French Bulldog Chow Mix

French Bulldogs are purebred pets that are generally mixed with other dogs, and their results are incredible. There are many options to choose from and thus obtain faithful companions who will not disappoint.

The French Chow is a hybrid dog that came to stay one of the most extraordinary animals. Its characteristics perfectly combine both breeds, giving a simply incredible appearance and personality.

What Are French Bulldog Chow Mix?

What Are French Bulldog Chow Mix - Image By doggypedia

Over time, fanciers have endeavored to improve some canines’ characteristics through the crossing. These dogs combine the French Bulldog and Chow Chow breeds and are relatively new.

Both separately have quite different qualities, but they result in a particular dog when put together. His stature is small, with a short nose, a totally friendly personality, and puffy hair.

What Are Some Basic Facts About This French Bulldog Food Mix?

The French Bulldog is super recognizable worldwide as its popularity is increasing. Although the Chow Chow is no longer recognized, it is known that the combination of both breeds would be interesting.

  • Individual appearance

General French Bulldog standards dictate that they are small, muscular, and even stable pets. Their weight ranges between 16 and 28 pounds, so some sites rate them as Toys.

Chow Chows are not sports pets, and they have a broadhead that could be considered quite large. Its snout is short, and the eyes are a little hollow. The ears are small.

They are compact dogs that are 17-20 inches tall and weigh 45 to 85 pounds. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Chow Chow is the color of their tongue that can be black-blue.

  • The appearance of the mixture

A French Chow has a high chance of coming out small and with a short tail. In some cases, it can be slightly curly. Typically the dog is 14 inches tall and weighs 30 to 50 pounds.

Their head will be large and square along with a short muzzle, but it will not be as wide as a French Bulldog. The ears will also likely be bat-like and with fairly straight hocks in comparison.

It is also possible that the ears do not stand up until a certain age, apart from the fact that the tongues may appear blue or black. A French Chow’s normal colors are black, red, brindle, cream, or fawn. It is rare to see white hybrids.

Health Issues

Health Issues

It is quite common to run into some problems in a hybrid’s health, especially in a French Bulldog. Fortunately, many of these difficulties have a solution; you should only consult a specialist as soon as possible.

  • Brachiocephalic syndrome

This anomaly is characterized by causing breathing difficulties in animals with brachycephalics. Chow Chows and French Bulldogs have shortened snouts, which is the main reason for this syndrome.

The chances of the hybrid inheriting the short muzzle are very great and related. You have to help the dog avoid making excessive efforts and completely avoiding the heat.

  • Cystinuria

The two pure breeds that create the French Chow possess approximately 4% incidence of crystal that could form stones. Urinary stones are very serious, especially for pets, as they cause severe pain and other difficulties.

They may also require surgical intervention, which is quite important. Not to mention the strict diet that the dog must follow afterward.

  • Degenerative myelopathy

This is a neurological disorder normally related to GSD and is recurrent in Chows and French Bulldogs. The worst are the statistics that dictate 21% in Chow Chows and 19% in the other.

This means that the chances of the hybrid contracting this disease are too great.

  • Orthopedic problems

These types of pets have a high incidence of hip dysplasia, ranging between 19% and 30%. Statistically mixed breeds such as the French Chow can have luxating patella by inheritance.

In short, the kneecap would have trouble sliding properly while the dog is in motion.

  • Eye problems

Chow Chows may pass some eye difficulties to their hybrid offspring, some more important than others. Inward rolling eyelid problems, premature cataracts, and even glaucoma.

  • Tail Problems

The tails are more important than it seems since, in French Bulldogs, these are directly related to rectal problems. Fecal incontinence or hernia are pretty common things.

French Bulldogs used to have longer tails, but that changed with selective shortening. The previous size is preferred since these were not related to difficulties, especially those with a log shape.

How Should You Groom Your French Chow?

The French Bulldog and Chow Chow’s characteristics make the possibilities interesting at the cross. The hybrid will most likely come out with a short but thick coat, which has many benefits.

Something highly recommended is to constantly brush the canine so that the entire interior layer is manageable. Also, maintaining constant care in this area will prevent loose hairs, so there will be much less mess at home.

How To Train French Bulldog Food Mix?

How To Train French Bulldog Food Mix

Some dogs are not made for training, and therefore caution and moderation must be exercised. Both Bulldogs and Chow Chows are pure breeds that don’t love exercise very much, which is important to know.

  • General characteristics

Small breeds are not as easy to train as would be expected. Chow Chows are super independent and require respect if you want to be heard by them or receive any cooperation.

You have to be very patient because the repetitions will surely be constant, even with skillful owners. The French Bulldog has the quality that they are very stubborn at times, apart from stubborn.

  • Characteristics of the hybrid

Chow Frances will need many blocks in his training to fulfill both parents’ character. This should be short in time, and the hours saved can be used for socialization and the development of obedience.

How to care for your French bulldog food mix?

There are many attitudes that dogs can acquire as time goes by, with care being a fundamental part of development. Regardless of the circumstances, several things should be considered for a French Chow, respectively.

1. Maintain a balanced diet.

2. Adequate and constant personal hygiene.

3. Regular visits to the vet.

4. Moderate but daily exercise, ideal are short walks.

5. They are house dogs; you have to consider that.

6. Avoiding heat is ideal.

Many other things can be done to keep your French Chow pet in perfect condition. Care is a very important factor that cannot go unnoticed during canine rearing.

Their well-being is a responsibility that the owners take conscientiously; taking charge is essential.