French Bulldog Doberman Mix

Dogs are adorable pets, and the best thing is that people can choose them according to their tastes and needs. Some dog breeds are perfect as companion pets, but there are also excellent dogs with guardian characteristics that can adapt to families’ dynamics.

Mestizo dogs also have their virtues, and according to the breeds they have in their mix, they can provide the best company and protection. 

The case of the French bulldog Doberman mix is one of them. Although it seems a strange combination of two breeds, this can be an excellent guard dog that provides good company.

This mongrel dog can be affectionate and familiar but with the strength of a big and powerful breed. Its appearance is elegant and imposing, thin and with very characteristic colors, although they are two very different breeds. 

A Frenchie Doberman is friendly and warm. Although it instills natural respect, it is easy to care for and adopt as part of the family. This specimen can easily adapt to the environment and provide good company.

History of the French bulldog Doberman mix 

Like other mongrels, the crossing of different dog breeds originates from the need to improve their characteristics. Some combinations have allowed the enhancement of guarding, hunting, and companionship skills, among others. 

Others have combinations of breeds that have been enhanced to eliminate health problems. 

In the case of the Doberman French bulldog mix, certainly, you will not find it frequently, but it can indeed be an excellent family dog. It is not the appropriate choice if you want to have a guard dog or a very active dog tolerant to exercise and heat. 

Appearance Of A French Bulldog Doberman Mix

French Bulldog Doberman Mix 2021 - Image By dogmal

Due to the difference in characteristics between the two breeds, mixtures with the French bulldog can result in very short and bat-eared specimens. They inherit a short muzzle, flat nose, and wide head.

Doberman’s combination can result in dogs with black and tan colors with the narrowest head and longer muzzle.

Therefore the appearance of a French bulldog Doberman mix can meet some of these characteristics in color and shape, including bat ears and a short tail. They may also look longer in the body even though they have the French bulldog’s flat nose, as it is very likely that they get the more predominant characteristics of both breeds. 

Health Issues 

The French bulldog Doberman mix does not escape some of the diseases that attack both breeds. But because it is such a strange mix, some of the following diseases that both breeds suffer from can be mentioned:

French Bulldog

  • Cesarean delivery: some combinations with French bulldogs may have difficulty achieving a natural delivery.
  • Trachea Problems: this breed develops breathing problems due to the narrow windpipe and the gradual weakening of the cartilage rings.
  • Deafness: French Bulldogs can be born with the inability to hear. This anomaly can be detected from six weeks of age.
  • Hemivertebrae: related to threaded tails and misshapen vertebrae that can cause paralysis and pain.


  • Von Willebrand disease: You may have uncontrollable bleeding due to problems with clotting.
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy: These canines inherit heart failure due to an enlarged heart, a difficulty that only large breeds experience.
  • Wobblers: this breed is vulnerable to eventual paralysis due to a problem with the vertebrae located at the level of its neck.

How To Care For French Bulldog Doberman Mix

The Doberman French Bulldog mix is ​​one of the strangest combinations. Its characteristics come from the two breeds. These characteristics can also be taken into account for their care and measures taken to keep them in good condition.

Some of these measures are:

  • Good nutrition

Providing only adequate food and suitable for its size even if it has both races’ characteristics.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene measures

A good cleaning routine helps keep you away from diseases, parasites, and bacteria that can affect your health.

  • Space for exercise

Offering a suitable space where the dog can walk and run freely helps strengthen its overall health, exercise circulation, and bones.

  • Routines visit the vet

Allows detecting any anomaly to prevent and apply treatments in time.

How much exercise does your dog need?

A French Bulldog Doberman Mix needs to exercise like a purebred French bulldog since he is prone to obesity. This condition can kill this breed, beginning by seriously affecting their quality of life.

Exercising like a French bulldog is recommended as this mix would not support the pace and exercise capacity of a Doberman. French bulldogs can only endure a daily exercise routine of a maximum of thirty minutes. While a Doberman requires an hour and a half exercise time and up to an hour and a half, and continue to be very active.

Will you have to groom your dog like a Doberman dog?

The Doberman is recognized as one of the most obedient and easy to train breeds. Therefore it is a good option to train your new dog. It can surely be very easy to help you develop your obedience skills and the ability to adapt to the environment. This respects the limitations of size and strength or other characteristics inherited from the mixture of both breeds.

Its potential is a great virtue for establishing routines that adapt to family dynamics since it is always a good company.

Will Your French Bulldog Doberman Mix Be A Good Family Dog?

Including a French bulldog and Doberman dog in the family can be a good decision. Both breeds adapt very well and make excellent pets that end up bonding with each family member.

They can be affectionate and protective of children, with good spirits to play and remain attentive and vigilant.

These breeds can socialize perfectly with everyone in the family, especially if they are together from a very young age. They can also interact and live with other pets such as cats and dogs.