on the contrary, they are very romantic. The French bulldog has a huge difference in that it is a compact version of its distant cousin.

Bulldogs have the same texture on their body as does their pronounced shape on their chest or main body part. If you compare both pets, you will understand that both are beautiful and want to take it with you. In case you have to make a decision, you can choose between a dog with large ears or those that are reduced.

It should be noted that the process of giving birth, buying and feeding English or French bulldogs is the same. The breeding of these dogs is still one of the most complexes in the animal breed that involves a long process. Bulldogs have been the most difficult dogs to get and get puppies unless you get the pair.

The Difference Between French Bulldogs And English Bulldogs

The French and English bulldog have great physical differences between which you can see:

  • His height

A French bulldog stands 20 to 28 inches tall as an adult, making him the largest dog in the breed. The English bulldog stands at a minimum height of 14-15 inches and is slightly more compact than its distant cousin. Both dogs can be smaller depending on their genetics, and adopt a purebred bulldog.

  • Weight

The English bulldog predominates with a weight of 40 to 60 pounds, approximately following a very strict diet. As the French bulldog is taller, his weight is reduced, reaching a maximum of 28 pounds while on a diet. You should not let your dog exceed this weight because it can be unhealthy.

  • Time of life

Without a doubt, French bulldogs have a longer life span than their distant cousin reaching 12 years. English bulldogs have a life of 10 years; this problem is due to their excessive weight with small size. With both pets, you must take good care of them to maximize their life span; it all depends on your care.

  • His temperament

You must have an English bulldog if you want a very brave, friendly, and calm pet to accompany you. French bulldogs are a bit more intelligent, playful, and adapt to any situation. Both dogs are very faithful and will be by your side from the moment you meet them until they pass away.

  • Costs

English bulldogs are more expensive than French bulldogs because they have very complex breeding. As you understand, bulldogs are a particular breed where English has a degree of complexity for pets.

French Bulldog vs. English Bulldog

Tastes collide when you compare a French bulldog or an English bulldog according to their traits. The English bulldog is officially the original breed of this line, where its reduced size and long ears predominate. The French bulldog is the optimization of this classic form, where the dog is larger and with small ears.

For many people, a French bulldog is more beautiful than an English one because of its delicate and more defined features. Unlike the English, the French bulldog does not eat much; it is more exercised, so its life lasts longer. The exercised body makes the French breed gain popularity against its close cousin in a reduced way.

When you see both dogs’ temperament, you wonder to choose the best life partner; without a doubt, the French bulldog is more active in his life, but the English one has a more familiar characteristic. The English bulldog will be close to you in bad times, where you need his warmth while the French will only want to play.

It all depends on your tastes, but in summary, both dogs are perfect to have as pets. With both dogs, you will feel protection, love, affection, and a lot of respect. These dogs mature very quickly and do not go through as many stages as other pet breeds.

Something that you should take into account, no matter what breed of bulldog you adopt, is always to keep it exercised, active, and well-fed. With these characteristics, you will prolong the pet’s life for a long time and happiness. You must watch over your best friend from the first moment you meet him regardless of race, sex, or appearance.


Bulldogs are a very peculiar breed of dogs that you should have as best friends for your entire life. With these dogs, you will understand the true meaning of fidelity, love, and affection with a pet. Bulldogs are the perfect companion for you to go for a run, walk, or have as a companion in your life.

If you still haven’t decided between a French bulldog and an English bulldog, you have to look at their predominant physical ranges. The French breed is larger, has less weight, and a slightly friendlier temperament, and the English breed is the opposite. You can like both dogs’ attitude, but you must decide to have him as a companion in the end.

Something that you should know is that the English breed is rarer than the French breed, so it increases. Raising an English bulldog is more complicated than that of a French bulldog. It requires more attention. English bulldogs tend to be overweight, which can put their lives at risk, reducing their years with you.

With both dogs, you can last more than one decade, although this also depends on how you take care of it and its diet. You should have a check on your pet with the vet, give him all the vaccines you need. Before making a decision, you must recognize that this breed of dog requires a lot of care and attention.

As a final step, you should choose a bulldog based on the breeders’ purchase price. As the English bulldog is more exclusive than its French version, its price may triple. With the French bulldog, you will save a lot of money. They are easier to find and are practically the update of the English version.