Brindle French Bulldog

When it comes to dogs, it isn’t easy to choose the ideal one to adopt and give them all the love they deserve. There are some breeds like the French bulldog that attract many people’s attention for their characteristic appearance. They have a charming personality and are formidably adaptable, which ultimately makes them highly desirable in the eyes of most.

The thing is that having a dog is not only about choosing the most beautiful, considering the care of him is essential. A French bulldog has a small shape that makes it prone to several problems that the owner must urgently solve. The animal’s welfare depends entirely on their caregivers’ attention, so getting informed beforehand is greatly helpful.

What Is The Brindle French Bulldog?

What Is The Brindle French Bulldog - Image By pets4homes

The term brindle is related to the stripes that tigers have, but the French bulldog pattern is not similar. It only consists of completely uneven streaks in a dark shade compared to the base color.

This combination gives a most distinctive coat when compared to the traditional Frenchie.

Where Does The Brindle Color Come From?

Brindle is a fairly old color in French bulldogs, but the puppy’s coat is up to the parents. Some genes allow brindles to come out, but the K-Locus makes dominant colors appear black, brindle, or fawn.

Three K-Locus gene variations create the beautiful brindle French Bulldogs. This gene must be in both parents for the offspring to develop the pattern, but other genes contribute.

Each coat of this breed is unique, sometimes showing brindle all over the body while other times not.

Some Facts About The Brindle French Bulldog

Some Facts About The Brindle French Bulldog - Image By pets4homes

There are many interesting things to know about this breed that are so striking for most people. These are some of the most notable factors:

  • The characteristic color of these dogs is dark with light mixes around the entire area.
  • There are variations of the brindle Frenchies, such as the Tiger, Seal, Blue, Pied, or the reversed.
  • They are prone to health problems; you have to take them for review quite often and be aware of them.
  • The price of a brindle French bulldog is somewhat high, between $ 1,500 to $ 3,000.
  • They get along very well with young children, apart from being friendly with other pets. However, if the dog is overly spoiled, he can easily become jealous and demand attention.
  • Their size tends to be between 11 to 12 inches tall. Males go up to 28 pounds in weight, while females only 24 pounds.

What Are Some Of The Brindle French Bulldog Health Problems?

This type of dog has a flat face, so they are prone to some common problems with this cranial structure. These are:

  • Cherry eye

This occurs when one of the franchise’s eyelids, the third, becomes an additional protective layer. It tends to come off and even prolapse, causing discomfort.

  • Brachiocephalic obstructive syndrome

Here the airways are the ones that suffer the most because the air cannot pass adequately through the area. It is a problem that includes the nose, larynx, mouth, and blockade due to the cut snout and the flat face.

  • Skinfold dermatitis

It is a kind of trauma caused by friction on inflamed skin or a prolonged growth of bacteria in folds.

  • Alopecia

This can occur in blue brindle French bulldogs and is a genetic disorder that goes straight to pigmentation. This can lead to itchy skin, flaking, and even patchy hair loss.

How to look for a reputable breeder?

The brindle French bulldog is a breed that is generally purchased from breeders because it is rare to find. Finding a perfectly healthy one may take a while, but with the proper effort, it is not impossible.

A reputable breeder should be careful inbreeding, even more so if Frenchie puppies are due to their health problems. You should completely avoid those trying to breed dogs quickly to make more money.

A clue to the animal’s poor quality is low cost or a procurement process too rushed for your taste. Research should be the main thing when looking for a brindle French bulldog.

A program is called “AKC Merit Breeder,” in which several options can be found in breeders. This site has been widely recognized for finding puppies and analyzing their health or temperament problems.

Breeders are also capable of doing genetic evaluations, apart from giving individual attention to each pet. References are also possible at the AKC but don’t forget that the internet has responsible breeders.

How To Care For A Brindle French Bulldog?

How To Care For A Brindle French Bulldog - Image By pets4homes

Caring for this breed is not that complicated once some advice is followed to the letter. Here are some things that should be considered:

  • Go to the vet regularly.

Frenchies are quite prone to diseases, so regular visits to specialists must become a habit. It could be a bit expensive for some, but the welfare of the animal is worth it.

  • Constant cleaning.

A coat is the most characteristic of a dog, especially if it is the brindle French bulldog and its particular pattern. Keeping this area free of dirt and in a healthy state is ideal, and for this, the hair should be brushed regularly.

  • A quality diet, no less.

One of the most important things for a Frenchie is its diet as it affects many things, including the coat. Keeping the dog hydrated with clean and fresh water is adequate and includes vitamins and minerals in the meals.

Good fats, healthy carbohydrates, vegetables, nuts, oats, rice, barley, and oils are all part of a perfect Frenchie diet. Preservatives like BHA or BHT should be avoided and artificial colors, corn syrup, or gluten.

  • Caution in outdoor areas.

Keep in mind that French bulldogs are small and have a complicated composure. Water is a deadly weapon, and they cannot float or swim, so they are prone to drowning.

The sun in excess is not recommended either since the layer that covers them is too thin and could burn easily.

  • Cage training.

Like any other dog, Frenchies love the attention that their owners give them at all times. When they are alone, they can develop separation anxiety, which causes them a horrible and terrifying experience.

The problem can be combated with cage training as cage training provides security for many breeds, including the French bulldog. This training type is also ideal for new puppies at home, slightly older dogs, and more comfort when traveling.