French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix

It is tough to have a good read regarding the mixed breed’s dog because these dogs’ history is not so diverse. Earlier people only used to refer only the pure breed dogs for fulfilling their purpose and use them as a companion. Latter, due to the audience’s diverse requirement, breeders thought that wouldn’t it be a superior solution if one dog serves the work done by two? It was the thought which first gives rise to the mixed breed French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix. 

What is a French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix?

Bullmatian Dog is a mixed breed dog resulting from cross-breeding among two dogs, i.e., the French Bulldog and Dalmatian. The mixed breed is also known as Bullmation and is popular due to its designer look.

 They can be your perfect companions, but training them can be a difficult task. Its parent French bulldog is one of the top 5 popular breeds that the people prefer to entertain the owners. On the other hand, the Dalmatian lags much behind the Frenchie in terms of popularity as they were famous for their coach or fire dogs’ ability. 

What Are Some Basic Facts About French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix? 

Both the Frenchie and the Dalmation are quite different in terms of height, weight, and size. Let us discuss the dog’s physical appearance and conclude how much they resemble with their parents.

  • Size

The Bullmatian Mixed Dog is a medium-sized dog resembling more in terms of size with its parent Dalmatian, but sometimes they don’t grow too much and resembles its other parent. The exact size of this dog may vary from the standard sizes of the new breeding dogs. 

  • Height

The height of the bullmatian dog breed shows a lot of fluctuations. They may vary from the height of 14 inches to as long as 24 inches. They may fall anywhere between the range of 10 inches. There is no considerable difference in the height of a male and a female as both fall in the same range.

  • Weight

Due to the height, the weight of the Bullamatioon is also fluctuating. They may be as light as 41 pounds to as heavy as 65 pounds depending upon the dog’s height. 

  • Price

The pricing of a French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix pup is around $900- $1000. 

Health Issues of French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix Dog

The Dalmatian French Bulldog Mix can make the following health issues during their life span.     

  • Entropian and eye issues

In this situation, the dog’s eyelids are rolled inwards, causing inflammation diseases in the eyes. It may be a reason for irritation to your dog.

  • Dermatitis

It is a general skin inflammation of the skin, which is commonly found in dogs. It can cause redness of the skin and maybe the reason for itchiness and irritation to the dog.

  • Deafness

At the later stages of life, the dog may decrease its haring capability and lose it suddenly due to some viral complications. Do get your French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix checked in any such situation.

What is a French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix Like Personality? 

Various important points provide an overview of the personality of Bulldog Dalmatian Mix.

  • The dogs are high in energy levels, making them involved in the various activities with their owners.
  • They are a super loyal dog who can be a little stubborn in the beginning.
  • The French Bulldog Dalmatian dog Mix respects you very much and devotes themselves to you once appropriately trained. 
  • They socialize very well and responds to every positive strengthing action very correctly.
  • Watch the dog with the strangers for once till they don’t get kind to the strangers.
  • They can not handle being alone for an extended period. This dog loves to stay in a family as a whole.

How to Care for French Bulldog Dalmatian?

If you think of buying a French Bulldog and Dalmatian dog, the mentioned list will help you with the dog’s proper care.

  • Shedding

The French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix is going to be easy on you in terms of shedding. These dogs are not a heavy shedder as, like both of its parents, they don’t have long hairs. It means that you don’t have to see a bundle of hairs roaming around here and there in your house. When there is a change in season, you can experience some heavy shedding by your dogs.

  • Grooming

In terms of grooming, you have to be somehow lenient on your dog. You must brush their coat at least twice ina weak and help them at least once with their bath in the weak. Also, some extra ear cleaning is required due to the floppy ears they have adopted from the Dalmatian to save them from any infection.

  • Coat

The French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix coat is of mainly white color that has many black spots on it. The coat’s hair density is less like their parents, which leads to more care during the changing seasons.

  • Temperament

The personality of the French Bulldog Dalmatian Mix is somehow in the middle of both of its parents. They are an affectionate breed who loves their master, making them a perfect fit as a companion dog. They are friendly, and you don’t have to be scared of them while around your child. They are suspicious of the strangers but once socialized with them; they act very nicely in front of them. 

  • Exercise

Bullmation is an active dog that requires daily long walks or even running. If there is a fenced yard, it would be best to roam around, and you can also ply with them anytime. The hourly activity that is required for the proper physical and mental development is at least 1-2 hours. 

  • Training

The French Bulldog and Dalmatian Mix training can be a challenging task. They are stubborn at times of training, which needs a lot of patience and preservation from the owner’s side. Once appropriately trained with a mixture of lenient and strict attitude, they will become a nicely behaved dog. So, if you are a new dog owner, then think twice before choosing them.