French Bulldog Cavalier Mix

The cavalier French Bulldog is a well-loved dog recognized for its intelligence and great personality. If you are thinking of taking a dog home, you should know that this breed is one of the most suitable to take to share in a family environment. The cavalier French Bulldog has many positive characteristics, so many people want one by their side.

What is a French Bulldog Cavalier Mix?

The mix between King Cavalier Spaniel and the French Bulldog has produced one of the most spectacular breed combinations that can exist. This pet is adorable, so it is very common to see it in places where there are children. Both breeds are very sweet and small, so their mix was to be expected at some point.

What Are Some Basic Facts About French Bulldog Cavalier Mix?

The cavalier French Bulldog has characteristics that make it a very special pet:

  • Due to their combination, they are very outgoing.
  • They are very into the people around them.
  • Your personality is unique.
  • Its coat can be smooth or medium-long
  • They get along very well with other dog breeds.
  • They are very kind to children.


This mixed breed is small, so it is a very adorable dog and can be safely kept at home.


This breed can range in height from 9 to 12 inches.


The cavalier French Bulldog is usually priced at around 21 to 28 pounds. Although, since 2017, some smaller ones can weigh 15 to 21 pounds.

Life Span

Both breeds separately have several health problems that can be detected over time if not taken care of properly. Some breeders point out that the cavalier French Bulldog can have a life expectancy of 16 to 20 years.


This breed is very well recognized, so its price can be between $ 1500 and $ 2000.

Health Issue

Breeders of the French Cavalier Bulldog point out that this breed can have trismus problems, as well as hemivertebrae and heart diseases:

Seizures: If the cavalier French Bulldog is not in good physical condition, he may have seizures in the future. This disease may be evident if you notice that your dog has strong shaking, tremors, and heavy drooling.

  • IVDD: It is an intervertebral disc disease, and all French bulldogs have it. This disease can cause fatal paralysis and a lot of pain.
  • Patellar luzaxion: This disease can occur in this breed during adolescence, and the main symptom is an external rotation of the leg when walking. This disease can cause disability in the dog.
  • Cherry eye: This is a genetic disease, and it occurs because of the weakness of the tissues surrounding the third eyelid. When there is a weakness, a prolapse occurs that can be seen around the corner of the eye.

Personality Of French Bulldog Cavalier Mix

This dog has a very sweet personality thanks to its mix, and for this reason, it is one of the most sought after combination dogs in kennels. This dog is very similar to the two breeds in your mix, and they can be the best companions you can have in your home. The personality of this breed makes it very good for children, as well as with other dogs.

This pet’s traits are very familiar, and they have become support animals for their sweetness and for being pleasant at all times. One of the characteristics that most come out of this dog is that they are very intuitive. These dogs’ breeders have chosen some of these pets to serve as emotional support on several occasions.

How to Take Care of French Bulldog Cavalier Mix?

Caring for this dog is very important, and food will play a very important role. This pet must be fed with quality products and appropriate for his age. This breed is prone to obesity, and as a consequence, it can bring other health problems.

Experts recommend that this particular breed not be given any food for humans; it is preferable to investigate which ones are suitable for them and moderate quantities.

  • Shedding

Shedding in this breed is uncommon.

  • Grooming

The cavalier French Bulldog usually has a silky coat and should be brushed with a medium bristle brush. You should also use a rubber grooming tool to remove loose hair. Thus, this dog will always look good.

Be sure to brush this dog as it is a great help for its coat growth, and its skin oil will spread all over its body to give its coat more shine. The facial folds of this breed should be kept clean and dry, and of course, they should also keep their nails short because having them long can cause pain.

  • Coat

The coat of the Bulldog is medium-long or smooth, very similar to that of the French Bulldog.

  • Temperament

For this dog to have good behavior from a young age, experts recommend taking them to puppy training classes. When this dog is exposed to various people since its childhood, it quickly adapts to any environment. The personality of this breed can vary, and socialization classes will be of great help to them.

The mixture for this breed’s result has been very uniform, and they are highly sought after for their intelligence and for their reputation of being good companions. As long as he is well treated and receives training classes, he will have a magnificent dog by his side. In itself, this dog is not aggressive, but it will adapt to any environment without inconvenience upon receiving training.